Safety Ladder

Safety ladder is a common problem in the home, with nearly 180,000 emergency room visits and 150 deaths associated with the use of the ladder every year. And while human error may explain some of the problems, Consumer Reports of the records in their latest report that lax safety standards set and questionable design can also play a role.

Appliances some good performance in the use of Consumer Reports recently ‘single-person testing measures, versatile and telescoping ladder. But the seven 22 – to 26 foot telescoping ladder versatile and six safety hazards presented serious enough for them to be judged unacceptable.

CR assess versatile ladder following as unacceptable: Cosco 20 221-Tia, M22 Little Giant Type I and IA Aluminum, Type IA Fiberglass M 22, M 26 Type IA Aluminum, Werner MT-22 and MT -26. Multipurpose ladder 12-15 meters from Cosco, Werner, Little Giant rate and has excellent performance in a single test using Consumer Reports’ people.

Consumer Reports also rated six 12 ½ foot telescoping ladder extension can not be accepted: Telesteps 1205 Type IA, I and II (discontinued but still may not be available), 1600 Type IA and I, and Xtend & Climb 770. Consumer Reports did not report or other Telesteps telescoping ladder by Xtend and climb, but the ladder by Telesteps a very high level.

Separately, CR notes that safety standards for household consumers are not mandatory. In contrast, there are voluntary standards published by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), which describes the type based on the maximum weight.

“We are very problem that we see safety issues with stairs and by the fact that the voluntary safety standards for natural products at risk,” said Don Mays, senior director of product safety for the Consumer Union. “Consumers who use this product may develop a false sense of security that they need only rely on their own common sense to be safe.”

Consumer advocates Union, publisher of Consumer Reports magazine, the standards should be mandatory safety meetings and arranged for all household rating for the consumer to meet he standard type, which calls for a maximum weight of 300 pounds.

+ Versatile telescoping ladder

CR notes that can offer flexibility versatile ladder because they can act as an extension or a ladder, or scaffold, and can be used on stairs. But seven multipurpose ladders that Consumer Reports rated not acceptable is very difficult for a person to safely lift, maneuver, and fully extend. They also pose a safety hazard crush hands and fingers between the upper and lower tiers CR section seeks to extend them and then fold them for storage.

All seven ladders extending more than 22 feet. Consumer Reports suggests that for higher around-the-home project of 17 feet or higher above the ground, the consumer would be better to choose, conventional extension ladder Type IA.

All multipurpose ladder reaches 12 to 15 feet is a very good performance in Consumer Reports testing. The Gorilla AL-13 ($ 100) and Werner MT-13 ($ 120) is a great choice for consumers who are looking for versatile ladder. Both perform well in test levels CR and CR best buy.

Certainly not acceptable telescoping ladders, Telesteps five models include instructions to slow their descent when it crashed, but CR found it all too easy for the users do not need to follow them, provide enabling passage comes down very quickly, posing a risk of destroying the hands and fingers.

Tests Xtend and climb 770 telescoping ladder showed that the foot can easily slide out from under the user with a smooth surface. Another safety issue is the lack of a positive indication for the lock on the ladder rungs.


Step ladders for their light weight and uncomplicated to use for activities close to the ground. A ladder rack is a great accessory to have the tools or paint. Consumer Reports tested 18 6-foot stepladders and level Cosco 2061A ($ 80), which Davidson 486-06 ($ 90) and 01-46002-00 Husky ($ 90) all CR Best buy. Cosco Aluminium combines performance with easy carrying. Dan Davidson Husky fiberglass and can be an excellent choice which will be close to the power grid.

Ladder Safety

Climbing stairs anything involves some risk. Consumer Reports recommends the following tips for safe use of ladders:

Read and follow all instructions.

Stairs straight 75 degree angle from the ground (1 foot for every 4 feet up).

Always face the ladder when climbing and one down, no more labeled maximum recommended steps.

Bang spreader a ladder is fully open and locked.

Extend the tripod straight roof ladder or work for proper stability and optimum safety ladder.

Consumers can visit the Consumer Reports to access full rating versatile ladders and stepladders, ladder safety and additional tips.


