Samsung Reports Record Fourth-Quarter Profit

Samsung Electronics today announced its earnings in the fourth quarter. As expected, the company earned a record fourth-quarter profit, taking 7040000000000 Won ($ 6.5 billion) in net income. 7% increase in the third quarter of their income, and more than 75% increase in revenues from the fourth quarter of 2011.

“Despite the uncertainty in Europe and concerns over U.S. fiscal cliff create a challenging business environment, we do our best to achieve strong earnings this quarter based on a strategic focus on differentiated products and high value-added and competitiveness of our technology,” said Robert Yi, head of investor relations at Samsung. “Heading into this year, we expect a slow recovery in business partly due to reduced capital costs, while competition between firms intensify further as demand slows and mid to low-end market expands. ‘

Samsung’s fourth-quarter earnings rose from 56100000000000 Won ($ 52 billion) on the power of mobile devices and the mobile phase of sales. Sales of the company flagship Android phone, the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note, reaching millions of units worldwide. Samsung will mention, however, that sales of DRAM for PCs fell – a sign of declining PC market itself.

Samsung expects growth to remain stable throughout 2013, despite citing a “warm the global economy” and the increasing competition in the mobile device market as challenging as possible. The Company believes growth will be driven by LED TV, and expect the market for TVs over 60 inches to grow in 2013.

Table Kitchen – This is Home Furnishing Essential

In your home, what a piece of furniture that you and your family use most of the bed to sleep? Now, think about it because this is a tough one, so just stop for a minute and really think. Okay, what do you earn? Maybe they think the couch or the recliner in your living room, well, you’re a little off. Want a hint? This piece of furniture is usually the hub of your home, where almost every family activity takes place. Did you answer? If you guessed the kitchen table, then you are right on the money, and because they like the surface so used, it is important to have a quality home.Kitchen the table where most of the homes that are used as a surface for various things by their respective family members. Shall, during the morning for breakfast or in the evening during a family meal is important when your family take quality time together is important. However, these tools are not only used as a place to eat because it is also a place where you will find the kids do their homework or afterschool Daddy Hosting weekly poker game, even to get her bill, or the whole family to spend time together play board games or cards. So, because of this piece of furniture has been used for many, many different tasks, it is important to have something good, sturdy and durable so that it can handle the abuse of everyday life. Top quality materials that they are made of steel, wrought iron, and wood, which includes a variety of hardwoods such as oak, pine, alder mahogany, teak and even, something that is also suitable for outdoor dining areas.To find the perfect place for you and your space , it is important to remember how much space you have and what you like and do not like. There are several different options when it comes to the kitchen table because they are available in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. With online shopping on the internet, you will see that you can get something very contemporary with bold, sleek lines made of stainless steel with a beautiful glass table top that is easily cleaned. However, if you have kids, a glass table top is probably not an option for you, which is why the more traditional table might be the way to go is made of wood and with a solid table top with big feet. And traditional and contemporary options only really scratched the surface of what is available because there are other varieties in between. Along with different styles, they also have a variety of shapes such as oval, round, rectangular, octagonal, and you can even get one as small as four feet in diameter on something as big as 10 to 12 meters. Actually, there are a large number to choose from.One one of the busiest places in the house is usually the kitchen or dining room, and it means that your kitchen table ends hub of your home. So, next time you go to buy one, remember to buy something that is not only good, but the high quality so it stacks up against the rigors of daily life.

Elder financial abuse of the season

If the holidays this year is anything like last, seniors should be noted that, along with the seasonal increase of joy and excitement, the risk of falling victim to financial abuse in the adults also increasing. Adults need to know the warning signals of financial abuse and exploitation, how to prevent it, and what to do if it happens.

According to research conducted by Karen A. Roberto, director of the Gerontology Center at Virginia Tech, from 1128 old news articles about child abuse published from November 2010 to January 2011, 31% dealt with the abuse of nature in finance. Although slightly more than a quarter of the events identified as a random act that causes financial loss is relatively small, the high level of brutality and disregard for human life marked crimes. More disturbing revelation to the family, friends, and neighbors were identified as perpetrators in 45% of cases and general lack of dollars in the hands of family and friends is higher than any of the other categories actors.

