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As the second largest city in Florida geography, wonderful attractions in the south-west is located on the shore of the Caloosahatchee. Also it is located between the Gulf of Mexico and the Intracoastal Waterway parts. With a population of over 138,000, Cape Coral is known as a dynamic city that encourages the growth of industry, education, and culture. Residents take pride in the important growth area, perfect weather, resource availability, and affordable cost of living. Is not surprising that Cape Coral realtor is destined to be successful in many real estate transactions occurred in city.History:Cape Coral has grown to what it is today in just a span of 40 years. This young city founded in 1970 by two land speculators who put trust in a number of opportunities that life will take sides. Rosen Brothers bought the property, built more than 400 miles of canals, and launched a major marketing project, which will result in the sale of thousands of residential building sites. Today, Cape Coral continues to experience rapid economic growth and social development. The city even to differentiate itself from others because it has thousands of properties in the residential side and saltwater canal route directly on the Gulf of Mexico. Cape Coral is proof that a small investment can go a long way.Qualities:No matter what your interest gets leisure activity, Cape Coral guarantees a lot of fun in the sun. You certainly all visitors to parks, playgrounds, golf, and sailing that the city has to offer. Do you fish? Southwest Florida nationally recognized for saltwater fishing, and a mile wide canal make Cape Coral a haven for fishermen and sailors. If you are looking to make the most of the days of peace, Jaycee Park has many designated areas for picnics, romantic walk, and excursions. Four Freedom Park offers more energetic outing with a play area for children and a recreation center. You can also visit Veterans Memorial Park to participate in sports such as basketball or bocci ball. Are you aqua-lover? If so, Sun Splash Family Water Park offers 15 acres of two dozen water attractions. A Cape Coral realtor will tell you all the wonderful activities and more to talk about candidates properties.Housing Opportunity: One of the functions of a broker Cape Coral is to confirm that there really is no better than housing opportunities located in the picturesque city. There is a wide range of residential edge to your taste with a fairly reasonable price. You can choose to stay in a comfortable condo near the Bay, a luxury villa surrounded by the most luxurious clubhouse of the city, or even a broad family flat with views of the waterfront for the whole family to enjoy. Housing opportunities are endless, and the possibilities are abundant investment. Because Cape Coral get so much land mass, it is easy to buy property purely for personal use.You you can expect a bright future with literally talk to a realtor Cape Coral about nothing endless benefits to the charming city has to offer.

Nasal zinc may cause loss of smell

To try and mitigate the effects of the common cold, many people have turned to homeopathic remedies, including products that contain zinc. However, the new study suggests that zinc containing nasal gel and nasal swabs with zinc is most likely caused by loss of sensation in some users.

“In my practice, we start to see people using zinc nasal gel They sprayed inside,. Providing sniff and then intense burning sensation that lasted for several hours. When people recover, they think they do not have a sense of smell, “explained study author Dr.. Terence Davidson, director of the University of California at San Diego nose Dysfunction Clinic.

The loss of smell is called anosmia, and Davidson said that people can not appreciate how significant it. “Most of us take our sense of smell for granted, but people need to take a few moments to realize how important smell helps us to avoid danger when we smell smoke or gas or rotten, spoiled food and brought us immense pleasure … – Think about the smell of our home, loved ones, food, coffee.

In fact, 90% of our appreciation for food comes from our sense of smell, “he said.

Davidson says that some people are affected by zinc-induced anosmia file lawsuits against the manufacturers of these products. But, no, randomized controlled clinical trials Forrester loss of smell is one possible result of the use of this product, making it difficult to prove causation.


Because it is impossible, as well as unethical, to try to do such studies now, Davidson and his colleagues, Dr. Wendy Smith, implementing the “Bradford Hill Criteria” of the 25 patients who had made A sudden loss of smell after using a zinc gel product.

The Bradford Hill Criteria was developed in 1965 by a statistician who wants to establish a causal link between tobacco smoking and lung cancer. The nine key criteria needed to find a causal link: the strength of relationship, dynamic, specific, timing, dose-response (no more than elements make the problem worse?), Making sense biologically, biological relevance, experimental evidence, and analogy.

“Dr. Smith and I applied the standard zinc-induced anosmia and conclusively show that nasal zinc cause subsequent loss of smell,” said Davidson.