The term describes the examination fundoscopy fundus of the eye, the lining in the back of the eye. Another name for this test is ophthalmoscopy.

What fundus eye?

Composed of retinal fundus (including the macula), eye retinal veins and blood vessels. Retina is a structure that serves as the film in a camera. When it reaches the light sensor (rods and cones), stimuli are transformed into signals that are sent along nerve fibers of the optic root in the brain, where the signal is processed. Retina covers large parts of the eye, extending well forward towards the front, so that the diagnosis of peripheral parts of the retina requires different approach than conventional techniques, described later. Retinal blood vessels forming micro-circulation, making eye-fundus unique because it is the only part of the human body where the small boat observed directly.

Reason fundoscopy

Fundoscopy part of routine eye examinations, which enables the evaluation of the retina symptoms and see a variety of conditions such as retinal detachment, retinal degeneration (the most famous being macular degeneration), eye pain root , such as glaucoma, and inflammation. Some diseases of the brain can also be determined during fundoscopy. Retinal vascular abnormalities useful in assessing conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes. Vascular health can provide more information about the health of the vessels in other parts of the body, which is why doctors from various disciplines tend to conduct checks.

How does fundoscopy

There are 4 methods.

Procedure 1

You sit in a chair in a dark room examinations. Instrument, called the ophthalmoscope, is about the size of a small torch. The light source, a mirror, a small disc with a rotating lens to focus and small aperture for the examiner to look through. The instrument is held a few inches from the eye without hitting the eye. It will only take a few minutes, and was not anxious. You have experienced this method at some point while visiting a doctor or optometrist.

Procedure 2

You’re sitting with his chin resting on the support. This time, the ophthalmologist will use a slit lamp microscope as a light source, holding in his hand a focusing lens between the light and the eye. The advantage of this method is that it allows the 3-D view and presents a broader view of the fundus. Optometrists often prefer this method.

Proceedings of 3

The next technique is known as indirect fundoscopy. You are in a reclining position, such as during dental examinations. Examiner will wear the light side of the head as miners, or the modified frame to show. This time it was much brighter light, which gives a very broad. Now doctors to check out the retina to see objects as small holes, which can lead to retinal detachment.

Proceedings of 4

Again you are sitting in a chair with the aid of a slit lamp and contact lens placed directly on the eye, resting snugly on the cornea. A drop of local anesthetic instilled early on to make it more comfortable examination. The light intensity varies varied and sometimes bright enough to allow inspectors to see through such arrangements Blurred eye cataracts. Because there is contact reflex tendency to try and turn a blind eye, but as you are used to the lens, the light, and the absence of pain, you can to relax your eyelids. This test usually takes about 10 minutes.

How to prepare for the exam

For methods 1 and 2 are no preparation. However, if there is any cause cataracts or fog, the doctor will need to use a drop to dilate the pupil before proceeding to methods 3 and 4. You should tell your doctor about any medications that you are allergic or can use at the time, or if you have glaucoma or a family history of glaucoma.

There is a risk?

Fundoscopy is almost no risk. Obviously the bright lights sometimes uncomfortable and you can record at the end of the inspection your vision is very dark, it will soon fade and there will not be any damage to the eye. Flaunt rare drop may cause increased eye pressure, which causes acute glaucoma attack. If this happens, you will experience pain very differently from the harshness felt at first, and development should be immediately reported to your doctor. Conclusively, the doctor can often predict eye tends to react in this way and take the appropriate steps. Note that once we have a small risk to diagnose the problem. Dilation drops will also affect the ability to focus on the eyes, especially when nagki, both eyes widened, you should arrange for someone to drive you home afterwards. And, if possible, choose a day when you do not commit to doing a lot of reading or other good works. The effect varies vary from person to person.

Bring sunglasses, will be more comfortable, while the pupils dilated.

What limits fundoscopy?

With retinal disease which, despite having visual defects, the retina may look completely normal, or show only very mild abnormalities or variations in standards. The doctor will then proceed to examine the eye, using other methods such as special photography, or measure the electrical potential of the retina, as is done in the heart (ECG) or the brain (EEG).

