Businesses can combine their energies?

As a business, finding the best deal of energy is an important consideration

Households are constantly reminded about the choice of the integration of their energy providers, but what about the business?

Households are constantly reminded about the choice of the integration of their energy providers, but what about the business? While the report refers to the price of energy and other features typically targeted towards their respective homes, what are the implications felt by businesses and how businesses of different energy energy at home?

The reality is that the energy business and home energy effectively the same thing. The only distinguishing factor is the energy business generally has a high capacity. This is because used simultaneously power a number of devices during concentrated periods of time, especially on weekdays. This means that the demands placed on business gas and electric service is usually higher than the system is placed in the home, which means more competitive prices and services as required.

For businesses, finding the best deal on gas and electricity service is one of their top priorities. Dual fuel for business services is the usual way in which it is achieved, combining energy costs to offer businesses more competitive level. These services can help businesses save as much as £ 250 – a time when business can not afford to miss.

The savings generated by the business received by the supplier of gas and electricity. Consolidation as it not only helps the company to save money on their energy costs, but also makes it easier for them to manage their services. See also: Tax relief for new businesses

By making it easier for companies to manage their energy services, dual fuel for business systems can help companies to save more money. This is because it makes it easier for companies to determine how much energy they are using and how much it is worth. Therefore, to help them take important measures of good energy, to ensure that they continue to save as much money as possible.

For business, energy-efficient living is now a top priority. This is not only because it offers a number of monetary benefits, but also because the current focus is placed on energy use and waste. Focus on energy efficiency measures is actually so obvious to implement smart meters for all small and medium-sized enterprises are proposed. Expectations are that this goal can be achieved as early as 2018.

A smart meter is a system designed to offer better energy business. This is because they allow companies to track their energy usage in real time setting, negating the need for estimated bills that could pose problems for businesses. Smart meters can be used both for business gas and electricity so that it can be implemented as part of a dual fuel system for business. This means that companies can accurately track all of their energy consumption, allowing them to evaluate their energy-efficiency measures.

Therefore, while households that consistently focused energy efficiency, businesses can still benefit massively from the energy services offered. They can help companies to become more green and rich, reducing their energy consumption and therefore their energy bills.

Tips on Painting: Preparation is the key

Painting is one of the easiest home improvements homeowners can make. With a few tips in preparation for painting, a good paint job can really change the room. A painting of a good plan is the key though, and so is preparation. That means that the selection of paint products, surface treatment, and even pick the right time of year to start your painting project. You scroll through the preparation steps of the following paintings to a good paint finish.

Step 1. Choose paint for your project

Cat in latex and oil-based formulations and after covering from flat to high gloss. The combination of painting you choose depends on how much you use your space to paint. Flat paints works well for walls that may have some defects flat paint reduces reflections from room lighting to highlight the defects. Ceiling paint specifically formulated to minimize dripping and shiny finish like satin and gloss works well for trim.

For long lasting results painting with the choice of paint, you should plan on applying two coats of primer paint forestall the same formulation. Once calculated the amount generated, add a little more paint than you think you need. Many stores would actually accept return unused paint, even if it is a custom color, and have extra paint means that you will avoid the problem of matching colors if you are running short.

You also need the right paint brush for the job, and there are choices to be made there. Paint brushes of fur is available in either synthetic or natural hair, also known as the Chinese fur. For best results paint, use a synthetic brush with natural bristles latex paint and oil-based paint. Paint roller makes quick work of large surface, unless you have chosen the wrong pile height and a nap for the paint finish, so follow the paint manufacturer’s guidelines, be careful to remove loose fibers that can be mixed with paint and end up on your wall.

Step 2. Clean the surface

The first step in preparation for painting brushed any gathering smoke, grease and dirt that can keep your new paint from adhering to the surface. Use liquid sandpaper to remove buildup from trim, and wash the walls with a solution (Tri-Sodium Phosphate) TSP, available at most home centers and hardware stores. Use a Sponge Mop head on the floor to avoid stairs TSP applications – liquid accidents.

Step 3. Prepare the room for painting

After cleaning the surface is completely dry, here are some tips on how to organize them. This is where a lot of work going on, so do not skimp or lazy with the details, because the new coat of paint can not hide it. Take the time to fill all the holes and broken, followed by thorough throughout the sanding and removal of dust produced. When you feel complete, and before you begin to paint, take a flashlight is very strong and resistant to and parallel to the wall to be repaired. As the light bounces over the repaired area, you can to see how the painted surface will look when the sun was in this direction is not normal commendable. If the test shows the unsightly details, go back and trim it before packaging the sander.

