Deaf people have more mental health issues

The deaf are about twice as likely to have mental health problems as people in the general population, according to a review of evidence.

In addition, the deaf experience greater difficulty in obtaining mental health care and quality of care tends to be lower, according to a review appearing online in The Lancet.

The researchers also found that deaf children who can not make themselves understood in their family were four times more likely to have mental health problems and are more likely to suffer persecution at school than in deaf children can interact with their family members, according to a journal news release.

One study found that men are three times more likely to be deaf and dumb girls are twice as likely to report sexual harassment, compared to children who can hear.

This study found that deaf patients reported fear, distrust and frustration with health care. Along with communication problems when viewing health professionals, deaf patients have problems with access to health information.

Deaf people need care too

“Increased access to health and mental health care can be achieved by a specialist service with a professional trained to directly communicate with the deaf and a sign-language interpreter,” said Dr. Johannes Fellinger, the Health Center for the Deaf in St John of God Hospital. in Linz, Austria, and colleagues.

About seven per 10,000 people around the world who are very or completely deaf, the beginning of deafness before the development of language, according to the release. U.S. study shows that about 25% of deaf students with other disabilities, including learning disabilities, developmental delays, visual impairment and autism.

“Patients from the deaf community have the same need for good communication and safe care as others,” said Dr. Andrew Alexander British tagapagpananaliksik, the Royal United Hospital in Bath, Dr Paddy Ladd, the Centre for Deaf Studies at the University of Bristol, and Steve Powell, from SignHealth, at Beaconsfield, in an accompanying commentary.

“Physicians have a responsibility to recognize that communication is a two way process, and they need help to interact with this group of patients,” they said. “So what do you do when you meet the next patient from the deaf community Put yourself in their shoes and ask them how best to contact a good start.?”


Headset & TELEPHONESThe equipment your personnel use is important. Do not let anyone tell you different. As sales representatives are looking forward to his new car every two years, so the telesales person has the right to enjoy good equipment. Good, practical equipment to make a difference. Sales representatives drive the car every day, the professional tool. Staff work areas, equipment and supplies, such as car Sales Rep, say something about them and the way in which they do job.Comfort and professionalismAs main tools of trade are their phone, it is important to give serious thought to comfort, ease of use, practicality and of course, cost. Let’s look at some of the options available to help you become more comfortable, more professional, and more under control.HeadsetsHeadsets (A telephone mouthpiece and earpiece clip over the head) are available in different styles and prices. The price depends on the level of sophistication and quality of the headset. At the time of writing, headset Different in price from £ 30 to get pounds.Some headset with two hundred-and-fifty: or hands free to write, using the keyboard, or enable the individual pages can ., or feel that they have more natural headset conversation.o often helps staff to cope with noisy environment.o Repetitive Strain Injury is possible headset reduced.o often look and feel more ‘professional’. This can improve the performance of the headset personnel.Quick releaseSome have equipment ‘quick release’, which allows them to be disconnected from the line to leave the table, just plug it back again when reseating . This is useful if you need to move a lot of staff in the workplace. Modern headset is lightweight, easy to use, and very efficient.ComfortA headset may not be suitable for regular phone users, and there are those who just felt right ‘hold up the phone when making calls. However, the headset can be perfect for your staff. Telecommunications companies have different headset sold over-the-counter or order. BT has a great scope in their own stores. If you order them turn out to be not suitable, you can return it, or change to an alternative style or modern model.TelephonesMany phone has an extra socket for a headset. This allows the headset and the handset to be used simultaneously, as a training aid. You can monitor the staff member handling phone calls. If the phone has a ‘secret’ button, you also can provide training on-line. (See below). Handset phone handset adaptersSome allow the adapter to cut, allowing comfortable handset to be held between the shoulder and neck. It is a great alternative to the headset, but can not provide enough freedom to see Fori movement.Features would suggest that you consider one or more of these features when deciding on telesales phone use: o It was clear and easy-to-press buttons. As can be blocked easily and clearly – why waste valuable time or last number redial facility ‘. It is a very useful functionality for customers involved or want to call again in a few minutes. If someone forgot to check one thing – just press the button and he went back to the headset socket touch.

