Word of mouth marketing tool the most powerful

According to a study of more than 200 small and medium enterprises with SmallBusiness.co.uk, 36 percent of business owners said the level of mouth as the best work for their companies, on the other the specific marketing strategies.

Advertising (31 percent) were the next most popular choice, followed by social media (8 percent).

Sending direct mail (5 percent), cold calling (3 percent) and send email alerts (1 percent) are the most useful option, as well respondents.See:SMEs fail to foot-and- mouth aid

Chieu Cao, the founder Huddlebuy.co.uk deals website, said, “The successful small businesses to quickly learn about their customers and adapt their marketing activities accordingly. Many beginners have no choice but to rely on low-cost and creative way as the word of mouth and social media due to a limited budget. ‘

Matt Hutchinson, co-founder SpareRoom.co.uk flat and house share website, find that word of mouth is an important way of marketing. “Word of mouth is crucial to the success of your website. Today we made the ten leading UK website assets (data from Hitwise) We on the radar of people and, hopefully, by providing consistently excellent service we will continue to get recommendations from happy users . There is much more effective than any. ‘

Scott Knox, managing director of Agencies marketing agency Marketing Association trade adds that the business requires a clear strategy to go marketing plans. “Whatever business you decide to use the channel, it is a creative idea and a smart strategic thinking will eventually get the best cut through. Of course, the marketing channels will always play a significant role in bringing that message to life, but it is quite important for entrepreneurs and business leaders to not lose the creativity, regardless of industry colleagues you. ‘