The findings are published in the Archives of Surgery Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery. Moreover, the efficacy of these products in reducing cold symptoms is “questionable,” according to the study.


The patient was seen by the researchers experienced permanent loss of sensation, but Davidson said it was possible people with a lower level of harm’s products also.

Homeopathic remedies like nasal zinc are not subject to the same rules and regulations as prescription drugs and over-the-counter. However, in June 2009, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommends that consumers stop using the product and wish to make stop selling them, which they did. Oral zinc products are not associated with this issue and remain in the market.

HealthDay not reach a spokesman for MATRIXX Initiatives, a former nose produce zinc. However, in a press release dated June 16, 2009, William J. He Hemelt, acting president of MATRIXX Initiatives, “It is understood in the medical and scientific community that the most common cause of anosmia is the common cold, which Zicam Cold remedy intranasal gel products taken for treatment. ‘

He said that, “given the large number of doses sold and colds treated,” there is no reason to think that the number of reported cases of loss of sensation more than what is expected of general population. “There is no reliable scientific evidence that Zicam causes anosmia,” Hemelt Forrester.

But other experts are not so sure.

There are no FDA-regulations

“I think the research is done, and I think intranasal zinc modulate the sensation Does it happen all the time. No. Is a rare event? No, “says Dr. Marc Siegel, an associate professor of medicine at New York University School of Medicine and NYU Langone Medical Center in New York City. “The problem is that it is not FDA-regulated. If it is a prescription medication, you will likely never see this effect at the edge of the [] test requirements for approval, “he said.

The Take-home message for consumers, Davidson says, is to “be careful about what you put in your body. Is it drugs or homeopathic medicine, is not all safe, so be careful. “(July 2010)

Value networking event

It is about learning from others who are experiencing, or have experienced, a similar thing yourself. Give you more of a networking event if you are an active participant so involved in the debates, discussions, social events and exhibitions. Networking is very important if you are starting out or in business for many years.

You can also meet potential customers. Do not forget that word of mouth is the most powerful forms of promotion. Check your local Chamber of Commerce site for their event, which is always a useful place to start networking.

Make it your goal away with at least one new contact every time you attend a networking event. You will develop a better relationship, make contact, get information and get your company out there ‘

Tip: Use any contacts you may have to help your business. They can add your company on their website? They can get a better deal on the item purchased? They will help distribute the cards or flyers?

See also: employers avoid networkingAbbey net for free day to day banking services opens the door to network

Website designer Duncan Webster, running near Kettering, said two things has changed its business success has been since he started three years ago, the day free for day-to-day banking – and free network.

“I thank the Abbey Business because their services are free,” he said. ‘Move my account with them has saved me money in the usual transaction fees. I decided to invest the money I saved a business to business networking organization, BNI. ‘

Since then, Duncan has not looked back and thought he got more than 85 percent of the business from the network.

“I can not stress enough the value of the network to promote and build your business,” he said.

PC Sales Drop, But Showing another report

Last week, a report from the International Data Corporation (IDC) shows that the sending PC during the fourth quarter of 2012 was reduced by approximately 6.4% from the fourth quarter of 2011 . Today, analyst firm Gartner has weighed on the PC market with the same statistics.

Gartner research shows 4.9% drop in PC shipments in the fourth quarter of 2012 compared to the same quarter in 2011. The company even went so far from IDC, all but stated that it was a sign of the post-PC era predicted.

“Tablet that dramatically changed the landscape of devices to the PC, not so much ‘sacrifice’ in PC sales, but by causing consumer PC users to switch to tablet PCs rather than replacing the old,” ; said Mikako Kitagawa, principal analyst at Gartner. “And as we never thought a world where individual users have both a PC and a tablet as personal devices, we become suspect that most people would shift the activity of tablet personal consumption, and carry out creative activities and administration of the PC together. There are some people who maintain it, but we believe they are the exception and not the norm. Therefore, we hypothesize that consumers do not replace the second PC in the household, not allowing them to age and shift consumption tablet. ‘

Only reports IDC, Gartner suggests that the release of Windows 8 will not re-energize the PC market means Microsoft can rely. Also, HP again leads the world shipping on the PC by Lenovo following close behind.