As described above, there are many advantages to the handset Light headset.o. Weight of the handset can be uncomfortable with long useo hands-free facility. If the user does not have a phone headset, hands-free phone facilities to perform certain tasks easier, especially if you need to write a paper shuffle or other useful featureso lot.Some The quantity control. Many people spoke very quietly. Ask the person on the other end to ‘talk’ is not always right. The problem with volume control can display Caller surmounted.o. It shows the amount called.o A longer, flexible lead between the handset and the main unit. Short and sturdy lead handset inhibitive for easy movement.o A ‘secret’ button. You may need to check something with a colleague, and the Secretariat means that it can do without the person on the other end of the line overheard. It also means that as a manager, you can give the coaching staff while you are actually in telephone.All feature may not be required to work a great phone. Variety of devices by different people. It also has to be aware of the many options available, it tipso however.Try Follow your department when busy. Whatever people appear comfortable with the phone that you have? Try to see why.o buying a headset for your department. Let other staff members use it. See what they think. Do they feel comfortable? Does it increase their activity? Or buy a phone with the features above. Let you try some staff. Use it as their own. Does it make a difference to the way you work? Or If the headset proved popular with your staff, it would be interesting to offer them as an incentive for high Achievers? TRACKING SOFTWARE project and COMPUTERSSome area of ​​telesales industry requires repeated contact with a broad base of society to bring about the sale. In this field, it is important to be able to track a large amount of information and lots of phone calls are made. This is where the applies.Using-tracking project tracking software tracking software softwareProject often found in the construction industry, where the major building projects may involve 10-20 different companies, and hundreds of people. The recording of names, dates, and progress should be kept because it is important to know who is involved in a project, you need to talk to, and what they call, ‘fax, mobile and email details. Keeping a tight deadline to call is very important to use the system. Perhaps there is only one day a month when you can talk to key people, and it can not miss important calls. Telephone sales activity is known as ‘Project Tracking’, or ‘Project coordination’ and requires extensive telephone work for different people. This includes architects, Project Engineers, Designers, planners, surveyors, and Estimators.ManagersManagers find this kind of software is a useful. This allows them to see what calls are made, to whom and by whom. Better project tracking software will also allow the Manager to include the name of the seller and find out how they compare to the level of calling someone else, what is the effect of experience in sales calls as a whole, and the Each permutation of the many factors that allowed him to completely informed.Co-ordinated projectsProject Coordinator and manager generally use computer software program designed specifically to maintain accurate records. The record covers the progress made, which have been coordinated and by whom, the names of key people who make decisions, etc. The sales base is the same, but using of computers and software programs to add additional elements. Project co-ordinator will have a PC available, along with important dates and information every day. Software for monitoring the project will also allow the inclusion of other information such as what was discussed, important dates, personal views, and when the next phone should be. It will also allow cross-references to other projects. On the right day in the future, the computer will notify the Project Co-ordinator return phone calls should be paid. The use of such systems should be possible to monitor a huge number of different projects. Software does work, but work remains to be done for the phone, and all the new information should be shared with system.Many companies also use this system as an aid to follow literature on a specific date, say, 8-10 days after it was sent. Manager, as described above, found a very valuable tool for day-to-day management and for use in predicting sales systemso Flesch forecasts.Advantages tracking project tracking many different contacts in wide People base businesses.o One is able to monitor and coordinate complexes activity.o Sales can be tracked and managed by the seller and executives.o proper recording and recording available.o vast amounts of information, easy to access , may be called upon to focus sales activity.o Organize and run efficiently, executives can save ‘finger on the pulse’ of various projects, and effectiveness of sales activity tracking sales campaigns. Disadvantages systemso Problems can arise if the project does not include information systems, or log in incorrectly.o When systems go down, as well as a high percentage of sales activity. or such systems cost money, capital expenditures, training, and TOOLSThere useful maintenance.OTHER many other tools that can help to make life more convenient telephone sales, more organized, and more manageable. While some may not be relevant to your particular needs, it all worthwhile tools.Residential and business telephone directory directory CDTelephone now available on CD to save time and money . If your company uses a computer system as a sales tool, this simple and versatile extra can be very important. With millions of names, addresses and phone numbers of potential residential and business customers, it is something worth thinking about. Of course, it depends on the size and scope of your business calling.Increasing your convenience using equipmento office footrest. Footrests are becoming more and more common in the workplace. They are available in different heights, styles and materials. Footrest may make all the difference in the level of comfort of personnel and because it can increase sales activity.o implements proper seating. There is no end office seating store. Good seat worth little and can make a huge difference in the quality of the work. Both sat means that staff are more comfortable, more relaxed and more control.o sitting at a desk or work surface of appropriate height, with enough space to write easily can make a difference in the productivity Acoustic staff.o gap between tables can create a quiet working environment where staff can be more relaxed and feel more able to communicate one-on-one with their clients. It will also allow you to work with staff on a one-on-one training for purposes.Remember essential to have the right equipment for the job. Good equipment costs money, of course, but also well-equipped staff can do the job more effectively.

