Polysomnography refers to the study of brain function during sleep. It is commonly associated with the study of altered breathing during sleep.

Normal sleep

Sleep is varies a lot depending on age, but only one goes through 4-6 cycles of sleep each night. This cycle consists of the shallow bed, and then sleep later in REM sleep. While developing the night, tended more and more deep and REM sleep, which is why you are in the middle of a dream when your alarm clock goes off. REM sleep is a strange country – your dreams, but your brain makes your whole body go floppy, except for your eyes blink back and forth (rapid eye movement). As people get older, they need less sleep and their sleep is fragmented practice.

Alasan polysomnography:

The reason is mostly to look for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). It is a condition that is a weakness in the back of the throat. The weakness usually occurs when the back of the throat as a result of the closing muscles in the palate and pharynx becomes weak, something that is often, but not always, associated with aging. Often being overweight makes it worse and are often triggered by alcohol before bed. When severe enough, the oxygen in the blood drops due to blockage in the throat. When the oxygen level drops, breathing muscles begin to tense, which eventually leads to a short gasp, related to the so-called passion (second half awake).

Repeated after rotation by a decrease in oxygen, breathing heavily, passion, cessation of breathing, decreased oxygen, etc, etc. .. It has a profound effect on the normal sleep cycle. This means that patients with OSA and hold up for a breath of air, spend less time in deep sleep and very little time in REM sleep. Important severe OSA means that someone has woken up every hour throughout the night. This naturally leads to poor concentration and lethargy and a number of important medical conditions, including headaches and high blood pressure.

Narcolepsy is a condition in which polysomnography can be requested. It is a condition that is typically lost control of REM sleep. The result is that people with narcolepsy may feel very sleepy during the day, they may even experience a dream fragment, as well as other aspects of REM sleep, such as a sudden feeling of paralysis. Along with the busy movement sleep periodic leg (leg kicks while repeatedly), and disruption of REM sleep behavior, in which the patient may act out their dreams.

How polysomnography done?

Polysomnography in a sleep laboratory completed special. Patients came to the laboratory in the afternoon and connected with a number of electrodes. Since learning that took all night, the electrodes must be held firmly in place and therefore are usually fixed with glue (with acetone). In obstructive sleep apnea electrodes placed around the eyes, under the chin and on the scalp to help determine the stage of sleep.

The band usually placed around the chest and abdomen to monitor breathing and a small device to measure airflow placed near the nose. Finally, an oxygen meter attached to the finger or ear to monitor any decrease in oxygen during the study. Once the study is underway, and if obstructive sleep apnea is clear, a mask CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) is placed on the face, and the pressure required to overcome the weakness can then be recorded. Some laboratories prefer to do it separately and book a second night to assess the CPAP pressure. It is important to establish the correct CPAP pressure machine for when the patient is at home.

The pros and cons of business blogging

Blog forming part of a new era of rapid growth of the Internet and became important in marketing or PR strategy. Read this guide to business blogging and the benefits of SmallBusness.co.uk and Hayden Allen-Vercoe from Orbital Media blog network.

The word blog is derived from ‘weblog’, essentially meaning a Web page to provide commentary or news on a selected topic. Blog forming part of a new era of rapid growth of the Internet and became important in marketing or PR strategy.

There is a blog on the internet that covers pretty much every topic. A sophisticated blog regularly updated, such as online diaries and has the potential to develop loyal readers. Read this guide for business and the benefits of blogging and blog SmallBusness.co.uk Hayden Allen-Vercoe from Orbital Media Network:

Why do you need a blog?

As a small business, a blog related to your topic can provide a level of exposure that even the sharpest business plan can not be approached. With regular blog posts with keywords strategically, not long before the search engines will pick up and improve your position in the list.

In addition to getting your business free, natural exposure to the search engines, you can show to become a specialist in your field online overnight, network with your peers at the forefront of new developments. Your blog can be an attractive private magazine faithful community opinion formers. You do not have to be a professional journalist, just write how passionate and exciting about what you think is key.See also: A more efficient way of doing business

A blog is keeping up to date with your industry. By researching for interesting stories and features to your blog, you start talking to all the people who matter in your industry and learn more about your market.

To become an industry expert with a loyal following. By sharing their opinions and views on topics related to your industry, trend reports and much more, you will eventually position yourself as an expert in your field.

You find new channels to market. When you start to write about your passion unbelievable how many doors open and a new angle to look at. You will be a pro-spotting opportunities.

You can save money on search engine optimization. If you are using the correct strategy, you can improve your search engine rankings naturally. Your article then becomes very important as part of your marketing campaign.

Customers may be more honest when they write about. You can use a blog to write articles about your client’s business and how you help them. Those who love you when you give them exposure.

A blog can give you an edge over the competition. If you can get into the field armed with the following loyal readers of this blog, the more likely to come as someone with influence, someone worth listening to.

What are the disadvantages?

Like all things, a blog is no quick fix – it’s a long-term strategy and is very effective at that time. It takes time and you need to be patient. As with everything, the more you put in, the more you get. Quite simply, it means that the submission of interesting articles on your blog regularly. If you feel that what you say is interesting, this blog probably is not for you.

Researching and writing a blog can be a time consuming task. You already have a lot to think about when running your own business, so you may find that you need to be fit to write a blog on any free time you have. It may be worth your time, if you can build a good foundation reader.

If you want some more advice or want to know more about blogging, visit www.OrbitalMediaNetwork.com, peter@orbitalmedianetwork.com email or call 0208 868 4749.

Take responsibility for your health

September is a very busy month in the national health calendar highlighted the important diseases. National Heart Awareness Month, Stroke Awareness Week and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Awareness Month just some of them. All campaign aims to create awareness and educate the public as early detection can make a big difference in treatment and outcome.

