Mad, bad or evil?

“But I do not want to go along with the crazy people,” said Alice.

“Oh, you can not help that,” said the Cat. “We’re all mad here. I was touched. You are crazy. ‘

“How do you know I’m mad?” Said Alice.

“You must be,” said the Cat, “or you would not be here.”

Lewis Carroll’s story of life through exceptional glass handy, as well as a wonderful discovery of truth and feeling. And he used the ‘mad’ said a very relaxed. I’m kind of sad because the ‘mad’ rather favored today. As a ‘bad’ word. The fact that both so not a problem specific to the psychiatrist, but that’s a whole lot of their beauty if you ask me.

Do teenage fantasist Tim K, who went on a murder rampage 15 this week, crime, or he’s crazy (at least this time he did what he did)? I’m going crazy. Saddam Hussein? I would go for the crime. Robert Mugabe crazy, or is he bad? He cheated, power-hungry, immoral and paranoid – in fact it tends to be mad and bad. But you get my drift. There is no possible reason ‘mad’ and ‘bad’. There is no excuse for the condition. No parents or someone else to blame.

We can draw the profile of people like Tim K, but we do not know why they tick. We know, however, that this incident shows that even today there are people in the time-bomb tick-tocking their way after all explode. The less they have access to weapons, a little life will be lost. Damage is more reasonable to do, it seems less evil. Madness can seem quite mild, relatively benign.

And even that is difficult to deal with madness, crime has recommend it. “I’ll give you just a little spark of madness,” said comedian Robin Williams. “You must not lose it! ‘

I bid you farewell now for a few weeks, because I have enough crazy to sign up for the course that I take office for a while (and the way my comfort zone). At least, everyone around me said I was crazy to put myself through it. Personally, I think of it as an anti-aging strategy.

See you in a few weeks.

Why Salespeople Fail

Since 1990 I have focused on three main barriers that affect the performance of the sales force: 1. Low self-confidence and image2. Low sense of personal responsibility for their performance, and3. The low acceptance of the need to conduct sales skillsIn all top performers, and the sales team can only represent between 15-20% of the population, barriers to overcome, or at least for.Where pay much people make the mistake in assuming that they can solve their sales force performance requirements as a whole by using those who have devoted this year characteristics.These represents only about 15 -20% of the population and yet the harsh reality is that just because people are successful in other areas, it does not guarantee that they will succeed with you. The reason is that your management style may not be conducive to a) Creation and b) retain 85% of high-performers.80 out’re salespeople overcome these obstacles, but only identify what the barriers are only part of the solution. Additionally, if you need another tool to manage 15-20%, without addressing the main factors affecting the performance can also affect the poor salespeople performers.Most, while enjoying the freedom and benefits perceived internal conflicts exhibition sales can dramatically affect the image themselves, thereby reducing their dependence. This in turn will be sent to customers, bring about self-fulfilling prophecy low performance. Belief that this construction is: a) no one chose to sell as a first choice career. Most people drift in sales either because they can not think of anything else to do or because of low educational achievement, event or lack of opportunity, and so did another career to be unattainable. In professions such as sports, music, dancing, and acting, great masses of the people they made a conscious decision early about wanting to be in that profession. They understand what they need to do to stand a chance to be successful.b) is clearly a lack of understanding of the mechanisms of professionalism leads people to focus on professions such as law, medicine, and finance as acceptable is not going to achieve professional status. Reserves for all salespeople become a sales manager does not require high academic achievement, and promotion management is almost always based on sales success. In this way many salespeople are able to produce the level of short-term performance management for retirement. The goal is to become a manager, who is seen as a professional office. For many salespeople are promotional gifts and most fail within their first management role.c) salespeople and customers have the same feelings about the sale, the process has been focused on the valuable benefits to the people, not the sale, and that part of the sales strategy is to persuade people to buy something they really do not need. Although many theoretical training sales talk about creating an environment in which customers are encouraged to buy than to sell, the way in which salespeople are trained and managed seldom allow them to happen. Once again, the 15-20% done creating this environment, barely conscious, but instead focus on how they do it, too many organizations simply believe that finding and using these top performers will solve all their problems. We can easily tell the state where the services provided by an organization’s mission statement falls far customer types contained in advertising.True their professionalism comes from the acceptance of the rule in where professionals can perform.In to bring the talents and skills of people who are able to learning and applying the basics, mostly through repetition and drilling practices. There is a saying that amateurs practice until they get it right, but professionals practice until they never get it wrong.Most professional tools they use, and they also understand that the way in which these tools are used requires compliance with the basic rules. For example, a javelin thrower knows that they can not exceed the running time to throw the javelin. They know that the point of the jaw must be removed first. An actor knows that they have to use a stage prop in a certain way at a certain time, and they know that they have to stick to the script. A dancer uses a particular type of footwear specifically to a particular dance style. They accept that they have to take a number of steps in a specific order. A guitarist knows that they have to attack the strings of a guitar in a certain mode and hold the string to the fret board in a certain way to follow the music – which they follow.These rules, which ensure parity, and parity with professionalism, understood and accepted by professionals. They are not understood or accepted by the seller or the sales manager is mainly due to the consistency brings responsibility inflexibility.You McEnroe heard to complain about the ball in or out, but need to serve over the net. Nigel Kennedy may complain about always playing ‘dead’ stuff ‘but he did not change a piece of music or a loss. When Michael Flatley disagree with solid features Riverdance he had to establish his own company. Perhaps a modern version of Shakespeare production, but keep them in the original words.In follow the rules, and stick to the basic methods of training they switch capacity, and coaches towards excellence, professional No compliance issues, repetition, and constant practice of the same skills . They understand that through this process that they can show their talents and personality.Too many salespeople, sales managers and many believe cost is about personality and therefore are looking to hire or be a perfect seller without understanding how talent and personality are released. Once players experience the benefits of the practice and structure and finally the release of talent and personality to be a natural follow-on to achieve constant improvement. Makes it easy. With the way in which the seller lost element.The feel about the work they do has a big impact on their effectiveness, but not the whole story. Every time I ask what the reason is a senior manager for the team performs well and one so well, the answer is a definite difference is the manager.

