Time to get in shape

Spring is around the corner. If, like me, you ate too much pudding cold, Stews and lasagnes, and why you are the perfect winter to avoid exercise, the time to act! In a few weeks, you have to let go of winter clothing and, unless you do not mind revealing a bit shaky or get a new larger sized cabinets (hmmm, think again, shopping for new clothes than sound tempting), ‘LL to get some work done! Let us help you.

See our Ultimate Slimming guide contains everything you need to know to achieve a healthy weight. Note the key word “healthy”. Healthy weight loss is equal to about 1 to 1.5 pounds per week. Even though you may be desperate to shed a few pounds quickly, do not go overboard with starving yourself, taking expensive slimming pills that can damage your health, or over-exercise in a short time and you injure itself.

Instead do it in a way that is simple: eat less and exercise more. Start by making small changes. With warmer weather approaching, it will be easier to include salads and fruits in your daily diet. While it’s still cold, you can also go for Soup boiled vegetables and fruit. It is a good idea to include foods with a low GI (glycemic index) in your diet, as they will help maintain your energy levels, making you much less likely to snack Sweets kiloJoule to load, biscuits and crisps. Learn more about the glycemic index here.

About Exercise: Start a good habit to live with going for a walk 30 minutes early every day. You do not need any special equipment and you can do so at any stage of your life. If there is still a little cold, just wrap up warm. Unlike energy as a walk in the fresh spring air and clean. If you feel like trying a new sport, why not visit our fitness zone for some ideas?

Finally, start reading food labels. Most of us are not really aware of all the additives, sodium, preservatives, and sugar to hide some of our favorite comfort foods. According to research, people who read food labels to make healthy food choices to end, and consequently more prone to being overweight. “There are significant differences between readers and non-readers label total kilojoules intake of total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium, dietary fiber and sugars,” the researchers said.

Good luck on your weight loss plan a new one. And remember, if you need advice about diet, nutrition or fitness, post your question in DietDoc or FitnessDoc for expert advice.

Blogging Amount of SME

Jane Robinson, founder of the Business Technologies introduces laser engraver to cut the corporate blog in February that the purpose of contacting the size cheerful for business.

“It’s very image led and somewhat tense,” he said. “On Shrove Tuesday we laser etch some pancakes to see what happens, and put the pictures on the blog. Sometimes the difference themselves from the competition is about showing a bit of personality, and blogs can provide. ‘

Robinson said he was not convinced of the value of social media such as Facebook business-to-business company like him, but blogs can offer even more. “As sales of teachers will tell you, people buy from people and gives you something like this human side.” See also: Coaching for SME directors

Brewing company Brewdog use this blog as more of a news feed. CEO James Watt said: ‘also good to nakakalibang talk about our plans and opinions about the beer industry. Blog is not just a place for us to post details about the company and our news, but also a hub for people to comment and discuss the articles we write. Freedom of speech and healthy discussion and create a strong community of beer enthusiasts. ‘

Guest blogger

Nick Green, the founder of the solutions to the printing company Printed.com the regular guest blogger on his site to write content that is useful to the customer. Subject entries ranged from social media for stories about the customer experience. The company will launch an internship and study of the scheme is to write about what they learn in their first job effectively.

Green said, “Blogs are not fully convey yourself. If you’re going to start something you have time to follow through. You do not want to start something with three articles a week and then do nothing for a month, you have to give readers fresh content and a reason to come back. ‘

Sometimes arise because of the benefits of writing a blog that shows elsewhere. Green accounts for about twice a month for the magazine industry printed (PrintWeek). He said, ‘Print can end sometimes slightly negative, with all the talk about online advertising move. I think print media industry is large and magazines are a great place to share some of the sights and spread some positive energy in our sector. ‘

Vallarta Amigos

In Puerto Vallarta, we took our own advice. “Try to see the place through the eyes of someone who lives there,” we always tell people. “If you know someone who lives in the area you are visiting, get in touch with them.” So, when Holland America Line Oosterdam in Puerto Vallarta called on day four of our seven night Mexican Riviera cruise the San Diego, my husband, Paul, and I met our friend Liz, who has lived here for seven years.