Step 4. Mask and protect the surface

Protect everything you do not want to be painted and create net benefits for each coat of paint. Take your time, because anything left to chance only determined by a new color of paint you choose. Apply painters tape along the edges of the trim and glass. Use painter’s tape in combination with plastic sheeting or masking paper to cover the equipment can not be moved, and large surface area left of the equation. Also take the time to remove the switch plates and sockets, and all hardware possible. Put tape on the remaining switches and plugs.

Step 5. Cat!

Before you begin your work in paint, check the temperature, because paint will not adhere if it is under 55 degrees and will not run properly if it is above 90 degrees. Start your primer, cut around the edges first and then fill the surface. Once the primer is completely dry, apply a new color of paint in round two to complete, solid paint good.

By following these tips painting of advanced preparation, you can enjoy a nice change, every time!

Full blood count

A complete blood count (FBC), also known as full blood count was a routine inspection required by doctors to assess the three blood cell lines.

Doctors generally give an overview of the health status of the patient.


A doctor / sister / phlebotomist draw venous blood from veins around, most often from the armpit. 5ml amount required is generally 2ml adult patients and pediatric patients. It entered into a test tube containing an anticoagulant (prevents blood from clotting), usually EDTA (ethylene diamine tetra-acetic acid) or trisodium citrate.

Apart from the minor inconvenience of venepuncture, usually no complications.

The blood is sent to a laboratory for analysis.


Blood was analyzed using automated analysis. In the past, before the advent of automation, blood samples were analyzed manually by looking at the slides prepared from the blood.

Automatic counter haemotology

Have at least two channels for automated cell counting machines. In the tract, red blood cells and platelets were analyzed, and, other white blood cells were evaluated. Additional channels are used for counting cells and reticulocyte count differences.

There are basically two methods for counting cells and sizes: electrical impedance and light scattering.

Although sophisticated automated instruments, they can not identify all significant abnormalities recognized by human observers. Therefore, it is designed to make precise and accurate blood specimens to be normal or show only numerical abnormalities, and to alert the operator when the specimen is unusual characteristics, which both can lead to inaccurate measurements or need a review of blood films.

It is called “flagging” – an instrument designed to flag abnormal results.


A FBC results include:

Red cell parameters:

Red cell count (RCC): This is an estimate of the number of red blood cells per liter of blood.

Hemoglobin (Hb): This is the iron-containing compound found in red blood cells that carries oxygen in the blood. Instruments to measure the amount of hemoglobin is expressed in grams per deciliter.

Hematocrit (HCT) or Packed cell volume (PCV): This is a measure of the percentage of red blood cells in total blood volume.

Mean cell volume (MCV): This is an estimate of the volume of red blood cells.

Mean cell hemoglobin (MCH): This is the hemoglobin content of red blood cells on average.

Mean cell hemoglobin concentration (MCHC): This is the average content of hemoglobin in a given volume of packed cells.

White cell parameters

White cell (leukocyte) count (WCC): This is an estimate of the total number of white seals per liter of blood.

The difference in the number of leukocytes: provide an estimate of 5 types of leukocytes (white blood cells) are found in the blood. This is neutrophils, monocytes, lymphocytes, basophils and eosninophils.


Platelet count: This is an estimate of the number of platelets per liter of blood.

Please note that labs usually show normal reference range.

Common diseases associated with abnormal findings on FBC include:

Anemia: indicated by low hemoglobin content. There are many reasons for this condition and the doctor then must investigate the reasons for anemia. MCV, MCH, MCHC is useful in the classification of types of anemia.

Usually seen in dehydration, smoking, polycythemia vera erythrocytosis: an increase in RCC.

Leukocytosis: increased WCC has seen a number of conditions including infections, inflammation, leukemia.

Leukopenia: WCC decline seen in the liver or spleen pain, serious infections, and failure of the brain.

Thrombocytosis: an increase in the number of platelets may be reactive in response to infection, bleeding, iron deficiency or due to essential thrombocythemia.

Thrombocytopenia can see the frustration, the brain’s immune thrombocytopenic purpura: decrease in platelet count.


FBC is a useful tool for screening and medical help doctors monitor patients’ in many cases.

The Hall of Shame

Eish! We made it to the Hall of Shame. Again! South African level as the third fattest nation on earth, according to foodservice company Compass Group South Africa.

Announcement was made sting last week, during National Obesity Week, and follows the recent survey conducted by GlaxoSmithKline in 2010 revealed that 61% of the South African population is overweight or morbidly obese. And it echoes another study conducted by the Medical Research Council in 2007 found that 56% of adult women and 29% of adult men in SA are overweight or obese.

Why South Africa will always feature among the top contenders each with a new study on obesity? In a country famous for sporting success and plenty of fresh healthy foods, this is a question that requires some serious pondering. As is clear from the collective outpouring of grief after the loss of World Cup hurt us, we hate a South Africa defeated, however, obesity is one of the areas where the loss makes you a winner.