“Our findings support what the service provider to long suspected, older adults are particularly vulnerable to financial abuse during the holidays,” said Roberto, who also serves as associate professor human development in the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences. “This may be due to an increase in the frequency of visitors in and out of their homes, money flows more freely, and pain that brings them out of their normal routine.”

The research study, which also analyzed newsfeeds from April to June 2010, determined that older Americans are losing $ 2.9 billion per year in elderly financial abuse, an increase of 12% from $ 2.6 billion estimated in 2008. “A trend,” said Roberto, “which is probably a reflection of the state of the economy.”

Elderly women are the biggest victims

Elderly women, especially those aged between 80 and 89, were found in nearly twice as likely to be the victim of financial abuse as men. They often live alone and often required some level of assistance with either health care or home care. In contrast, nearly 60% of offenders have found that young men between the ages of 30 and 59. In almost all cases reported through newsfeeds studied, financial abuse was obtained by fraud, threats and emotional manipulation adults.

Financial cases of abuse tend to bundle the three different types of crimes: occasion, desperation and predation. Chances changing crime when the victim is considered to be in the way of what you want the culprit, it’s money, jewelry, or bank account.

Hopelessness of crime where they are usually family members or friends become desperate for money that they will do anything to get it. Many family members are dependent on relatively old for housing and money.

Finally, the criminal predation occurs when the trust created for the purpose of financial abuse later. A good relationship is formed by the bond of trust that was created to develop relationships (romantic, give care or otherwise) or as a trusted advisor to professionals, and then used in financial take advantage of the elderly.

10 tips for seniors to consider

Preventing financial abuses begins in adults. Some of the major considerations in the prevention of such situations include:

Stay active and involved with others, the separation increases the same weaknesses and opportunities for victims.

Keep track of your financial affairs. Although the assistance is needed, or a trusted friend or family member should check your credit card and bank statements and other financial transactions. It is advisable to use direct deposit if possible and sign the checks yourself if able.

Stay well. Knowing where your financial documents (including wills, trusts and powers of attorney). They remain safe and annually review, update as circumstances change.

Discuss the benefits of appointing a power of attorney so that you can referrals be followed even if you become no longer express themselves.

Beware of making financial decisions. Do not let anyone pressure you into making any hasty decisions. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Never give out bank account number, ID number or account numbers of credit lawyer.

Protect your password. Do not share your banking passwords, computer or ATM to another, and let the company or bank if you notice any suspicious charges or transaction.

Beware of telephone solicitation. It is not rude to hang up the phone when an unknown caller was trying to communicate something you do not want to do or buy something you do not want. Hanging!

Be wary of people who may take advantage of you. Elderly financial abuse can be made by anyone, including the caregiver or family member. Be careful if any pressure to do something with the money or property that you do not want to do (for example, add their name to your bank accounts or property titles). Beware of anyone trying to keep you separate from others, and call a trusted family member or police.

Identify potential financiers. Most of the actors were very persuasive in convincing parents of their beliefs. Again, not to make policy decisions without talking to a person that you believe that your best interests at heart.

Knowing what to do if you believe you are a victim of financial abuse. Get rid of fear or shame, and discuss your problems with someone you trust, if other family members, clergy, bank manager, or lawyer.

Sharing thoughts about sharing plates

As people continue to look for ways to save money in a tight economy, share a main dish at the restaurant is becoming more common. Separation or sharing food can take a variety of forms that went firmly but be careful.

Normally I do not ask ‘how’ to divide the plate. Instead I know the server, “We share” and see where it goes from there. I handed it to them, this is their opportunity to provide increased services, or not. Some requests are achieved by the middle of the plates carry the server, with great ceremony, an extra fork. At a time server-based small plates of bread, signaling “no split-plate.” Typically, the server can bring extra empty plate, usually smaller than the plate the dish, So now seem lopsided table setting. I corrected the situation by asking another empty plates, one for each restaurant, for more convenient delivery of part of the main course.

In more upscale restaurant kitchen is split into a plate, each dish placing intentional artistic but expect to pay 2-5 dollars a split plate charge. My experience is that the kitchen will add a little more food for every meal halved for presentation, more than justify the extra cost. In many restaurants, when splitting a salad, soup and entree, each individual will come plated, garnished and decorated. There are times when dividing the plate can be difficult in a variety of entrees had their own unique dish or deep bowl but again, this is an opportunity for the kitchen and the server to provide personalized services increases their guests.