“A lot of people who fell from cruise ships that call here had never seen a real Vallarta,” he said as we chat over breakfast at Daiquiri Dick’s, a restaurant right on Los Muertos beach in the old part of town. We have our own, we probably would not choose a restaurant called Daiquiri Dick tourist-sounding name. In fact, the owner of Tari Bowman moved to Vallarta (as the local call it) with her husband, Peter, over 30 years ago and has created a place that is popular with residents and deliver excellent food ( and Three Diamond TRAVELCOM rate). Huevos contrary chorizo ​​(scrambled eggs with sausage) is delicious and hash brown potatoes that came with them was a wonderful light and flavorful, crunchy and a bit rough right.

“The people also have misconceptions about Vallarta,” says Liz, who has adopted two dogs since moving here, a lovely Chihuahua named Leon and sweet black mutt named Noble. “Some guidebooks say it is a colonial city, is not a colonial city.”

Francisco Hernández de San Buenaventura led explorers to Banderas Bay, where Puerto Vallarta is located, in the 16th century, but never colonized by Spain here. Historians trace the birth of the city in 1851, when the Sanchez family lived here on the coast of the Rio Cuale. When the silver deposit is located in the Sierra Madre, a port city of industry. It soared to the top of the map where the visitors when director John Huston 1964 film night shooting near Iguana in Mismaloya. Journalists follow the action star Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, and the beautiful beach in this area and the surrounding rain forest captured on camera.

“I started coming here in the 70s,” says Liz, looking radiant and relaxed. “The place keeps drawing me back until I decided to move here.” Change of Address clearly agrees with him.

After breakfast, Liz took us on a walking tour. “Map of the tourist call center around the” Viejo Vallarta “(Old Vallarta),” he said we started. “It’s kind of wrong. We call all areas north of the Rio Cuale over El Centro visitors. ‘. The southern part of the basin what the local call of the ‘Old Town’ or the romantic zone. This is where visitors will get a taste of the real Vallarta. ‘

Not that the visitors lost Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe parish church. Red brick building with a tower-plated crown is the focal point of El Centro.

“I would recommend that cruise ship passengers from the taxi ride to the church,” says Liz, “and then walked to the Malecon. Walking the Malecon, the boardwalk that runs along the coast, resulting in a view of the blue waters of the legendary Vallarta and buff-colored sand. “Walking along the Malecon south across the Rio Cuale,” says Liz. As we walked along, the vendors offered everything from jewelry to parasailing excursion. “‘Suerte,'” said Liz each of them, explaining that it means ‘good luck’ and also showed polite “no.” On the street called Basilio Badillo, we turned interior.

“This is the Old Town,” Liz said we walked along the cobblestone streets past whitewashed buildings with red tile thatched and wrought iron balconies. Until a few blocks, we entered the boutiques and art galleries, including the trendy clothing store called Cassandra. Along the way, the owner of the shop Liz greeted by name. Part of the fun you are looking for a place with people who live there getting to meet other people, too.

We turned and saw Constituci├│n in Banderas Bay Trading Company, design shops operated by the wife of Tari, Peter Bowman. We congratulate Peter nagki was selected as one of the best designers in the world with 100 international design magazines. His sense of design is evident throughout the store. Vintage and locally made crafts, including detailed carvings and painted pottery large serving plate, fill the room.

Liz, Paul, and I went on our walking tour through the old town. Highlight a stop at a tortilla factory, where the smell of freshly baked filled season already. And a swinging pedestrian bridge leading to the Rio Cuale Island, located between the two forks of the river. At an outdoor market here, the local vendors selling jewelry, crafts, and serapes. When we walked across the bridge of wood-planked, we see that when the local walk across, the bridge does not rock. Gringos We were not able to cross the bridge without making a step.

Perhaps our favorite part of the tour is going shopping with Liz. “You do not mind do you?” Ask him. “I need some things.” Love always have to browse your local grocery store, they reveal an insight into the day-to-day life of the community.

