Estimated Utility Costs for a new home

How do you estimate the cost of utilities in a new home? Are you moving into your first home or upgrade to a better one, there are many changes to be prepared for. To negotiate a new environment, new household activities, and a new space to fill with family and furniture. One of the changes that can be unpleasantly surprised by, however, is to move your monthly utility costs. The difference in budget-busting place the burden on both the source and the enjoyment of your home you have to spend so much time find.Alt =

So before you buy, take the following steps to estimate the cost of utilities for your new home and plan to shrink their way to improve energy efficiency. That way, you’ll be able to live a truly happy future new home-to-you.

Ask for utility bills. If you’re getting serious about buying a particular house, asking for records that include utility costs last 12 months. Your Realtor can make it through a broker salesperson, or, in the case of homes for sale by owner, ask the seller directly for the calculation. Use this information as a guide, given that the year-to-year changes in climatic conditions and patterns of use of energy by a new combination of population will cause variation. You may also want to supplement the information utility sells through its own estimates using online tools such as Consumer Power Calculator Utility Pvt. ‘S use.

Get her diagnosis. “If you are going to buy a house and you want to know how much your electric bill is not and how quickly energy efficiency improvements can pay for themselves, her ratings made by a home energy auditor is a good place to start, “said John Milligan, owner and president of Goals2Green, Indiana-based company in the energy audit. “You can also use it as a tool to compare to other homes you are considering.”

It is an intensive pre-purchase evaluation by a certified home energy auditor uses the Index (Home Energy Rating System) him, a grading system established by the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET). The critical point is the index to a size of 100 received by a suitable new home details of its Reference Home built for the International Energy Conservation Code guidelines in 2006. Meanwhile, the net-zero energy homes get her index zero, so her lower index were assessed, more energy efficient is considered.

Hire a qualified auditor to conduct its rating on the home you hope to buy can help clarify the trouble spots and opportunities for increasing efficiency. Some may also sell their paglagyan assessed before placing them on the market, advertise him positive ratings as a feature of the property. To find a qualified him Rater in your area, visit RESNET also offers information on tax incentives and Energy Efficiency Mortgage can help consumers pay for home improvements.

Search for clues to energy waste. Knowledge about the pros and cons of home features, systems and design can help you to see the inefficiency of energy well before you schedule an energy audit or ask for previous utility costs . Watch out for the cathedral ceiling to pull away from the air-conditioned comfort zones, the old water-guzzling plumbing fixtures, high maintenance spa and landscaping that requires a lot of water and care. Also beware of the drafty, single-pane windows, and sun exposure can make it difficult to control the temperature of the room so there is no heavy duty use refrigeration equipment.

Plan for after you buy

If you have fallen hopelessly in love with a house that needs a little tune-up budget efficiency, for immediate repairs to cut your utility bills lately. Turning on Water sense certified fixtures, and took the opportunity to set the hot water service with a tankless water heater. Install ceiling fans to help direct air intake and hot or cold, and select the lighting to make the most of LED and CFL technology. Bulk insulation, and choosing efficient replacement windows for a better view when you open the utility statement. Also spent time outside of your home, change the landscaping plan and install smart drip irrigation system. And finally, stay focused on local electricity rates and monitor the use of power, allowing flexibility for small home and lifestyle adjustments that can help you save money on your electric bill.

Before you buy a home, take the time to estimate the electric bill at home. To avoid surprises and identify inefficiencies before.



A mammogram is an X-ray of the breast. Screening tool in asymptomatic women, older than 40 years, for early breast cancer.

Mammograms are also used to find and diagnose breast disease in women experiencing symptoms such as discharge pain lump, or nipple.

This is the best radiographic method and the most convenient time for the early detection of breast cancer available.

Alternative name


How do I prepare?

Fasting is not required, nor are there any other rules specific diet the day before the mammogram.

The menstrual cycle does not affect image quality, but it’s better a woman’s mammogram when your breasts are not painful, usually a week after menstruation.

It is better to wear two pieces of clothing, such as pants and top, to simplify undressing.

In the hours before the test, avoid applying cosmetics, oils, creams and especially powder or deodorant.

Radiologist give all previous mammograms for comparison.

