small business can do its own homework?

PR can be a daunting prospect for small businesses, but it is possible to manage your own campaigns. Kate Warwick, director of savvy PR agency, explains how.

With a reputation for the dark arts, PR can be a daunting prospect for small businesses. But if you carve some time and understand the processes involved, it should be possible to manage your own campaigns. Kate Warwick PR efficient communications agency director, explained how by ‘four Ms’.


Hard work, but first make sure you have the right message. What would you say and what you want to say it? Do not try to be all things to all people. There’s an old saying that if you throw a ball four ad someone, they drop them all, but if you throw one, they see him.

Try and clear-free jargon. Remember to think about the benefits you offer your clients. Working in coming with only two or three short messages. If you think I missed, ask the teacher or business outside of your industry to see. Do they understand what you do and how it can benefit them? If you can, find a friendly clients who can prove, or briefly explain what you have achieved for their business. It really can help illuminate your offer.

Media # 1

While you are thinking about starting your message to media scrutiny. We see it online, or even in print, in the area where you want your company to appear. Look for other companies with the same size as yours. For example, if you have a technology business with offers to retailers, Retail Stores Sunday and check to see what types of news and features published, or if they have the relevant supplements come. If you want to target consumers with new products, if you have not Live Without a yard that can provide pictures for? See also: Are you a typical small business?

Do not overwhelm yourself in contact. The initial list of 10-15 publications will be fine. During this process works is a journalist writing about the subject. Identifying the right people to talk half the battle.

If you are a men’s clothing company, not just list all the fashion journalists, but make a note of that writing about menswear. Editor of the national paper will not be interested to hear of a small business, but correspondents relevant parts as possible. With the publication of the trade, perhaps only editors and journalists to contribute, so the editor because it may be the first point of contact.


The default format your press release announcing the news, so make sure you have some. After examining the media, you know what reporters are interested, but be aware that they are bombarded with press releases. Make your succinct communication. If your message is good, you should be able to get the news the first two or three rows. Then you can elaborate more paragraphs and try to incorporate real quote from someone in the business. If you are quoting a third party (your friendly clients) make sure to get their approval in advance. Finally, including contact details, company information and link any picture at the end.

Media # 2

Build relationships with the media can be a time consuming process. Your list of contacts is important, but not necessarily widespread. Your media will be useful here. Journalists and editors respond more positive if you read something they have written and worked on the news which you think you can go to their publication. Give them a call and mention the column or article that tells you to them. Ask if you can send them a message and emails promptly. Then press and hold. This cut-off line of journalists’, but they come back to you if an uprooted.

Do not ever call to ask if they received it. Of course, they have. Email works. However, you can call and ask if it’s of interest, whether they like photography, or if it is not useful, why not. Even if you’ve done your homework, part of the PR that is more like the process of selling. Will you call, leave a message, email, call again, try someone else. Beware journalists feedback as this will help you get it right the next time. And if a journalist asks for something, do it. Do not wait a week. If that’s not possible, tell them and explain why. Courtesy and research go a long way in building a good relationship with the media.

Media # 3

Social media has become part of the PR toolkit. It can be overwhelming for a small business, but it is a useful promotional tool. In short, your statement adapted to a blog on your website, LinkedIn can be used to highlight events, new products or simply contact your colleagues. Video clips and pictures can bring the story to life and journalists seem to love Twitter, so it’s a great way to see what is happening in your sector. If each of the people you follow are tweeting about their breakfast, try to stop them and try to follow someone more interesting or relevant. Get the whole team involved, start slow and use them to gain a better understanding of why the ignition on.


You can not go a two-page spread in the initial release, to build momentum by planning a series of announcements. Speaking of opportunities, exhibitions, seminars, launching a product used to keep your company top of mind with your key reporters. Often not necessary, but it must be regular. In the most direct, public relations about telling the story of your business through established media and through social media. Takes time and effort, but small businesses will take it on themselves. At least the effort is put in a good position if you decide to appoint an agent.

Spider venom to treat impotence?

The scientists can find new ways to treat erectile dysfunction – the venom of the deadly spider.

Bites Brazilian wandering spider (Phoneutria nigriventer) causes a painful erection that can last for many hours and later lead to impotence, researchers from the United States and Brazil noted.

After isolating the toxin, the researchers radioactively labeled and injected a purified form of the toxin, Tx2-6, in rats suffering from high blood pressure and severe erectile dysfunction. The researchers then measured the presence of toxins in the animals ‘penis’, and using poison to contract and relax the pieces of the penile tissue. Results showed improved levels of nitric oxide, which leads to relaxation and penile erection.

The researchers demonstrated their work at the American Heart Association conference on high blood pressure research in Chicago.