So we went home with Liz Rizo and admire some local produce, which includes waste from dried peppers, various pumpkins in different sizes, and a tray of profit.

After shopping, it was time for us to get back to the ship, so we left Liz hug and promised to return for a longer visit. As we rode a taxi back to the Oosterdam, we remember something said Liz breakfast.

“I love what DH Lawrence said about Mexico,” he told us. “He wrote:” After dust stayed in Mexico your heart, you will always return. ‘”Looking through the eyes of Liz Vallarta has revealed little dust of Mexico. We will definitely return.

If you discover a foreign destination with a friend living there? Tell us about it. We will have more about our TRAVELCOM Member Oosterdam cruise ship self in a future blog. Meanwhile, you can also listen to our podcast www.OnTravel.com cruise.

For great deals and benefits of membership in Holland America and other cruise lines, go to TRAVELCOM.com / travel.

Exterior Tips for Home Decoration

Painting the exterior of your home is one of the most important part of home maintenance. And while many homeowners choose to hire a painting contractor, it is a project that can satisfy yourself, especially if you have time and you are a bit too handy.

By doing your own painting, you can keep costs to a minimum and you’ll also appreciate the great feeling of accomplishment when you’ve completed the exterior of your beautiful new paint job.

According to the Paint Quality Institute, there are four key success exterior painting. Follow these expert tips and you’ll get a good exterior paint job that will last for years.

Beware Surface Preparation

Amateur painter can not wait to start applying the paint, but professionals know if what you did before that spell success or failure of the exterior house painting.

Before you start painting, make sure the surface is clean and free of dirt and chalk. Scrub with soap and water, then rinse. Next, remove the paint, loose flaking, or peeling by scraping, wire-brushing, and sanding. Or, speeds up the whole process by renting a pressure washer to prepare the surface for painting.

With wood siding, sand the area with shiny paint so the new paint will adhere better. If you see any bare wood, be sure to spot-prime area. You can skip this step if you are using a sophisticated, top quality paint, because the paint acts as a primer and paint.

Finally, brush the dust or paint chips fixed. Now the exterior of your home is ready for painting.

Buy Paint Quality:

Even the exterior of the highest quality paint costs a little more, you can not afford to cut corners here: Your cat is a protective coating that makes the elements at bay. Fortunately, even the best exterior paint is still rather low. Plus, since most of the work to make the painting, exterior paint job will last far longer when you use the best paint.

For best performance, the Paint Quality Institute recommend you to buy quality 100% acrylic latex exterior paint. This paint has superior adhesion, so that they would “get” close to the surface is ready. They are also very flexible, allowing them to expand and contract with the surface under very cold or hot. On the road, this feature helps prevent the failure of many such common exterior paint peeling and flaking.

There are other benefits for 100% acrylic latex paint of the highest quality: they usually hide better than ordinary paint, which is especially important when painting over a dark color. They are easier to apply with a brush, and they usually contain special additives to help keep the mold in check.

Despite the higher costs per gallon, top quality 100% acrylic latex paint actually save you money and time. How? Because the best of the paint will serve as both a primer and paint, so you do not need to purchase and implement two types of paint on the outside of your home. Plus, top quality exterior house paints typically last 10 years or more compared to three or four years for ordinary paint on the exterior of the house, so it is much more expensive when you consider they cost per year of service.

Use the Quality Brushes and Tools:

Best quality tools and accessories not only help you to apply layers, more uniform thickness of paint on the outside of your home, but they also make your job easier.

Choose a balanced brushes with tightly packed bristles feel springy when you run your hand across it open. Suppose you apply exterior latex paint, you have to work with brushes and rollers are made of synthetic materials such as polyester.

Of course, you can also rent a spray-painting equipment. If you do this, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

Forecast weather conditions right color:

Painting the exterior does not foul weather sport. In fact, the real challenge could jeopardize the long-term quality and performance of your exterior paint job.