Inform your doctor of any previous surgery, hormone use, and family or personal history of breast cancer.

How is the procedure performed?

Mammography is performed on an outpatient basis. Mammograms are quick and easy.

Asked to remove all clothing above the waist, including jewelry and metal objects.

A radiographer helps you to position a breast at a time in a small flat plate, the X-ray plates under, and compressed with a paddle (often made of clear plastic). Your breast is compressed between the plates of the machine slowly for a while. It is necessary to obtain a clear and accurate.

The patient has to hold still and may be asked to keep from breathing for a few seconds while the X-ray pictures are taken.

Usually two pictures are taken of each breast, one from above and one from the side. Women worry about mammogram hurt. For some women, just uncomfortable, while others feel the pain, depending on the size and limitations of chest pain.

The inspection process is about 30 minutes.

After a mammogram, a doctor (radiologist) will see your mammogram and see if there are any signs of cancer. If there is any doubt at all, they will call you again for inspection or other tests such as ultrasound or biopsy. A signed report will be sent to primary care or referring physician, to share the results with you.

If normal, a mammogram may be repeated every 18 months, or according to the judgment of the physician.

If cancer is found, the number of treatment options, including surgery, radiation hormone treatment, and chemotherapy available. The choice of treatment should be based on the individual woman and the type and size of breast cancer present.


Like all X-ray, a mammogram exposes the radiation, but only slightly. For breast screening, finding early breast cancer benefits far outweigh the small risk of radiation.

Patients not entered menopause is needed to ensure that they are not pregnant before getting mammograms, because of potential radiation exposure.

For women with breast implants, there is little likelihood that the pressure placed on the implant during mammography will cause a rupture or break. If this happens, surgery may be necessary to remove the implant.

What are the limitations of the procedure?

In a small number of cases, the accuracy of mammograms less than usual:

For women with breast implants, the ability of mammography to see abnormalities down the contents of the implant (gel or liquid) can block the view.
False positive reading occurs when the cancer has not, but abnormal mammogram reading. Additional scenes or other tests may be taken.
False-negative findings occur when mammograms appear normal even though breast cancer is actually.

Buying a Samsung semiconductor More from Apple in 2012

It is no secret that Samsung is fast catching up with Apple in the mobile market. While Apple is painstakingly designed every one of their devices and sell millions each, Samsung has taken a more experimental approach, releasing a myriad of mobile devices of every size and type.

Samsung Strategy prominently reflected in the number of semiconductors purchased by a Korean manufacturer. According to research firm Gartner, Samsung surpassed Apple last year to become the biggest customer of semiconductor in the world. While Apple and Samsung are virtually tied for the purchase of semiconductors in 2011, last year bought a Samsung full-semiconductor 8% – $ 23.9 billion worth. Apple last year bought a $ 21400000000 feasible for the 7.2% share of world purchases.

“Although Samsung and Apple continues to go from strength to strength, other leading electronics makers fared less well, and six of the top 10 reduce their demand in 2012,” said Masatsune Yamaji, the chief the principal research analyst at Gartner. “In addition to the weak macroeconomic situation, dramatic changes in consumer demand contributed to a decrease in the demand for semiconductors in 2012. PC market still represents the largest sector for chip demand, but the desktop PC and mobile does not sell, because the consumer interest shifting to new mobile computing devices such as smartphones and media tablets. This shift has led to a significant decline in demand for semiconductors in 2012, the semiconductor content of a smartphone or tablet media much less than the PC. ‘

Overall a 3% decrease in sales for semiconductors in 2012. Companies such as HP, Dell, and Toshiba saw their orders to drop semiconductors billions of dollars. Sony succeeded in increasing order of 1.9% and Lenovo orders increased slightly.

Adults lose the ability to identify odors

Scientists study how the mean changes in odor as people age, found that olfactory sensory neurons in the 60 and over showed an unexpected response to odor that makes it more difficult to determine the specific smells, putting them at higher risk from dangerous chemicals and poor nutrition.

“We found clear changes in olfactory sensory neuron responses to odors for those 60 and older,” said Professor Diego Restrepo, Ph.D., director of the Center for Neuroscience at the University of Colorado School of Medicine who led the research .

