Pelvic organ prolapse in women

Pelvic organ prolapse is a common condition in women.

This resulted in poverty and Dysfunction.

It can be treated.

What is pelvic organ prolapse?

Pelvic organ prolapse is common in women. Birth of a lot of women, the older she gets, the less elastic is a support system in her pelvis. Vagina, uterus, bladder and rectum are held in place by attachment to the side walls of the pelvis. This appendix consists fascia (thickening of tissue) and muscles. Each disease results in weakness and support systems descent (prolapse) of the pelvic organs in it. It may prolapse (herniation) of the bladder into the vagina, the rectum to the vagina or uterus drops into the vagina towards the entrance of the vagina. Other factors that exacerbate the prolapse is genetic, race, smoking, obesity, chronic constipation and other lifestyle resulting in increasing pressure on the pelvic floor.

After menopause, the normal support network and thereby becomes clearly lost the support of estrogen depletion and exacerbation of tissue taken from the impairment. In line with the organ prolapse, urinary incontinence often occurs.

Pregnancy itself is not only the result of damage to the structure but also to support the local supply of roots. Depending on the type of delivery, amount of trauma that occurs during the delivery process, so it will result in significant damage to prolapse later. Birth trauma may also be neurological intravenous supply of the region.

How is it diagnosed?

Patients were either coming or with symptoms of fatigue fury in the vagina, feeling the bulge in the vagina or problems emptying the bladder or bowel. There is also a visible mass can see the entrance to the vagina. Medical officers (who urogynaecologist or pelvic floor specialist) who saw the patient is required to conduct an assessment to rule the factors that exacerbate the prolapse, to assess co-morbidities and to decide what the appropriate management.

How is it treated?

Conservative management

If conservative management, it will include physiotherapy (with special pelvic floor physiotherapist), inserting vaginal cones, corresponding sanitary or inserting a ring pessary to provide support in areas falling vagina.

Surgical options

Surgical options depend on which aspect of the prolapse occurs. This can lead to surgery to correct the affected area. Prolapse place similar to rupture the anterior vaginal wall (bladder) or posterior vaginal wall (rectum) or by central upper vagina (uterus or vagina). Hernia sac should be opened. If the anterior vaginal wall (cystocoele) need to be improved, it can be done with the patient’s own tissue or there may be support system of artificial nets along.

The same is true for the posterior compartment (rectocoele), rectum can bulge into the vagina. Again bag opened, that defects will be identified and repaired using either the patient’s own tissue or an artificial support system nets. If uterine prolapse, it may require a hysterectomy but it is not always necessary, and operations to support the uterus can be done through the vagina or through the abdominal procedure.

Since the advent of the new system of support, the rate of recurrence after surgery is very low. Dating with improved recurrence rate of about 40% for 5-10 years. Today is about 5-8%.

Often there are multicompartment defects and often different areas of prolapse should be fixed at the time of primary surgery.

Running parallel what-rectal Dysfunction. It needs to be assessed and managed appropriately during surgery.

Hanging Out in Mazatlán

When we went to the beach in Mazatlán, we did not expect to hear Leroy Anderson’s “Sleigh ride” to play the Marimba and French horn. But at the end of our visit, it makes sense. That was three days and seven nights cruise ship Mexican Riviera San Diego Holland America Line’s MS Oosterdam. My husband, Paul, and I was the guest speaker at the TRAVELCOM Member Cruise prices. We were traveling on a cruise host Rita and Phil Brown and some 230 readers TRAVELCOM Westways, Texas Travel, and New Mexico Magazine Travel. We will visit Mazatlán before instead of taking a shore excursion to the port, we chose to walk through the Old Mazatlán, Centro Histórico, our own. Today reminds us that the simple experience of traveling can be the most memorable.

We took a taxi ($ 6) from the ship terminal Plazuela Machado, Mazatlán between 20-block historic district, where the tall palms and gazebo highlight the plaza, and the restored 19th-century buildings line the streets. Only 9:30, too early to visit most of the shops and a museum, so we headed to the terrace Bar Restaurant La Tramoya for a late breakfast. Frank Sinatra songs played on the PA system restaurants, and one of the tables, a trio of American expats chat with them poured over images on laptop computers. We see little green birds flying between the trees in the plaza across the street and ate fried bread and conflict best huevos machaca (eggs with dried beef) I’ve ever tasted. Scrambled eggs with beef, onions, tomatoes, and peppers and the perfect breakfast with refried beans and homemade flour tortillas. When we finished our cafe adverse leche (coffee with milk), we watched the workers began to put the Christmas tree in the square.

After breakfast, we walked a few blocks to the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, built between 1856 and 1899 and has twin towers and honey-colored façade. Inside, crystal chandeliers hang from the ceiling, and cast sunlight streaming through the glass windows highlight the red, green, and gold altar.

We want to learn more about the history of Mazatlán, so we walked Archaeological Museum (admission: $ 2.50). Here, we learn about the pre-Columbian life in the region. Humans are thought to have inhabited the area from about 10,000 years ago. We see the bones wrapped in funeral urns ancient petroglyphs that still defy interpretation, and pre-Columbian ceramics glazed with stunning beauty and refinement.

