The paradox of obesity and heart disease

Both index and high body fat increased lean mass independently predicted better survival in patients with stable heart disease, according to a new report in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

The study provides further evidence for the “obesity paradox”: while patients with a high body mass index (BMI) are at greater risk for heart disease, the patient overweight and obese people with heart disease a better prognosis than patients skinny.

Dr Carl J Lavie, an associate professor at the Ochsner Clinical School of the University of Queensland School of Medicine in New Orleans and the first author of the new study, said that patients were more likely to develop heart disease lean due to genetic predisposition, while obese patients develop heart disease as a result of they are overweight. “This is not possible if we make people fat it protects them, it is possible that they got their heart disease for different reasons,” he said.

How to research conducted

Most studies show obesity paradox rely on BMI, which is not always the best indicator of body fatness, Dr. Lavie and his team note in their report. To solve this problem, find them in the percentage of body fat and lean mass index (LMI) and survival in 570 consecutive patients referred for cardiac rehabilitation. At three years of follow up, 26 patients died.

Each patient was classified as a low or high body fat (BF) and LMI low or high. There were 62 patients with low BF and low BMI, 53 with high and low BF LMI, 179 with low and high BF LMI, and 276 with high BF and high LMI.

Survival was worst for BF / low low BMI group, 15% died during follow-up, and best for BF / LMI-high group, which has a mortality rate of 2.2% .

Mortality was 5.7% for BF high / low LMI group and 4.5% for BF / low height LMI.

The results were similar for men and women.

Patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) have a very high mortality rate, at 18.5%, compared to 3.9% for patients without COPD. However, when the researchers adjusted for COPD in the multivariate analysis, they found that it was independently predict death. Accounting for COPD “modestly lower” LMI effect on mortality, but it did not affect the influence of BF.

High body fat and a better prognosis?

“Any time you have a high lean mass you usually have good things happen here,” says Dr. Lavie. “What I think is more surprising that high body fat is associated with a better prognosis.”

“We certainly do not want to give people the idea that it is better to be fat,” Dr. Lavie. One of the messages that can be brought home from the doctor’s findings, he said, is to advise their patients to build their lean mass by eating well and getting enough exercise, including training strength.

Powerful words


I would like to discuss the most powerful words that you can use during the sale process.Quote:Words are the most powerful drug used by mankind.

Rudyard Kipling.Plainly, in most is YOUR WORD. You should be looking to use this word in a sales meeting you more than you use I. said As I mentioned earlier the idea is to focus on the needs of your clients but I’m sure it replicates what you already know.I want to discuss the words that you can use in your speech that will more effectively control your language prospect.OK your thoughts , let’s assume that you have created a relationship with your customers or prospective customers recognize the problem and they have a product that you can offer beneficial handy for them.the idea that, at this point in the sale, is to control the internal representation of who your customers are doing over their heads. What will I have to offer is a pattern language that focuses the mind of your clients where you want to focus and almost force them to accept the concept and ideas as true. Now STOP … and just imagine how it would be useful if you can easily do that.The Power Words: natural












StopNow You can not imagine what is so special about the words Well, they become more powerful if you follow the rules below.Rule:? Always put the information before the verb and the adjective before the noun! (Realistically, the words above are just examples of the types of words that can be used and I have made a short list to help you focus on the learning task at hand, namely how to integrate the words in the language of your sales. Once you do that you need know that you are just naturally start using other words that are similar to your word.) So let me go straight to some examples of how the use of words in both effect.Have you ever find yourself saying?

“Can you make the change from your current supplier to us?”

Well, it’s just a question and your prospect can easily say “No! I’m not “How,

“How do you make a change from your current supplier to us?”

Now, focus on your clients what you want them to think about (ie how they can be changed by using the product or service), but you leave the door open for them to say how.What not know about the sentence below?

“How quickly you can make a change from your current supplier to us?”

Now where your customers mind focused?