“When we showed two different odors to the olfactory sensory neurons of the youth they respond to one or the other. Sensory neurons of the parents responded well to it will make it more difficult for parents to distinguish between them .. “

According to a study published in a recent issue of Neurobiology of Aging, they lose their sense of smell at higher risk of malnutrition due to taste and smell are closely related. Nor will they be able to see the spoiled food, leaking gas or toxic vapors.

Researchers studied 440 subjects in two age groups – 45 – years old and younger and 60 and older. Their olfactory sensory neurons (OSNs) have been tested for their response to two different odors as well as subsets of those odors.

Loss of specificity

Restrepo wanted to determine whether age-related differences in the properties of OSNs might contribute to denial of smell. For, in a collaboration with Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, researchers biopsied cells from the same age group.

“Whereas cells from younger donors were highly selective in their odourants responded, cells from older donors are more likely to respond to multiple odor stimuli, suggesting a loss of specificity, “the study said.

The scientists expected to find less OSNs in older subjects and they thought these neurons are more likely to respond to stimuli. In fact, they found that neurons as the old to the young, but over 60 can not distinguish between two odors, they blended together.

The study shows that changes in the nose and brain contribute to smell loss in the elderly, Restrepo said.

Pancake Pantry, Nashville

I love all kinds of food (I do not discriminate), but the breakfast fare was by far my favorite. When I travel, I usually try to see at least some local eating breakfast menu stand out. So, on a recent business trip to Nashville, I chowed down pancake pantry, said to share the yummiest pancakes in town. (Go a few people today to claim share flapjacks pantry is one of the best in the world.)

Local AM institutions in Hillsboro Village, bordering colorful environments Vanderbilt University. When I arrived, there was a short line, but it moved quickly, and I sat for 10 minutes. (Actually, wait longer servers, and when he finally arrived, he was all business.) Although most of the pancake menu to match each flavor of the sweet potato pancakes with ultra-thin blintzes I ordered an egg dish with a side of buttermilk plain, old-fashioned pancakes.

Server’s head in the kitchen. Then, about 20 minutes had passed. I looked around and saw the other customers do not have too much of their food, not a good sign. I went to the bathroom, hoping that when I returned to my seat, the food was there waiting for me. No luck.

Finally, the server came back, and he brought gifts. Plate-the-medley My Cooking Grill looked so delicious that I dug in immediately, soon forgot to take pictures. Here’s how the menu describes the dish pantry overloaded breakfast: “One of our best sellers. Collecting mound of fries with onions, green peppers, tomatoes and ham, all grilled to crisp up. Adding that the two kinds of melted cheese and topped with two fried eggs. Just break the yellow and picante sauce spread everywhere. ‘

Although there are a lot of buildup occurs, Cook Grill medley not just a pile of mud. All dishes cooked perfectly. Eggs are not watery or oily, zesty potato and cheese gooey and plentiful. I hate to do it, but ate half of mine had to stop myself because I do not want to run the stomach space for pancakes.

A large mound of butter-too much for my needs scratched into the side of flapjacks. I have a syrup, which was in a glass container with a pour spout height (tres cool), and cut a few pieces. Each tender bite melted in my mouth, and I would have been happy. However, I can not say I was all that impressed. Pancakes that looks and feels similar to the one I can get a decent IHOP, and while I loved national chain, I was expecting something a little more unique than the local downtown restaurants. In addition, I felt the service was quite slow and, unfortunately, it’s not because I am a very friendly waitress. (He was not rude, but he was not very friendly.)

I finished the front waiting to pay. Behind the counter, a sign caught my eye: “Sun, rain or shine, there is always a line.” It’s a cute little ditty succinctly expressed my own opinion of the Pancake Pantry. However, my experience, though drawn-out, not too long. I’m sure glad I’m not part of the procession lazy stakeholders will now coat the door.

All in all, I liked the place. Any establishment that puts the word “pancake” right in its name is OK with me (and, apparently, public figures like Mitt Romney, and Jonas Brothers feel the same way). If I’m in Nashville, I’ll be back to try some of the family-owned restaurant is more remarkable innovations Flapjack-unless, of course, waited more than 10 minutes.

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