I encountered a server who can try to intimate disagreement split-plate my request with a ‘sniff’ I’m very good to ignore. If the restaurant has a policy against the division of plate, they can tell the truth, even apologetic, but the ‘hold’ stance. Communal dining and the economy, the simultaneous Packed restaurant is now a faint memory, all customers should be welcomed. More often than not, when I divide the plate, I saw Diners at nearby tables would seem to expect that they diverge as well as their plates.

So what’s the protocol? How many people to share a plate? Dividing plate much more acceptable in a business setting? Are you more comfortable splitting of plates, say, your partner to a friend? How about the division of soup, two people can not eat from the same bowl / spoon? Are aesthetics trump the restaurant is very concerned with the presentation?

I invite the owners of the restaurant, servers, maitre d’s and all visitors to share their views.

Solutions of the Solar System to Save Money, Save Energy

Solar power is not only becoming more common, it is also more affordable and easier to raise the energy plan of your home. You can also get important tax incentives for your business due to ongoing energy efficiency tax credit, which offers 30 percent of the cost for such additional solar water heaters and solar panels.

You can bring the benefits of solar energy in your home in some way, the major mechanical systems for small installation offers savings on everyday activities and comfort. Consider the following ways to bring sunshine to your life by making solar power work for you.

Leased solar power system

Concerns about the cost of solar panels and the return on investment has caused many homeowners to hesitate when it comes to solar energy systems solar system on lease puts sunshine within easy reach. Better, the force generated worth much less than traditional energy sources.

“Time and time again, even in areas where the solar option is promoted most, people still associate the stigma of the old solar is too expensive,” said Lyndon Rive, SolarCity’s founder, a full-service provider of solar power. “It does not happen. It is actually less expensive than current power source now. ‘

With SolarCity SolarLease program, you can go solar for as low as $ 20 per month without a large up front costs while immediately receive energy savings from your new solar system. After confirmation that your city provides incentives and compatibility for clean sources of energy, SolarCity plan your system and install solar panels in your home rent. Lease period of 15 years including solar SolarGuard proactive monitoring service that allows you to follow an online your system or the production of energy of the smartphone, with the support of repairs, insurance and a guarantee of performance for the solar panels. What’s more, if your solar energy system produces more energy than you can use, the excess flows back to the utility grid and net credit from your local utility for energy make for the common good.

Cool thatched

Many traditional roofing products tend to understand the heat of the day, and instead of making solar collection works for you and your home, you Wind up using more energy to chill the house too hot. New cool roof technology to make a constant, reflecting sunlight to keep cool and energy efficient structures. Custom-Bilt offers a variety of styles Titan Cool Roof metal suit her, adding so-called thin-film solar laminates that help FusionSolar roof mount to reflect up to 70 percent of the energy of the sun destination not 20 percent savings in cooling costs.

Natural light with solar control solutions

If you’re looking to improve your home interior lighting scheme, which uses the sun to try skylighting twice. ODL Tubular Skylight can be used almost anywhere to provide beautiful natural light, and have a choice of which is equipped with a Solar powered Dimmer. Dim simple three-button remote allows you to control the amount of light you let in the afternoon or evening, and also features a night light. Full solar solution that is powered by solar panels and four rechargeable Ni-MH batteries.

Solar water heaters

Solar hot water heaters are other solutions you can bring to your home. Hybrid hot water heater become widely available, and you can also go in the sun like the system offered by EagleSun. The design Drainback use of solar panels and efficient heat transfer system to collect and distribute solar thermal, heating domestic supply of water so you can wash the dishes, laundry and hot shower guests for free.

Pump rainwater collection

The sun can do more for you than just the pages shining here. Put solar power work for the watering of work to install solar powered rain barrel pump system RainPerfect. The money you save by irrigation with collected rain water is a major step in the green direction, and may RainPerfect pump maintenance yard barn, you will have enough water pressure to operate the spray nozzle common garden low pressure hose and sprinklers. A solar power panel is easy to install smart pump that can greatly reduce the use of water resources.