Green Kitchen countertop: eco-friendly Options

Earth-friendly, green, countertop easier than ever to find today thanks to a lot of good material choice for the environment. And earth-friendly technology improves, there is really no reason not to consider the personal and environmental impact of your choice on the desk: covering the entire life cycle from manufacture to installation of a replacement.

In a perfect world, totally earth friendly, all table elements are made of Recycled materials, free of VOC, dense and nonporous, stain and scratch resistance, attached by mechanical means rather than sticky, and fully recyclable.

So far, the most earth-friendly countertop a combination of environmental pros and cons, but some traditional environmental offenders begin to reach. Here’s a rundown of the earth-friendly materials that are currently available table.

Stone: Stone countertop beautiful, natural and durable, but it is not renewable. Mining any affect on the quality of soil and water, and the results have a high embodied energy, including manufacturing, transportation and labor, usually require a large heavy sheets. The more local and near-to-surface rock-election, the less impact on the earth. Sealing keeps the germs and stains, and stone can also be recycled at the end of its life in your kitchen as a table, solid earth friendly.

Solid surfacing: Easy to keep clean and good, solid surfaces also started to catch up in terms of green earth friendliness of the table as an option. You can now find the kind made from Recycled plastic that would otherwise be trampled in the landfills used in your table. The final product, however, is not always recyclable.

Laminate: earth-friendly new laminate made from Recycled plastic and require formaldehyde-free adhesive substrates and non-toxic (mechanical Fasteners also an option). They are stain-resistant and easy to clean, but not recycled when replaced.

Stainless Steel: This is a durable, easy-to-clean material is great for countertop, and have the form of either salvaged or recycled metal content composition. Mechanical Fasteners means no chemical-laden Glue, and stainless steel recycled phone.

Concrete: This material table is relatively high due to earth-friendly green energy content for the transport and mixing of the components of cement, aggregates and water, but no out gassing from the sealant that increases durability , and may have a second life as a cumulative damage or chip. Major health problems with concrete dust during installation.

Ceramic tile: ceramic clay tiles are made from natural resources but limited, so look for more earth-friendly version that includes post-consumer Recycled Content. Some may have glazed tiles imported radioactive or lead-based, but if not, ceramic tile has a low-to-no VOCs and said supporting quality of indoor air. Heavy weight ceramic tiles mean high embodied energy by transportation costs.

Glass Tile: Best used for back-splashes and detailed table, glass tiles can contain up to 100% Recycled content, and process some manufacturers’ require less energy than conventional melting (although the final product add weight up on high embodied energy). Like ceramic tile, it is a promoter of good air quality in the room, earth-friendly and can be recycled into a whole new style of tile.

Wooden Butcher Block: Material original table, wooden Fade into the background as an alternative to a more sustainable and secure health surfaced. To be earth friendly, it must consist of salvaged, reclaimed or Forest Stewardship Council-certified wood, and laminated, should no added formaldehyde. Sealers and cleaners also have low VOC emissions in size, and mechanical fastening is preferred. However, it contains a number of natural wood countertop formalin, and even regular cleaning and sealing is not guaranteed to keep them from pulling harmful bacteria. Wood has potential as an earth-friendly recycled slabs.

