Cloud nine is waiting for you

So, I walk around with a massage voucher for over a year. Yes, you are pretty pathetic – people will jump at the chance to TLC session – but I just never found the time of appointment, and every time I remember about the voucher and would like to make an appointment directly, the boutique hotel has been completely already booked.

I ended up going for the long-deferred massage yesterday. I opted for a full body Swedish massage – the mother of all massage – and I believe it is pure, pure bliss! While lying on the massage table and feel the tension dissolve the knots in my body, I was wondering why I had denied myself the pleasure of pampering like so long. Why do we have time for everyone and everything else, but when it comes to treating rare ourselves we do list?

Yes, in the current financial climate massage feel like a luxury few can afford. The benefits, however, far outweigh the costs. It is a wonderful treatment for fatigue and muscle pain, calm the nervous system, improves circulation, reduces heart rate, lowers blood pressure, improve your immune system function and helps to create an overall feeling of calmness and well-being. Besides this, other medicinal press is often greatly underestimated. Think of how important a healthy physical contact and the press is for the children in their development. It does not end when you become an adult – something we all need for physical, emotional and mental.

Reward yourself with Christmas presents early this year by booking a massage today. There are different types of massage to choose from and you are sure to find something to suit your personal needs and comfort level. Also, do not forget to see the beauty colleges in your area where the massage therapist trainee will give you that much needed TLC at a good price.


European tax haven Andorra enjoys the same fiscal benefits as better known Monaco, adding to property demand from those looking to stay in a tax shelter as well as traditional ski chalet buyers who flock to the country between December and April each end Year.With month of ski season resort skiing in Europe closed up shop until early December with overseas property owners having little prospect of rental income months.But summer so Andorra, located between France and Spain in the Pyrenees and the smallest country in the world sixteenth, to be attractive for tourists and property owners see an increase in overall occupancy rate and return to their investment.Cycling, horse trekking and hillwalking some activities attract tourists and potential property owners who will be heading the mountains outside Andorra ski season. Andorra la Vella is the capital full of duty free shops, restaurants, clubs and bars. Coupled with views of the mountains and lake Andorra has seen an increase in the number of out of the tourist season in recent years, and the season extends from just letting the winter and spring summer.For including countries with a population of 77,000 Andorra surprisingly charming 9 million tourists last year, and with more visitors in the summer of this burden will increase to ten million year.Ryanair and easyJet are two low-cost carrier to fly to Barcelona and Girona airport from major European cities, travel time to the front of the capital Andorra la Vella two and a half hours by coach or car.Andorra Property News offers Free 28-page guide that includes banking, applying for a residence permit and the towns and villages of Andorra considering moving there with details of apartments and chalets for sale , with a price starting from 157,000 euros for a one bedroom apartment with fully furnished Cortals Els ten minutes from the ski slopes.

Tips on Preparing for Fall

As summer turns to fall, so start time for home improvement Goldilocks. Not too hot and not too cold – it’s right, so September is the time to get many home improvement projects done around the house!

Weekend # 1: Enjoy Labor Day. Over 100 years ago the first Labor Day in the United States. Labor Day is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It is an annual national award with the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and welfare of our country. While there is some doubt that was a great idea, many believe it is Peter J. McGuire, general secretary of the Brotherhood of Carpenters and joiners and a co-founder of the American Federation of Labor. According to the Department of Labor, Peter J. McGuire felt we should have a day to honor those who from rude nature have been dug and carved all the grandeur we behold.

Therefore, we here at Money Pit thought it was the perfect weekend for all those who are keen on improving the house dared to create an environment that they want to take the last week of the summer to relax and visitors today. Have a restful weekend. Fall right around the corner, and you know what that means. Many home improvement projects this September!

Weekend # 2: Water heater maintenance.

Maintenance for your warm September weekend will have you enjoying a hot shower all winter. Regardless if you have a gas or electric water heaters, they developed a build of deposits under the tank. Buildup can cause your water heater to operate inefficiently and shorten the life of the water heater. To keep the water heater as well, you have to drain two gallons of water from the tank twice a year. It is very important that when you do this treatment will ensure that your water heater is turned off and protect yourself from potential burns. Wear thick gloves, long sleeves and safety goggles. Do not hit the tank water flows. Turn water heater for an hour before you start to reduce the temperature of the water in the tank.

There are two Valve on your water heater. Its near the top the safety valve to release pressure – Do not Touch IT. Its near the bottom is for draining and the only one that should be opened for this purpose. Connect a hose to the drain valve water heater and set it to flow into the sink, or outside where the hot water will not harm anyone. Once you secure the hose in place, turn counter-clockwise to open the drain. Remember, the water is too hot! In a few gallons, water will become clear as deposits can be disastrous. Close the valve by turning it clockwise and make sure you shut down completely so there are no drips. I urn and continue to enjoy your hot water.

Weekend # 3: change furnace filters. We enter the time of heating, and change your furnace filter is one of the project in September that will help to keep your family healthy all winter. When winter rolls around, there’s nothing better than enjoying your family room while playing video games and hanging out. That is, all but the time you spend in the room that you are more susceptible to indoor allergens. To Breathe easy and sneeze less, it is important to regularly change your furnace filter.