If they can not make these changes, and also how they can do it, but how easy it can be. They can still say “it would not be very” but noted that they still tend to use the word “easy” Also, note that I did not say,

“How do you make a change from your current supplier to us with ease?”

Because, the first thing you want to enter the mind of your clients how they can make changes and they will be answers to these questions before you hear the word easily (if they hear it at all). It is smooth and has effect.Let in me give you some examples of sentences using the words. “Did you discover how easily you can create a consistent product if you use our enhanced raw material?” “Nature, you will be more than enough reason to go ahead now though you can only see some limited benefits that our products provide. “” Power words “to be more powerful when you stack them in a sentence. The more words you use in a sentence more difficult for the conscious mind to filter your prospects conclusions words that force them to make. “Once you start to easily get this information, you will certainly find the unlimited potential that is ready to make your communication much more effective. “(This statement may be a bit over-the-top?)” You never realize the many ways that our products can help your production? “(The mother presumption has many benefits and you are aware of them at some point in time.)” Once you experience our product, by using it on your plants, you will realize the many ways in which it can easily improve your final product “( infers’ll try the product and there are many ways this product can benefit production) Here are some more examples for you. “Of course, when you start to realize the unlimited ways you can easily learn how to use our products will help you quickly and effectively achieve your goals, you begin to imagine the success that you can actually achieve with our help “(phew!)” Then you use our products you will get a lot of benefit “(a conclusion that they would use the product and have more than one benefit) “Before you decide which of the many benefits that our products offer the most important in relation to your purchase decision let me tell you some things that might help. “(The conclusion that they will decide the benefits that are important to and that our products offer many benefits.)” During the first few months of having our services you may be more aware of the many ways in which we offer a lot of our competitors. “(The conclusion is that they use the service and it was more than a little better than the competition in some way.) Before I go any further how much control like, now? You can see how it is natural to make your communication more vital and alive and you can guess how much more effective your communication will be once you have mastered the use of words. Does this sound like something you need to practice? “From the many positive benefits that you begin to realize our services offered, which may provide the most benefit?” “When you extend the range of products you buy from us and our business partnerships to move beyond the current boundaries of what you see as the best way we can easily move to the next level? “I’ve discussed the power of the word” because “YourSalesSuccess issue # 2.The word” cause “can work like” because “in many situations. Along with the “Like” and “and” this is an example of “cause and effect statements”. Here are some examples. “Simply making the statement that caused you to understand why you do not believe.” (Every time they make a statement they suspected it.) “When you start to learn the information we provide you will begin to recognize the many ways that our products can help the process You. “The last two words on our list of” Today “and” Stop “command that can actually be used to great effect. These words would be better if you talk to them harder and deeper tone sounds. It also helps to actually stop when you are talking utter the word “Stop”. Under liked. (Emphasize the words in bold.) “Can be considered the effort required to move our products. May I suggest that you just STOP … NOW consider the many advantages of our products are easy to carry in your production process and all. which will have a positive impact on the bottom line “” We’ve been back and forth a lot with this agreement and may be time – NOW -. to consider how we can most easily complete transactions with mutual Now, that seems reasonable, does not it? “How do you go about talking like this and use strong words? Your skill to write sentences using words.Here ‘s in training.

First, think about a particular sales call to the next.

Then think about some comments that might be made during the meeting.

(Use your imagination and run by sitting in your mind.)

Write down the things you want to say.

Now, rewrite the sentence include a strong word.

You will see the power of words grouped in a list above. Take one group at a time and try to incorporate the power of words in the sentence you want to talk to.

(It may seem subtle at first as you go through the process of getting a lot of new skills in the past and not worth the momentary discomfort when it finally made progress?)

Do not add words to completely rewrite the sentence.

Write a page on each team.