Our country is fat – fat spectacular – and this we did something about it. Not only for our national image, but more importantly, for our health. Obesity is associated with so many lifestyle diseases (heart disease, diabetes, cholesterol and Hypertension to name a few).

Time to declare a national crisis and make a collective effort to change the statistics. Start by looking at yourself and your immediate circle of family and friends. Need to shed weight? You can determine this by examining the body mass index (BMI) and waist-hip ratio (WHR). If your BMI exceeds 25 and your WHR is higher than 1.0 (if you are male) or 0.85 (if you are a woman) you are overweight and need to start losing weight today. Learn how our Ultimate guide to weight loss. You can also join BeweegSA, along with a healthy lifestyle challenge Sarie magazine and radio RSG.

It is for lighter and healthier nation!

Selling Against Goliath

Selling Against Goliath (TM) How to Take Great Guys and WinBy Dave Stein, Author of How Winners SellIf can sell for a small company competing against the big, old-fashioned story of David and Goliath is probably arise in the mind. In this story, the giant, Goliath, was beaten in a fight with a young child, David (later King David), because of the ability of youth to outsmart a giant. However, in today’s hypercompetitive market, avoiding the risk, buyers, often Goliath with a pro. If you are the David in this situation, read on. (By the way, if you’re Goliath, you might want to see what is planned to David …) When the sales team to lose, if they sell to small companies or larger, for it is important, it is for one or two reasons: They do not properly qualify the opportunity, or they outsold by the competition. There is no third alternative.Let ‘s look at two specific outcomes and explore how to improve your effectiveness when selling against larger competitor.Qualis

Qualifying term share roots, qualis, with the words quality. Qualification is the process by which we determine whether it is worth the time and effort to continue to pursue our sales opportunities. Qualification is a process not a one time event. This determines the quality of the opportunity. That means you do not deserve your sales prospects only once, when first contact was made. You will need to meet the requirements of accuracy and unendingly. The reason? Lot. Buyers have been known to mislead the seller when they lose. It changed during the examination. In fact, these days, things have changed a lot, often. Budget disappears. Influencers take more responsibility. Consumers who say they would buy from a smaller company – no problem – please tomorrow.Every different companies should have a variety of eligibility criteria which they know (1) whether or not to pursue the business and (2) how to pursue it. For most companies, these criteria are somewhat different for each product or service to offer them as well as by geography, competition and your market.When qualifying your prospects, you ask their own and many of the same questions again and again, such as: Who are the real consumers , people who will make the final decision? When are they going to buy? What are they going to buy? Why are they going to buy? Order in which their company is going to sign? sure our products fit their needs? How the decision-making process? Who is the competition? How do they pay for what I’m selling? What unique value me? Why would they buy from me? And many moreQualification standards for small companies to compete with the big guys must contain questions about the prospect of buying preferences. For example, you have to ask yourself, “What evidence do I have that potential customers will do, or even more importantly, have done business with a company like ours?” Also need to know what rules they must follow in terms of size supplier companies, profit or financial feasibility. (You may think your company is in good shape, because you have a smart team of venture capitalists invested not only your company, but also sits on the board of directors. Was able of any value to the CFO of a manufacturing company conservatively. Indeed can harm your cause.) You can read more about the qualifications of Article 9 & 10 in my book How Winners Sell.Does Size Matter? It is good to ask this question, but not be responsible for not. You want to make sure that if you meet or exceed all requirements of prospects, size – for the sake of size – no problem. You may have the best product, service implementation of innovative, committed people, the level of customer satisfaction, product quality, the most respected investors or whatever you consider the value, but if size matters, little else will measure up. And if the size of this thing, and you can not convince your prospect should not fast enough, you’re out of there – and fast to another opportunity.You will need to be careful here. Sometimes the problem is more prominent size. For example, your prospect may have a requirement that the vendor to install and implement demand chain management system in the twenty-five plants within a year. They may not have a particular problem with the size of the seller, but does not have a legitimate business requirement that is directly related to your size. And if you are a smaller suppliers, with no pre-established partnerships with service companies with the ability to provide the level of service required for the size of the deal, your chances of winning are remote.What All of this means that there are some cases where you do not have to compete , because you can not win them. Sorry, but that’s a fact. If you spend time trying to win business that you can not win because your company is too small, you will waste time and resources of the time you can qualify and this win.So quality. Now What Do You Do? This is where competitive worthwhile comes into play.

You would need to influence your prospects decision criteria, so that the perceived value of the size of your competitors as well as the ability-related measures are diluted, neutralized or, at best case, be seen as a disadvantage. Many salespeople are trained to highlight the weaknesses of competitors. In a situation where you’re competing against big companies, you (professional and smooth) strength.Here their attack is simple, good used example. I say sell it for a small software company and my company against the major players. Based on the tastes and needs of consumers, can I decide to use the “small-fish-in-a-big-pool” approach.