Traveling With Survey Your Pet

28% of those traveling with pets are advised they are traveling with their pets than their significant other. That’s according to a survey released today by the International Western TRAVELCOM and Best. Of course, as one of my colleagues joke, sometimes pet significant other. The survey also found:

• 35% of pet ownership of the respondents admitted to sneaking their pet in a hotel or motel in the past.

• More than three-quarters of pet owners traveling have their pets every vacation if they could, although more than half report difficulty finding pet-friendly accommodations

• The top five frustrations answer other people to travel with pets do not you clean up after them (77%), dogs barking constantly (53%), those who do not tell others their dog aggressive (45%), not walking animals pets on leash (42%), and pet owners are not trained to relieve themselves outside (30%).

• The pet-inclusive most popular holiday visiting friends / relatives (73 percent) and road trips (56 percent).

Pet owners can find all the information they need pet their vacation easier and safer in Traveling with your pet: The PetBook TRAVELCOM ® including property listings and advice transporting pets. Many hotel operators discovered the popularity of traveling with pets and make special efforts to accommodate four-legged friends as Best Western, which has more than 1,900 pet-friendly properties worldwide. Available at the local TRAVELCOM and / BarnesandNoble PetBook it. For those who are interested in turn, sold on And traveling pet lover, you can send pictures of your pet picture contest TRAVELCOM next PetBook

Need Help in Designing an Android App? Consider this

So, you just download the Android SDK and you’re ready to make your fist application. You have a great idea, but you just do not know what application design will look. We have some guidelines and recommendations, and will now share with you.

The Android developers YouTube channel recently hosted an episode of anther Android Design in Action. The topic is “. Iterative Improvement “Here’s the summary:

In this week’s episode, we see a simple web application and how the reader will create an iterative visual design, it changes from zero to hero.

Whether you’re a battle-hardened Android developer walkthrough may have some tips for you as well. The 33 minute video is definitely worth checking out:

See more Android developer tips and news here.

Positive action is the secret of success

What do you want your future to look like and how to achieve that vision?

I never met a successful person who does not have a positive attitude towards life. There is a strong relationship between your mental state and your success, both in your career and your finances. If you think positive, believe in your future, focus on the good things in your life and have a sense of gratitude, you are more exposed to financial success. Your attitude is the only thing standing in the way your goal.

The creation of wealth requires effort

Think positively, as an important first step, it is not enough to create wealth. If case you can just sit in a lotus position on the floor, dream your bank balance grows and – hey presto! – Concerns over your finances!

The truth is that optimistic people are successful because they use their positive energy to take positive action. They have a plan and work toward their future because they believe in the future. From the belief that “only the lucky rich”, they realize that a positive attitude and hard work is what makes the “lucky”.

So ask yourself: “What do I want my future to look like and how I would achieve that vision?”

Putting the plan into action

Many people are afraid to put a financial plan in place because they are the first to address the current financial realities.

A person with a negative mindset is to say, “I started late: I’m not going to get there anyway.” It’s not surprising that they would be absolutely correct: they get there.

Someone with a positive mindset will say, “I am taking action now rather than tomorrow, and I have a plan going forward.” By facing your financial situation is to empower yourself, to put yourself in charge of your financial destiny. Acknowledging the reality of the situation and you now have a plan to change the “fortune” you.

Plan to change your fate

Our financial advisor told us that clients set goals and stay with them always reach their destination more quickly than expected.

Although the council’s debt say that 90% of people who follow their analysis of the loan commitment looking for their debt is paid off more quickly than planned. This is because when you are in control of your finances, if you have a plan in place and have a clear vision of your future, improve your finances.

You may have a plan to repay your home loan within ten years, but once you set a goal, you become so motivated to seek other opportunities to add more money and your mortgage is paid off several years earlier: You have managed to create your own luck.

The key is to put your plan, because if you turn your luck will change. This is where your financial advisor plays an important role because there are times you need someone to remind you of your goals and how your actions today will affect future goals.

Set your goals, believe in your ability to reach them and engage with your financial advisor to help you stay on track.