Then rewrite the sentence again allows you the freedom to use the power of words in both sentences. Really pack it in! Repeat this process for the sales call a day or just doing this exercise once a day for a month and you’ll probably see how naturally and easily you can speak with authority words.You may have thought you where the issue is heading. How useful words will. And, when you consider it, you may find yourself naturally just beginning to experience the excitement of what the future holds for you once you begin to understand how easily you can combine words your sales language, allowing you to increase your sales results and move exceeded the previous sales have before you master the skills in the use of language to direct the minds of your customers. Now, as the realization began to fall just how easily and quickly the results of your sales will increase, which will cause you are passionate about training in the use of the power of words. Now … Training happy.

Here YourSalesSuccess.If interested in learning more about the sale, please feel free to contact me through my coaching page of the site.

Houses Fire Safety and Prevention Tips

Each year, fire departments respond to more than one and a half million fire. Burns are the third leading cause of injury in the home, so that more than 3,400 deaths each year. But new Home Safety Council research findings show that only 37 percent of Americans take steps to improve their knowledge of fire safety and prevention, to protect themselves against the risk of fire, and to prevent injury and damage from a house fire.

The most effective way to alert the entire family when a fire reaches working smoke alarm on every level of the home. Additionally, fire safety and survival depends on each member of the household is ready to fire, and knew exactly what to do in a fire emergency.

The Home Safety Council offers the following guidelines for installing and testing smoke alarms and developing contingency plans.

Installing and Testing Smoke Alarms

Only purchase smoke alarms listed by a national testing laboratory, such as UL, look for a sign on the packing list.

Install smoke alarms on every level of your home, including the basement. Make sure the alarm near every sleeping area.

HSC recommends installing additional smoke alarms in every room. For the protection of the best fire detection and notification, install both ionization and photoelectric type smoke alarms. Some models provide dual coverage.

Smoke rises as fire, so smoke alarms should be mounted high on walls or ceilings.

Select a location for the installation of fire alarm away from the steam from the shower and steam cooking from the kitchen, which can result in nuisance alarms. Do not install smoke alarms near windows, doors, or ducts where drafts might interfere with their operation.

Test each smoke alarm every month. Press the test button until you hear the alarm.

Insert new batteries in your smoke alarm at least once per year, and each time the alarm signals low battery power, which is usual chirping sound.

HSC recommends using interconnected smoke alarm for increased safety. These alarms are available with wireless connection and hard wired with battery backup. Interconnected alarms are linked together so that if one saw the fire alarm, alarm magsenyas all together.

If your smoke alarm more than 10 years old, get new smoke alarms for the best fire detection.

Plan and Practice Fire Drill Family

Conducting emergency plans and share plans with each member of your family. Sketch map of your home, including all rooms, windows, interior and exterior doors, stairways, fire escapes and smoke alarms.

Make sure windows and doors open easily when planning your escape route with fire. Be sure not blocked stairs and doors. Look for things that can slow your escape from fire.

If you have security bars on doors and windows, have a quick release latch inside it. Make sure everyone in your family knows how to use the hooks so that they can easily escape if a fire should break.

Find two ways every room, doors and windows can be. You may need an escape ladder to get upstairs bedroom window. If so, they should be part of your fire drill. Select two ways out of each room and mark them clearly on the plans.

Children and older adults will need help escaping a fire. Plan for it. You know who needs help and pick someone to help them. If anyone in the household has a hearing impairment, purchase special smoke alarms that use strobe lights and / or vibrations to signal a fire.

Have a place to meet in front of your house when all the fire escapes. Use a portable phone or a neighbor’s phone to call 911 fire calls. Once you get, stay home.

Make copies of the sketch plan fire escape safety and post them in each room until everyone becomes familiar with them.

Fire drills and practice makes perfect emergency plans. -Hold family fire drills frequently and at different times until the escape plans become second nature. If you have a fire escape specialization process, conduct a fire drill when family members are sleeping so you can test the ability of each member of the family to wake up and respond to the smoke alarm.