“PC market continues to face many headwinds. The launch of Windows 8 will have no impact on PC demand, especially since the product Ultramobile both limited in supply, and the price is too high, “said Ranjit Atwal, research director at Gartner. “The holiday season saw many retailers to clean up Windows 7 notebook or driving the stock volume of low-end notebook. In addition, the choice of increasing tablet declining price point is undoubtedly a favorite Christmas gift new PC. ‘

Painting Tips and Tricks

Getting brush may seem like an easy home improvement project. But in fact, painting can too often just a little more complicated than meets the eye. Poor preparation, bad brush and just plain bad strategy can change your painting project painting wonderful for something really missed the mark work.

Here are some of the most common causes of problems with paint tips and tricks you need to save time, money and your pride!

Painting tools: Getting the right equipment before you start your job means that you will not have to stop in the middle of your painting project to run back to the hardware store. You will need ladders, drop cloths to protect the sidewalks and bushes, long easily brush and roller, spray paint and masking tape for trim and detail areas. Also, when choosing a brush, get the best brushes you can afford. Paint brushes better quality gives smooth finish and the difference really shows. Keep in mind that paint brushes are available in both synthetic and natural bristles, also known as the Chinese fur. For best results, use a synthetic brush for latex paints and natural bristles for oil-based paints and clear finish.

Paint surface preparation: The success or failure of any project car paint its roots in basic needs: paint should remain. It is no surprise then that a lot of effort into every project paint ensure this happens. Paint will not remain on the loose or dirty. Between air pollution, mold, mildew and deteriorating effects of the sun, there are quite a lot of work to do to get to the surface ready for painting.

For the exterior, pressure washing is a great first step to remove the old paint and cleaning dirty or inferior sources. With a combination of high pressure water cleaners and bleach solution, you knock off the day doing work by hand. If you are working on, use liquid sandpaper to remove oil, dirt and dust from trim and wash the walls with a solution (Tri-Sodium Phosphate) TSP is available at most home centers and shops hardware.

Workshop surface: Now you can see the wood underneath the old paint, you have to check the damage rotting, warping and insects. Replace the damaged board around windows and doors, and have a local pest control company inspect the damage that you think is relevant insects.

Take the time to check all surfaces carefully, alert for anything unusual. If there are loose, bubbling or peeling paint, meaning a leak and you need to check the water problems. It is important not just ignore the symptoms and paint them. If the cause is found and corrected, it will only get worse and a new paint job did not hold up as well. Also it is a good time to caulk any holes and gaps to improve energy efficiency.

Use paint primer: The primer is an important layer of paint applied to provide a strong bond between the substrate and finish coats. Although most do-it-yourself painters hoping to get the color of the coat as soon as possible, skip the primer step myopic. Leading the glue that makes the stick top coat. Skip it and you will find that the time of preparation and painting work that you put into your projects can have repeated long before it has its own paint surface.

Primer is available in both oil and water based formula. For improper surface stained, or had water leak, the main oil works the best. Prime The trick to using an oil-based primer to the entire surface you are painting and not just the stained area. Since oil primer a good job of sealing surface, preparation area evenly coat finish may result.

Type of paint: Exterior paint is different from interior paint, and many homeowners make the mistake of not choosing the right paint for their homes. Exterior paint formulated for color retention, flexibility to withstand expansion and contraction due to weather, resistance to bleed the tannins and resistance to fungi. Exterior acrylic latex flat paint is the easiest to do it-yourselfers to work with. I trim, considering alkyd paint / durable oil that offers a high gloss with good adhesion and stain resistant.

When it comes to buying paint, always invest in the best quality paint. You get what you pay for when it comes to painting and low cost, will have a shorter life. Because the paint is 90% hard work and 10% material, always buy quality paint from a brand company. Also, always buy the paint a little more than you think you need. Surprisingly, many stores are willing to accept return unused paint, even if it is a custom color, and with additional methods will avoid the problem of matching colors if you run short and need more.

Here’s an important tip – Before you start your work in paint, check the temperature. The paint will not stick if below 55 degrees or it will not run properly if it is above 90 degrees.

For tips and tricks on painting, including solutions to common painting problems, check the websites of manufacturers like Behr paint (, Benjamin Moore (, KILZ ( www.kilz. Com) and Sherwin Williams ( Most fixers offer paint and color selection tools that help you get a painting project done perfect every time.