Furnace filter is located on the main return grill near the stove or in the oven near the ventilator. Remove the old filter and replace it with the most efficient model you can see for your system. Filter better furnace, it remove particulates from the air. Install the new filter to ensure that the arrow shows the flow of air, pointing toward the fans. Furnace filters should be replaced every month, or for a term solution, install whole house air cleaner as it Aprilaire Model 5000 Electronic Air Cleaner, which occupied the top ranking by Consumer Reports for the last three years.

Weekend # 4: Clean, natural. Vinegar and water is a natural cleanser to work with hardwood floors and windows. A mixture of salt and baking soda makes a great scouring cleanser. For a natural drain cleaner, try pouring ½ cup baking soda followed by ½ cup of vinegar down the drain, after 20 minutes pour the boiling water to clear things up. This test tool natural polish on a hidden area to be sure, but the olive oil and lemon juice a great job of polishing tools. Once the house sparkling clean, add a blanket and a rich autumn toned throw pillows on your seating, and brown and orange colored glass candle holders to get into the spirit of the season.

Bonus Project! Winters can be very harsh on the flower bed to get their rest in preparation for you to bloom come spring. Regardless of differences in seasonal temperatures in parts of the country, should be mulched flower beds throughout the year. Mulching helps provide investment protection, providing organic matter to the soil, and moisture in the bed to continue to maintain the garden. Spent this weekend working on your page, so you can enjoy the beauty next spring.

If you live in a part of the United States where the fall and winter much colder than the other, you want to put a thick layer of mulch over the period. Throughout the year you should have about two three layer of mulch. If the winter is very cold, go for the four layer of mulch.

As the leaves begin to fall, be sure to clean them with flower beds so they do not cover the planting grow or encourage the growth of Rot.

Finally, the last of September the project is to fertilize your lawn before the ground was frozen and reseed any patchy areas. Protect seedlings with a layer of straw to drive bone decision.

Gastric bypass

Gastric bypass surgery is performed to allow food to bypass part of the stomach, and thereby cause harm. This greatly reduces the size of the stomach, and changes in the body’s physiological response to food intake.

Obesity is associated with development of severe co-morbidities, such as hypertension and diabetes, with complications and their own mortality. Bypass surgery has been shown to reduce the incidence of complications, and reduce related deaths.

Who is eligible?

Selection of patients for bypass surgery should ideally be done by a panel of doctors, including a specialist bariatric (weight loss) surgeon and nutritionist special.

This is a great abdominal surgery with many potential complications, and because it is only for patients who meet strict criteria:

A body mass index (BMI) of 40kg / mТВ or more,

Patients should be well informed and motivated,

Those with an acceptable risk for surgery,

Those who have failed to lose weight through non-surgical methods,

Adults with a BMI> 35kg / mТВ plus serious co-morbidities such as diabetes, sleep apnea, severe joint pain, or obesity-related cardiomyopathy may also be considered.

Patients not suitable for surgery are those with:

Untreated depression or psychosis,

Current drug or alcohol abuse,

Binge-eating disorder,

Heart disease by non-acceptable risk of anesthesia,

Serious blood clotting disorder,

Inability to meet the nutritional needs of post-surgical life, or

Those that are not age appropriate: surgery is controversial under 18 or over 65.

How is this done?

There are several methods, all of which performed under general anesthesia. Surgery can be performed in a conventional manner, or with laparascope, depending on the skill of the surgeon.

The most frequent – and most successful – method called gastric bypass with proximal Roux-en-Y anastomosis.

The first phase of the operation was to reduce eaten by almost 90 percent, leaving a small pouch, or a mini-stomach to receive food ingested.

The second step involves rearranging the left-upper abdomen, and make the connection between the stomach and small intestine (Y-star) is still possible to mix the food with secretions and hormones are usually produced by the gut during digestion.


Any abdominal surgery has complications, but the risk is greatly increased in obese patients. In addition, there is a complication unique to this method.

Possible complications for abdominal surgery in general:

Infection – incision, or internal surfaces and organs. Obesity can increase the rate of infection, but enough peri-operative use of cephazolin reduced significantly.

Nosebleed – obese people more at risk, because the extra tissue that needs to be incised.

Hernia stars, internal or external.

Due to internal hernia or adhesion of intestinal obstruction.

Pulmonary embolus – risk is increased in obese patients undergoing abdominal surgery.

Specific complications are:

Leaks – many sites reconnect the stomach and intestines,

Depreciation (narrowing) of the openings in the intestine,

Dumping – food through the small intestine too quickly as a normal outlet valve bypassed stomach. Symptoms disposal:

Nausea and vomiting,


Sweat, and


Gallstones – usually with rapid weight loss.

Because of small residual stomach vomiting. This may lead to

Lack of nutrition – protein, vitamin and mineral deficiencies general (re – organize anatomic cause weight loss usually leads to malabsorption).

Abdominal distention lips. It is rare, but can be fatal if not diagnosed and treated promptly.

After surgery

Most patients will be discharged within a few days, after they had to move pain-free, and eat liquid or pureed food without vomiting. Patients should be taught a new way of eating (such as limiting the amount in about one cup per meal), and how to avoid malnutrition. Motivation and constant follow-up care is needed to avoid problems.

Substantial weight reduction in nearly all patients, with an average loss of around 4.5kg months, stabilized after 24 months. Many will require cosmetic surgery to remove excess skin folds.

With the huge increase in obesity-related conditions such as diabetes and hypertension, and a significant improvement in quality of life.