“In Brazil, which is common in accidents with poisonous animals,” explained Pedrosa led tagapagpananaliksik Kenia Nunes, a post-doctoral fellow in Physiology at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta and originates from Brazil. “So, we are aware of this poisonous spider. The toxin was able to normalize erections [in rats]. ‘

Brazilian wandering spiders are found throughout Central and South America. They are considered a spider the most venomous in the world, causing an unknown number of human deaths.

Erectile Dysfunction, also known as impotence, has many causes and a growing body treatments. According to the National stones and urologic Diseases Information Clearinghouse at (NKUDIC), erectile dysfunction “can be a total inability to achieve erection, an inconsistent ability to do so, or a tendency to support only brief erections.” This condition affects as many as 30 million American men at some point in their lives.

For some, the psychological reasons, but for many others, especially men who are older, erectile dysfunction is usually a physical source, such as the effects of diseases including diabetes, injury or medication side, according NKUDIC website.

In the late 1990s, the launch of the drug Viagra revolutionized the treatment of impotence. Of drugs Levitra and Cialis followed. All three of these drugs enhance the effects of nitric oxide, a chemical that relaxes smooth muscles in the penis during sexual stimulation and allows increased blood flow.

Spider venom also works to increase nitric oxide levels, but by a different mechanism, Nunes said. Scientists are still far away from the use of poison as a basis for a new erectile dysfunction drugs, but they have hope, says Nunes.

“We need more research,” he added. “I’m sure it could be a pharmacological tool that can be a day to help patients who can not take Viagra.”

One mentioned tagapagpananaliksik expressed interest in the work of Nunes’.

“The concept that the toxin may have an effect on erection is quite reasonable,” said Dr. Arnold Melman, chief of urology at Montefiore Medical Center in New York City. “It is very exciting and fun, but also very early.” – (Peter West / HealthDay News)

Samsung Galaxy S III Sales Top 40 Million

The official, AI Galaxy S III is a true competitor to the iPhone. Samsung said this week that it has sold more than 40 million smartphone Galaxy S III. That, the AOS as many units of the Galaxy S II has sold almost two years it was available. The original Galaxy S only managed 24 million units sold. In summary, the three smartphone Samsung has released the Galaxy S has sold over 100 million units.

News like Apple reportedly cut orders for iPhone 5 parts. Although the iPhone 5 is another fast marketable record breaker for the company, it appears that the expected demand for the device hasn, AOT materialized. Announcement will cause another drop in Apple, AOS stock prices, which fell for the release of the latest iPhone.

Samsung, AOS sharing, on the other hand, continued rise since the release of the Galaxy S III. The Korean company, AOS latest announcements including the fact that the average daily sales of their flagship Android smartphone is now 190,000. Samsung has effectively taken over the market of high-end Android smartphone, leading companies such as HTC to falter.

Rumor has current release 5S iPhone (or whatever it’s called) and IV the Galaxy S will be released in early summer. With the competition heating up akhirnya, 2013 looks to be a transformative year for the smartphone market.

5 Things You Must Check When Buying A Grandfather Clock

Grandfather clock or a long-case clock as it is known in the trade is actually one of the very few pieces of work antique furniture you can buy now, but you need to realize that buying a clock that does not work can be a real danger. In their mechanical movements are likely to be around for hundreds of years and is based on the service too much and maybe some improvements or changes it is wise to have knowledge or experience of horological before you hand over your hard earned cash. Even for someone with expertise, buying a clock that does not work, is a big gamble sometimes.There The few things that can make a working clock movement stops, points that are not so obvious when you first take a casual look, just needs a little wear on the pivots and pinions to change the depth of the train to stop the clock and make the movement needs a complete strip down and cause major breakout repair.The palette to the wrong depth or fatigue that is not always visible to the untrained eye and pricing improvements now make the leading clock repairer, these problems can cost hundreds pounds.So if you adequate skills or knowledge a person may find it will save you hundreds of pounds in the long term and remember all the hours of walking or unnecessary scrutiny before purchasing.Five things to check before you buy your future family heirloom or investment you in your retirement plan is … 1. After ensuring no major surgery required movements and play a good look at the overall appearance of the case. Look for missing or damaged part of the right leg or pedestal base and there has not been cut down to fit in a room with low ceilings, the same goes for the pediment of the case or the top of the hood. Look for any veneers or arrangement that may be missing or loose fret job and check the hood to see the paint or finish damaged.Check not find cracks or separation cases are caused by long-shrink or exposure to direct sunlight. Although little work, restoration costs can mount and improve your overall investment2. Look at every piece of furniture that is lost or damaged, copper or wood finials should be on the hood, trunk and doors based on the hood work correctly. Check the escutcheons and locks, if any, and post caps.3 hood. Take a good look at the case of the hood and make sure they fit properly in the case and check the mask fits right in the dial calls, any gaps or overlaps a sure sign of a wedding, where it can be some unscrupulous agents in other words the movement case.4. Remove the hood and check the ark cheek. This is the highest part of the chest in which the movement of the board chairs, pieces of wood is the key to the movement, see the ark. Check that nothing has changed or block is not added, it may be a sign-up husband (fake motions in the case wrong) .5. Open the door of the ark and check back board, about the height of the pendulum bob is located, and has the look for early signs indicate movement pendant purchases that do not fit, more like a possible sign change. It is always best to be on the safe side and buy from a reputable dealer hours if your knowledge on this topic is a little sparse.Buying of any auction or from some well-meaning, honest old retired couple that all of their agreements with the clock in the family since being rescued from Noah as he vaulted off and running ever since, cheap may appear, but it will most likely cause you three times as much in repairs and restoration so be careful.