Mazatlán modern times has become a hub for artists from all over the world as well as from Mexico. November to May, the Artwalks held on the first Friday of the month 4:00 to 20:00 On a previous visit to Mazatlán, we will visit some art galleries of the city, so we revisited some of our favorites. Not far from the Archaeological Museum, we stopped at Casa Etnika, which is a good example of wearable art on sale and have a variety of handmade jewelry and scarves are intricately designed. Near the Plazuela Machado, one of our favorite Nidart, which offers a variety of works, including the floors beautiful boxes are small and finely crafted leather mask.

On the way back to the square, we stopped at the Angela Peralta Theater, a gem of a restored 1870 Victorian grandeur and now hosts concerts, opera, and dance performances. The building is also open during the day for tours (Cost: $ 1), but we will be there on a previous visit, so we kept going back to the Plazuela Machado and found by the court. When we hear music. Students in the Arts Center City practice is “sleigh ride.” It’s December 1st after all. As we sat there, practicing what some called “the noble art of hanging out,” we see that the workers finished assembling the Christmas tree plaza. Before heading back to the ship, we took a few moments to enjoy the view and hear the celebration of the beginning of Navidad.

I have more on the cruise ship Oosterdam Mexican Riviera our next blog. In the meantime, tell us: Where are visitors to practice the beautiful art hanging?

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How big is your fork?

Every once in a while there are reports of a new study that boggles the mind in more ways than one. This is not a discovery that “breakthrough” that the researchers made, but “why, oh why?” It kept repeating in my head.

A team of researchers in the U.S. worth their while investigating whether a large fork people to eat less.

Of all the things they can spend research funds! I just thought: an initial brain storming session on Monday morning and after a Eureka moment: “I got it all with a fork to fork.!”

Still, for attracting research guinea pig research sending them an Italian restaurant. After two lunch and two dinner, they found that the visitors who use bigger forks ate less food than their users more. Bite Size affects the amount ingested, they said.

However, the team soon discovered that their findings apply only in a restaurant setting. They tried the same experiment in the laboratory, which also used Italian food, then you will see that people who use big forks actually eat more! Gasp, horror! The Forrester researchers with different motivations when we eat at a restaurant or laboratory. Completion of the study.


The universe a little Italian food and eat my uncontrolled really go together. Believe me, no forks in the world to me eat any more of my favorite cuisines.

But wait, here’s a revolutionary thought: while increasing the size of your fork may or may not help, reduce the size of your plate will certainly lead to smaller portions of food and weight loss is debatable.

Here on Health24 we can not have a big budget to spend on research sense, but we do have some common sense. Do not eat, flatware, chopsticks or your hands, you are categorically a leaner, fitter you if you just cut the size of your part. In fact, most of us are familiar with supersized parts, so check out our section Slideshow Health to learn what healthy foods should really look like, and enjoy your meal with or without the dreaded fork.

Sarah Jessica Parker Duty Cut Of "Lovelace"

Sarah Jessica Parker just got a call every actor dreads: the director who tells you he cut a movie scene.

Parker, who filled in for Demi Moore in the role of the iconic feminist Gloria Steinem for the upcoming movie “Lovelace”, a scene based on real-life porn actress Linda Lovelace left the porn industry and become an activist against that man, when he teamed up with Steinem. But then the producers decided to finish the film before the scene in representing their unnecessary.

Directors Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman as Parker is a “pro” when the news provided, however, grateful that he stepped up to help them when Moore, who was hospitalized mysteriously during the filming had to drop out. Sudden changes in the cast meant Parker did not have much time to prepare for the role, given the frightening fact that he was playing a real person and not just a character.

“It’s difficult because, obviously, the show is not good,” he said. “Obviously I convey filmmaker [and] I am aware and I am sorry for the reason that they should contact me. Also, of course, a rather daunting task of playing a man with very little time [to prepare], which is obviously an important person in the women’s movement, but also plays such an important role in the life of Linda. And to do this efficiently and properly and not pretense, but a complete person with not much time on the screen and not a lot of preparation. ‘

This film is about to make its debut at the Sundance Film Festival and will not have a distributor yet, so the DVD details are still being worked out, but maybe Parker in performance can make a “deleted scenes” section when it comes out.

Culture change can increase the income of Media

Media companies with a strong presence on the web cheered by a recent report showed that consumers – ultimately – willing to pay for information, and other online music services.

Media companies with a strong presence on the web cheered by a recent report showed that consumers – ultimately – willing to pay for information, and other online music services. The report, commissioned by MONDEX, a smart card on-line, the implication is that the ‘internet-free culture’ can be changed as ‘people realize the true value’ of information about Allison web.According Greensmith, head of business development at MONDEX, consumers really want pay a ‘little’ because they want news and reports. The report highlighted that people are willing to pay around 63p goes to up-to-date and archived news and up to 89p per transaction for downloading music. More than half of consumers surveyed would pay about 1.12 for financial advice / information, and many expressed an interest in paying for sports results, searching the internet and customized travel advice. Propose Greensmith because about 22 million UK internet users, small amounts can add up to big profits in a short time. He said the publishing sector ‘could bring an additional 14 million per month’ if charged a small amount for news, whilst ‘worth of additional 19.6 million’ music industry. Search engines can stagger ‘extra 15.2 million’ by taking small transactions. However, many problems for companies associated with this type of internet payments. In addition to security, small businesses face difficulties collecting thousands of micro-payments from the public every day. There are even new technologies – such as smart card or e-cash (transactions conducted through the use of electronic money) that can alleviate problem.For a more complete version please visit www.mondex research. com Thanks to Lloyds TSB Success4Business. For more news and information visit (25/5/01)