Home Fire Sprinkler Systems: An Added Layer Protection. A home fire sprinkler system, in addition to working smoke alarms and a fire escape plan, is the best way to stay protected from fire. Unfortunately, recent research shows HSC only 8 percent of respondents in the U.S. live in homes protected by fire extinguishers, and 41 percent did not know the fire safety sprinkler option for their homes.

Home fire sprinklers detect the high heat from the fire and put water on the fire as soon as you start a fire, smoke and toxic gases to limit that makes the fire. Sprinklers put the fire or keep it small until firefighters arrive, giving residents more time to escape. Fire sprinklers also protect property and assets.

If you buy a home or move into a new apartment, choose one with a fire sprinkler system. If you’re building a home or remodeling an existing home, consider having a home fire sprinkler system installed. Talking to the local fire department for assistance in finding a home fire sprinkler installer of quality.

For more free resources on fire safety and prevention around your home, please visit the Home Safety Council.

X-ray chest

A chest X-ray is also more accurately known as a chest radiograph or chest films. Your doctor will probably just write a request letter CXR.

Is a chest X-ray?

A chest X-ray is the most commonly performed radiological examinations. The image created in the lungs heart, bones and vessels of the chest. Like all other X-ray examinations, ionizing radiation beam is projected through the body to obtain images at specific radiographic films placed in the patient’s constant. New digital X-ray machines do away with the movie and images transmitted to a “flat panel detectors’ electronics.

What is the common use of X-ray chest

A chest radiograph is a very common diagnosis and countless indications. It is most commonly used in the investigation of respiratory symptoms such as shortness of breath, wheezing and coughing or after chest injury. Chest X-ray is often part of medical screening procedures and can be requested at no symptoms are present. Common diseases seen and followed using X-ray of the breast: pneumonia, emphysema, lung cancer, aortic aneurysm and heart failure.

How do I prepare?

No special preparation is required. You are usually given a hospital gown to wear and asked to remove any clothing and jewelry that might interfere with the X-ray beam.

How is the procedure performed?

Standard chest X-ray may involve doing two scenes while standing, one from behind and from the side. Breasts were held against the owners of the film and beam projected from behind or from the side depending on the view. The radiographer asks you to put your hands on your hips and hold deep as X-rays taken. It is a completely painless procedure and did not realize the film is taken in addition to the sound of the X-ray machine.

The film was developed that should not be more than 10 to 15 minutes. Digital images are available immediately and only need to be printed. Patients who are too ill to be moved in the X-ray taken while lying in bed. In the case file from the front with the film placed under the patient.

What is the risk of a chest X-ray

It is important to realize that all X-ray examinations using ionizing radiation risks associated with it. Chest X-ray, but produces very low radiation exposure and the benefits of an appropriate request chest X-rays are far outweighed the risks. X-ray examination should be avoided in pregnancy unless definitely indicated because of the increased risk of birth defects caused by radiation. Your doctor should discuss the pros and cons or perhaps another option is to get pregnant. Babies can also be protected from the radiation to the chest X-ray is really very necessary.

What are the limitations of X-ray chest?

A chest radiograph is a useful probe in the hands of a skilled clinician or radiologist and more than adequate in most patients. Nevertheless, the poor give details of soft tissues and blood vessels in the chest and further investigation may be required depending on the information required. CT scans provide extremely high image quality of all the structures in the chest at the cost of high-dose radiation and higher costs. Echocardiography and MRI is sometimes used to further investigate the liver. Although ionizing radiation is not used in the modalities and time consuming in the case of MRI as expensive.

New Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Trailer Show Off Location, Tech

Konami released a demo for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance week, allowing players to get their conquered DMC hack n ‘slash with a futuristic feel.

To help ease new players in the style of the game, Konami today released a new trailer some detail various aspects of the style of play. The first trailer shown below in detail in another location Raiden find themselves throughout the game. Associated with the second character cyborg suit to wear and a lot of skill. The third trailer shows off the Zandatsu, nano-enhanced Raiden sword is used to divide the enemy and deflect bullets.