Easy Weekend Projects

Hot weather can have sweating bullets now, but the summer began to fade slowly into autumn, it’s time to start thinking about projects that can prepare your home for the colder weather continue. This is where you start.

Weekend # 1: Get Ready to Roll Garage Doors

Your garage can be a useful storage zone for tools, sports equipment, holiday decorations and anything else you want to hide away, so be sure to keep doors and openers in top operating condition by taking some seasonal maintenance.

First, make sure the tracks, springs and other moving parts of the garage door well lubricated with motor oil. Apply the oil with a cloth and wipe any part, be careful to remove any excess oil. Next, look at them, the eyes large, heavy, and ensure that a safety wire that runs to the spring so that if they break, spring snap back to the wire and not fly and hurt someone.

Check the safety system in front of the garage door opener by placing a 2-by-4 at the bottom of the door and close it, the garage door should press the 2-by-4 and then re-open again . There should also be electric eyes to protect the lower edge of the door of the garage, so try to close the door and then block the electric eye to make sure it works. By the way, if the garage door opener is old and does not have at least two security systems, change!

Finally, clean the weatherstripping along the frame of the garage door and have cleaner made for vinyl weatherstripping to prevent dry. Wash the outside of the garage door with a mild detergent and a stiff brush or power washer. If the finish you are looking for a garage door is used, remove the peeling paint, the surface of the sand, prime, and apply a new coat of paint the garage door. A great bright colors will make you think of summer even as the snow is falling!

Weekend # 2: Add Attic Insulation

As your body loses heat through the top of the point – the head – heat loss of your home through the attic. Owens Corning experts recommend at least 19 inches of batt insulation or 22 inches of blown insulation for most homes. Houses in cold weather should be about 16 inches (R-49) insulation. Insulation you have, the better the ability of the insulation to prevent hot air from escaping, keeping you warm your home and lower your energy bills.

If you lack the isolation, preparing to add more by wearing safety glasses, dust mask, and clothing to protect your skin from contact with fiberglass … To get started, first fill the joist cavity to reach the top of the joist insulation, and then, if necessary insulation, insulation held vertically at the top of the beam. Did not block the soffit or eave vents and keep the insulation at least 3 inches from ceiling fixtures unless they are designated as IC, which means that they rate for insulation contact.

For even more energy savings, home energy audit yourself or with the help of a pro to show all the ways that your home loses energy and can easily be improved by sealing project. Being energy efficient is not only good for your wallet – it also helps our environment by reducing your need for heat.

Weekend # 3: Clear your tin!

Trash can is probably the most underrated in the house. Even if we put some pretty nasty things in the trash, they do a great job to keep the rest of life right in the middle of where we live, eat, and breathe. So here’s a tip to help keep the person calm waste.

Once a month, all the trash cans in the room out for a thorough cleaning. Mixing ¾ of a cup of bleach to a gallon of water and rinse the inside of the garbage cans and lids and handles. To ensure solution of bleach and water will have time to kill bacteria and odors that may be harmful to the health of your family, let it sit for at least five minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

Weekend # 4: Burglar Proof Your Home

As summer is almost over, it’s getting dark earlier. This means that the thief intended to steal your stuff begin their evening faster! To thwart the plan, go around your property and look for potential points of entry.

For example, if you have lots of bushes in front of your home can provide protection for the thieves they enter, cut back bushes to keep the entry point exposed. Also consider replacing some of the existing landscape with prickly plants as a natural deterrent to intruders.

Add a motion sensor for lighting exterior lock around your property so that they can come in to provide safety when you go home, and also helps to scare anyone who is not there. For home lighting ideas adds more safety and security, see the External Lighting Ideas of The Money Pit.

Ensure that the door to your home with a secure locking system and never put your house key when leaving the car keys in the garage, valet desk, or anywhere else. You can not predict when someone will try to make a copy of your house key, so play smart.

If you have a travel plan, burglar-proof your home by making sure to stop newspaper delivery and ask a neighbor to take the letters and packages delivered to infertility. And if you do not do it, have an alarm system installed to also monitor fire and carbon monoxide in the house to keep you safe at all levels.