As a result, trying to paint the exterior of your home with moderate weather – when the temperature is no higher than about 85 degrees, with little wind. Conditions that allow for the paint to form a film, durable protection that takes many years.

When painting with hot days and warm areas, avoid painting in direct sunlight, because the surface temperature can be 10 to 20 degrees higher than the air temperature. Work your way around the house, painting the area in the shade.

Weather wise, exterior latex paint offers a bonus: You can apply 30 minutes after the rain as the surface was wet.

There is more to the exterior house painting than meets the eye, but the project well within the skill set of most do-it-yourselfers. By following these tips on painting the exterior, you can save a bundle by doing the work yourself.

For more information about exterior home painting, visit the Paint Quality Institute website at www.paintquality.com.

Pelvic ultrasound

What is Pelvic Ultrasound Imaging?

Ultrasound of high frequency electronic noise generated by the engine and the particular crystal under investigation. Sound is traveling through your body, and bounce the other network and the receiver in the same probe. Sound waves meaning in a digital image. Ultrasound is not the same as X-rays, and does not use ionizing radiation. A pelvic ultrasound provides pictures of the structures and organs in the abdomen or pelvis.

What for?

There are three types of pelvic ultrasound:

abdominal (transabdominal)

vagina (transvaginal or endovaginal) for women

rectal (transrectal) for men

A Doppler ultrasound examination may be part of a pelvic ultrasound examination.

In women, the most frequent pelvic scan done to analyze the pelvic organs such as the bladder, ovaries, uterus, cervix or fallopian tubes, and often necessary when symptoms include pelvic pain, abnormal bleeding and other menstrual problems. It can also identify tangible masses such as uterine fibroids ovarian cysts. In humans, it is often focused on the evaluation of the bladder and prostate, including the seminal vesicles.

Usually perform a transvaginal ultrasound to see including the lining and wall of the uterus and the thickness. Among other structures see ovarian, cervical and bladder. A transrectal ultrasound is a special study of the prostate gland.

How do I prepare?

Wear comfortable, loose clothing and remove all clothing and jewelry in the area to be evaluated. You may be asked to wear a dress. Sometimes you will be required to ensure that the bladder is full, as it can help to create a visualization of parts of the body more efficiently.

How is the procedure performed?

When you lie on the examination table, the radiologist or sonographer will spread warm gel on your skin and press the transducer firmly against your body, moving it back and forth over the area of ​​interest until the desired images to be captured. Sometimes a little uncomfortable as a radiologist or sonographer with a soft spot, but it is temporary. They will regularly stop to take dimensions. Most ultrasound examinations are painless, fast and easy.

Transabdominal pelvic ultrasound: You will be asked to lie on your back. Area to be scanned is exposed: this includes your abdomen, down in the area above your pubic bone.

Transvaginal: It is very much like the gynecologic exam and involves inserting a probe (or transducer) into the vagina after you empty your bladder. Only the tip of the transducer is placed in the vagina, and it is smaller than the standard speculum used when performing a Pap test. Probe is covered with a clear plastic shield and lubricated with a small amount of gel. This is usually done with the patient lying on his back, with his feet in the stirrups can be similar to a gynecological exam.

When transrectal: For transrectal ultrasound, protective cover placed over the transducer, but lubricated, and then placed into the rectum. The patient usually lies on his side, facing away from the examiner, with the knees and hips slightly bent.

When complete the inspection, the patient will be asked to dress and wait while the ultrasound images are reviewed. However, the sonographer or radiologist is often to review the ultrasound images in real time, as they are obtained, and the patient can be released immediately.

Ultrasound examination is usually completed within 30 minutes.

What are the risks?

Yes, even in pregnancy, there are no harmful side effects.

What are the limitations?

Ultrasound waves are reflected by air or gas, therefore ultrasound is not a perfect strategy for Imaging bowel. Intestinal gas may also prevent visualization of deeper structures such as the pancreas and aorta. Patients who are obese are more difficult to image because tissue attenuate (weaken) the sound waves as they pass deeper into the body.