What all these initiatives have in common health awareness, is the fact that they do not spread doom and gloom, but a message of hope. Marvelous progress made in medicine and science has made many of these diseases can be treated and managed, the patient is still able to live a life of quality. Just look at the inspiring story of Trevor Steyn to have a good life with leukemia for 22 years, or to learn how to thirteen Bilal Teladia Beat Cancer Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Although many diseases such as heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes and some cancers may have a genetic aspects made some people are genetically more prone to get them, and there are environmental factors claimed to cause disease, most people can avoid them together by leading a healthy and active lifestyle.

Never underestimate the power of nutrition: the basic principles of eating at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, cut your intake of salt, saturated fat and sugar, and limit caffeine and alcohol can make a world of difference. You also never the cause of their way of throwing ciggies – Smoking is the number one singing in many diseases’ “no” list.

Besides, you can not ignore this skill. Exercise makes your body fit and toned, healthy heart, lowers blood pressure, strengthens your bones, helping to keep excess weight, improve your immune system and counter the effects of fatigue. The benefits are endless and, fortunately, not the rabbit to the gym or fitness fanatic to keep fit. Getting at least 30 minutes of exercise most days of the week (such as walking, dancing or swimming), is sufficient.

Follow these simple instructions and you can help your body to stay strong and healthy. We have no assurance that we will not get sick one day, but by doing all we can to optimize our health, we will have a better chance of fighting the disease.

Real Estate Investing – Protect Your Privacy

An irate tenant or disgruntled home-buyer, with the help of a lawyer will, soon found the property to the owner of the property in the public record. Target search becomes someone who has deep pockets is reflected in the real estate trust assets.Land available in most countries, although they differ in the structure and level of trust protection.Land is nothing more than a legal entity holding property rights. One advantage for confidence to land owners not recording! Faith is simply a transfer of land property in your name and put in another entity. The Land Trust names a trustee to manage the trust, such as your lawyer, a friend or relative with a different last name. Trust property, and your name will be removed from the ownership record (produced or title). But ownership can still believe. You are the beneficiaries of trust.Obviously, a little more complex than that, but here’s the bottom line. If you are Suzy Suehappy aggravated for some reason and started to look for a record of your assets, it will have a hard time finding what you have if any of your properties are recorded in a separate trust land. Feature is registered under the name of your trust. Your name will never appear in a note if any of your properties are held in different names you trusts.If Suehappy owned 123 Main Street where Suzy lives, and your name is John Lucky, Suzy can go to the clerk’s office to ask for all the assets owner John Lucky. This search is fruitless because your name is not found. Suzy Suehappy will find that the property is owned by 123 Main Street Trust (or whatever you want to call it). He will also see that there are no other assets owned by 123 Main Street Trust.But if Suzy custom manufacturer Suehappy have any problems with the property owner Notsolucky Jane, and discover all the richness records list Jane, she is an easier target for a lawsuit suit. If the truth be brought against you by Suzy Suehappy, attorney deposition can request a list of all your property. However, early detection efforts by Suzy or lawyer researching records clerks, maintaining anonymity can be a useful deterrent to protection.Once assets I have a tenant who stumbled onto the landing stairs from the second floor apartment while drunk, broken rails, and fell to the ground with a wound mild. He came to a prominent lawyer in the city sue crazy about her case, but I was lucky not to expensive defense deal with myself because I was not a high profile in the county records. I assume that a review of the record does not reveal the name of my personal real estate property, and I have a record is not considered a real protection problem assets.Asset investing in real estate, and land use of the trust may be a consideration. I find, however, that some lawyers understand land trusts, and special educational needs is legal.

Hey fatty!

South Africa in a state of shock during the month of September when the last national health survey, commissioned by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), found that South Africa “the fattest country in the third world”. Nearly two out of three South Africa are overweight, obese or morbidly obese.

The figure in the growth of our population that is similar to the Medical Research Council (MRC), which also conducts research in 2003 in overweight and obesity in South Africa.

What is interesting, though, is South Africa looked in complete denial about their weight problem. “What extra kilos?” I hear you mutter. “I’m perfectly healthy, thank you!”

Well, look in the mirror again, and it looks very close. What do you see? Time will be honest with yourself!

According to the survey 74% of GSK South Africa they think of their fellow citizens are overweight, while only 34% of people consider themselves to be overweight or obese. You are one of those people in denial?

Unfortunately, most of South Africa believe yourself to be healthy, even if they are overweight and obese. According to the survey 78% of obese people think they are pretty healthy / very healthy 52% of the morbidly obese people think they are somewhat healthy or very healthy, 42% had a scary health problems at all. Only 47% of survey participants acknowledged that the exercise / physical activity is very important.

The big question on the lips of all: why South Africa is so fat? DietDoc trying to answer complex questions in a weekly informative article by quoting 1) malnutrition and low birth weight, 2) rapid westernization and urbanization, and 3) physical activity aka The Couch Potato Syndrome may be factors. Read it here.

I want to add another factor: the reluctance of people to take responsibility for their own lives and their health. Every day we read in the media about obesity and the serious impact on our health. Overweight and obesity have been linked to heart attacks and strokes, and also poses a major risk for chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and some cancers. The evidence, however, we remain stubborn! Somehow we convince ourselves that it will not happen to us.

It is time to take responsibility and ownership of our own health. We all, including myself, can improve our Lifestyles by becoming more physically active and to keep your diet healthy, more balanced. Start your journey to a healthier new to empower yourself with information. Learn to identify the parts of a healthy diet, how makehealthy food choices and how to read food labels to find out what exactly you are putting into your body. And remember, healthy food is not expensive or large enterprise. It is all about making small changes and get back to basics.