Composite terazzo: This integrated chip stone and glass makes quite a style statement and can contain high levels of Recycled content, be sure to check out the binder is used, which can eliminate VOCs. Terrazzo is very durable and stain resistant, and is available in tile or slab form (either hit the high embodied energy meter). Have up to 40 years old, but can not be recycled.

This environmentally friendly, green material selection table can not only add style and color to your kitchen table, but gives comfort in knowing that your kitchen table is earth-friendly.

Chief of Staff became Pelosi announced Nadeam Elshami

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi today named Nadeam Elshami as his new chief of staff. Former chief of staff, John Lawrence, has resigned after eight years in the position.

“On behalf of my colleagues, I would like to thank John Lawrence for 38 years of service in the House,” Pelosi said. “Some staff members have the effect that John is in many law legislation in recent years in my office as a speaker and as a democratic leader, and Chairman George Miller. I wish John and Deborah both and will always cherish their friendship. ‘

Elshami currently serves as director of communications for Pelosi. In the past he served as deputy director of communications for Sen.. Dick Durbin and deputy chief of staff and communications to Congress in January Schakowsky. He also served as deputy press secretary Senator Barbara Boxer, support began his writing career in Congress in the Senate.

“Over the last six years, Nadeam has become a major communication strategy, spokesman and senior adviser,” said Leader Pelosi. “I know my colleagues in the House Democratic caucus will benefit from his leadership as he transitions to the Chief of Staff.”

Drew Hammill, the current deputy director of communications and press secretary to Pelosi, will take on the role as director of communications Elshami. Moreover, Pelosi has announced that Diane DEWHIRST, a senior adviser to Democratic leaders, has been promoted to the role of deputy chief of staff.

Abdominal X-ray

Abdominal films, abdominal X-ray, KUB (if the test is done to look for problems related to kidney, ureter or bladder).

What abdominal X-ray?

A film image abdominal X-ray structures and organs in the abdomen. They include the stomach, liver, spleen, kidneys, bladder, intestines, and diaphragm (the muscle that separates the abdomen and chest).

What is the common use of this technique?

A film of the abdomen is often the first test done to find the cause of abdominal pain or nausea and vomiting.

To determine the reason for the stomach swollen like a blockage in the intestines.

To identify suspected urinary system problems such as kidney stones.

To find something to eat or put into the body cavity.

Confirm the correct position of the lines and tubes used by doctors for treatment as a channel to drain the stomach (nasogastric tube), stomach tube or pipe to drain food kidney (nephrostomy tube).

How do I prepare?

Before the analysis should tell the radiographer if you are or may be pregnant. A film of the abdomen is not usually done during pregnancy because of the risk of radiation to your baby (fetus).

You should inform the technologist if you have X-ray test using barium contrast barium enema or swallow the last 4 days since this can affect image quality.

You may need to turn off any jewelry that is how the X-ray image.

How is the procedure performed?

Testing is usually done in the radiology department with a radiology technologist (radiographer) or health care provider.

You wear a hospital gown during the procedure.

You lie on your back on the table and X-ray lead apron may be more than your lower pelvic area.

X-ray machine is placed on your stomach. You will be asked to hold your breath while the X-ray picture is taken, so that a clear picture.

It will probably ask you to turn on your side (this is called decubitus view) or stand (this is called a view to build) for more pictures. View of building can help to identify air leaks out of a hole (perforation) in the colon or bowel obstruction.

Step behind a protective window while the image is taken radiographers.

A film of the abdomen takes about 5 to 10 minutes, you may be asked to wait while the films were developed in case more pictures need to be taken. You can also take X-rays immediately on a computer screen (digital).

This test does not cause discomfort, but the X-ray table may feel hard and the room may be cool. If you have an injury you can see that you need to hold a painful position.


With low radiation exposure, but the X-rays are monitored and controlled to maintain safe procedure or within acceptable limits.

What are the limitations of the procedure?

A film of the abdomen provides an excellent overview of the stomach and its contents, but poor detail in solid organs such as the spleen, liver or kidneys.

It can be equipped with investigations such as ultrasound or CT scan of the abdomen for more information.