It goes like this:. “Ms. Prospect There are some people who are not impressed with the size of my competitors, global reach and financial and human resources I am sure they are proud to refer several customers who are very well known, however, maybe you .. Consider a project like you, although it is quite important to you, you may very well not have the same level of importance to them and therefore can not generate continuous attention in their corporate executive level for major customer projects they do. reasonable … “

From that point, you’ll explore how to meet the technical requirements and build future business relations, emphasizes attention will be paid to progress through your executive. Did you convince them that your company’s success will directly depend on their success, not the other way around. You describe them as a big fish in a small pond, with the message that driving matter how their business is for you.If you have an effective approach, you move on to the importance of the size and brightness of the list of their customers and the importance of attention paid to them by your executives and the interests of your company at their success.Here some ways bigger competitors can take advantage of the size and potential considerations for dealing with objections to the coaches and allies account: Challenge: Competition questions your prospects of survival. “What happened to you, Mr. Prospect, if they go out of business or recover?” Your strategy: Do not wait for it to happen, because it will most likely be. Provide security. Using the first card size salesreps most sell for big companies to play against the little guys. You need a solid story, prepared in advance – easy to understand and interesting – to be credible and sincere first delivered by you, then echoed by the majority of your senior executives. Mitigate the perceived risk is on the critical path for success when competing with larger rivals. Is wait.It it is important to know about the history of your prospects to do business with small companies. It may mean nothing to them, because they do it all the time. If not, you could be the first and could have a long, bumpy road ahead.Challenge:Competition trying to expand the scope of analysis in the areas where you do not have a strategy solution.Your:Again , pretty standard skills for big people. Warn your prospects before it can happen. Praised their efforts in identifying their needs, and they have. Ask them if they are ready to have the scope of their project initiatives, or substantial investments enlarged. If they say no, remind them that other vendors can use this “sales” approach to differentiate themselves and increase the size of their contracts.Please understand that I do not promote negative worth, mud throwing or “beating the competition. “On the other hand, when you have a relationship that is built into your account with influential people willing to help you, you must provide them with the message – sound bites – to position your company profitable. Challenges: Competition prospects try to impress you with hordes of resources to demonstrate their courage and convey the “safety in numbers” approach message.Your:Once again, prepare your prospects before it could happen. Suggest that large companies have additional resources on the board just to impress prospects to make a sale. If you know your competitors will bid came in much higher than you, you may want to subtly indicate that the use of resources to win business may be the reason that they are so high overhead. And, remind the prospect that if they go to your competitor, the meter starts running.

This approach is required when you are competing with companies that squander prospects in toys, gifts, free trips and other goodies to try to influence their decision.Challenge:Competition , because larger, is willing to guarantee the results in a way that can not be done.

Your strategy: They may be able to guarantee that their product can be installed (or services delivered) within a certain time, but what they did not do? Customers may not need to pay vendors in cash, but what about lost business opportunities, reduced levels of customer satisfaction and employee morale if things go wrong? “Prospects of Fire” and Improve Your Competitive IQIn my situation described above, you may be wondering how this can possibly know in advance what your competition is going to do? I call it a competitive boost your IQ. It will need a “shot” of one or more non-qualifying prospects and investment is wasted time they want to collect, then analyze the information about past wins and losses against some important competitors. Once you do, you will begin to see patterns of behavior that the company and the people who sell them to be used against you. Large companies tend to produce a standard strategy that they used to fight all the small competitors.I agree it is difficult to find the time to get such information. But you really do not have a choice. If you do not, you’ll constantly be surprised at what your competitors are doing and therefore are in a defensive position. Press another sales agent in your company, customers and business partners to learn how one or two major positions against your competitors and how their individual sales reps campaign. I talked all about what you need to know and where to get it in chapter 17 of How Winners Sell.Learning to develop a sales strategy based on accurate, up-to-date competitive information will allow you to begin to set out the transactions you can not win and sell outweigh your competitors are consistent with your can.Remember Two Components. You’ll Be Did.Tough good qualifications combined with precious works strategically competitive. After confirming that size does not matter in the face-to-face meeting with the president of the division of a company $ 5000000000, my client, the CEO of a small software company ordered his team to pursue a $ 2,000,000 contract to compete against rival $ 750 million. Now there are trained sales team of David and Goliath scenario.I during the nine month sales cycle. Among other things, we diluted the strength of competition and clearly illustrated the large size as a liability, which in this case the client team was.My actually outsold the competition and win the business. And get more business after that, because they deliver what they promise to their customers. As a CEO has to do with me, happy with a five times greater than anything her team has managed up to that point, “The most important thing for me is that this process is repeated. “