My own experience and research over the past decade bear out.All sales manager sales force drawn from the population and therefore carry their luggage they both got their paper sales. Although many would like to treat their old peer group in many ways has been pointed out several examples other than Status Quo – ‘there are prominent people and the people who follow’. In fact most sales managers will take their new positions without any instruction, formal or informal. They then agreed to perform their previous manager who teach them, perpetuating the status quo. There is an analogy parents. Which we all know to be a parent? From our own parents. There is no other profession where you are allowed to practice on a live audience than as a salesperson or sales manager. Although the title of manager providing some internal satisfaction regarding professionalism, sales management practices rarely professional.Insofar as personal responsibility is concerned with all sales managers believe that they are responsible for their team’s success. Though of course nobody can believe is responsible for the performance of others. This is a difficult and complex subject to learn but it is a foundation stone of professional performance coaching.The major influence on the success of the sale is given by the behavior of the sales manager, not the seller. In common with other professional groups, changes in the performance of the group manager change for better or worse. But in most cases poor performance in sales salesperson.Messages usually the first victims of the self, the preferred career path, and the nature of the power breakfast. We immediately knew in general we do as we have said, that the people in power have the upper hand, and that the term is applied to a white-collar professional jobs including sales. In addition, the lesson of being personally responsible for the decisions and success finally began to have effect.By any time most people start their first job the way in which this power has been embedded. Unlearning behavioral patterns require significant effort on the part of employees and especially managers. Note that the manager himself be subject to the same history. By the time they come in their own management role they now believe that power delegated to them the responsibility to change others. For as Arguris rightly said in 1962 – … “No one can develop a person other than himself. Doors will open from the development. “But even understand the sales process does not result in sales success. The key to unlocking the potential coach.Professionals understand and welcome the involvement of coaches because they admit that they do not reach their potential in the intervention of coach.Whenever top players were asked to comment on their success can not refer them to coach.The answers to sales success and the potential release of both the seller and the sales manager is not telling the truth to an easy solution. Other professionals know the answer lies within, and hard work. Most of the top salespeople always quote ‘hard work’ as one of the main reasons for their success. However, the definition of hard work as a sales manager ‘to see more people’, and ‘valuable is a numbers game’. It does not. Most of the salespeople actually saw fewer customers and spend less time on their successful work and colleagues conducted an average. If you see more people ‘is the answer then is how low performance problem among most salespeople only be solved? After working with a number of other professional disciplines became clear that the solution to improved performance lies in the professional approach to enhance professional skills through intervention coach.The difference between successful and unsuccessful sellers sellers lies in the way in which sellers communicate and behave towards customers. The difference between a successful sales managers and sales managers fail lies in the way in which managers communicate and behave towards salesperson.The focus and the foundation stone of the increase in sales was the creation, understanding and application of this philosophy of personal responsibilities.The simplicity belies the hard work required of all people involved to implement it, and the potential of those who are involved in sales to repair themselves. Starts with agenda setting and check the journey towards excellence so far.The key goal setting. Are the goals and objectives of the people who sang the line organization and coach third stage is about understanding where actions bring results today -? This is where the focus moves strongly in personal responsibility. The fourth stage is about taking responsibility for making it happen, to make improvements, and contractors for the coaches to work with improvement plan.The final stage is about learning outcomes and create a new plan for the next phase improvement.It is a process that works in the field of sports, music, acting, and dance. Working in sales. Top Selling is not an academic process, it is a physical skill, and thus we can learn from other professions about professionalism, personal responsibility and overcome.

NASA Photo Shows Largest Spiral Galaxy, see

Astronomers this week launched a new image of the largest spiral galaxies known to exist. You can view a larger version of the picture here.

The galaxy, called NGC 6872, is crowned with the title after a review of archival data from the Galaxy Evolution Explorer Telescope (GALEX) mission. From end-to-end NGC 6872 has a size of 522 000 light-years, or about five times the size of our Milky Way galaxy.

“Without the ability to detect ultraviolet GALEX youngest, hottest stars, we want to acknowledge fully withdraw from the system,” said Rafael Eufrasio, lead scientist on the project and an assistant researcher at the Goddard Space Flight Center Telescope.

Size of NGC 6872, the astronomers say, since the interaction with a smaller galaxy called IC disk 4970. They found that the stars in NGC 6872 are getting older they are closer to the center. Interactions can also spawned an area that can be its own little galaxy, seen at the top left of the picture above. Youngest stars are located in the region.

“Arm northeast NGC 6872 is the most disturbed and rippling with stars, but the tip, visible only in the ultraviolet, is something that comes in tidal dwarf galaxies similar to that seen in other systems interaction,” said Duilia de Mello, a members of the research team and a professor of astronomy at the Catholic University.

In 2007 researchers developed a computer simulation to be able to copy the display system NGC 6872. According to this model, IC 4970 has made the closest approach to the giant galaxy about 130 million years ago, then toured the plane of the spiral disk rotating in the same direction. The astronomers noted that the new observations are consistent with this scenario.

Safe House, