Buying a Samsung semiconductor More from Apple in 2012

It is no secret that Samsung is fast catching up with Apple in the mobile market. While Apple is painstakingly designed every one of their devices and sell millions each, Samsung has taken a more experimental approach, releasing a myriad of mobile devices of every size and type.

Samsung Strategy prominently reflected in the number of semiconductors purchased by a Korean manufacturer. According to research firm Gartner, Samsung surpassed Apple last year to become the biggest customer of semiconductor in the world. While Apple and Samsung are virtually tied for the purchase of semiconductors in 2011, last year bought a Samsung full-semiconductor 8% – $ 23.9 billion worth. Apple last year bought a $ 21400000000 feasible for the 7.2% share of world purchases.

“Although Samsung and Apple continues to go from strength to strength, other leading electronics makers fared less well, and six of the top 10 reduce their demand in 2012,” said Masatsune Yamaji, the chief the principal research analyst at Gartner. “In addition to the weak macroeconomic situation, dramatic changes in consumer demand contributed to a decrease in the demand for semiconductors in 2012. PC market still represents the largest sector for chip demand, but the desktop PC and mobile does not sell, because the consumer interest shifting to new mobile computing devices such as smartphones and media tablets. This shift has led to a significant decline in demand for semiconductors in 2012, the semiconductor content of a smartphone or tablet media much less than the PC. ‘

Overall a 3% decrease in sales for semiconductors in 2012. Companies such as HP, Dell, and Toshiba saw their orders to drop semiconductors billions of dollars. Sony succeeded in increasing order of 1.9% and Lenovo orders increased slightly.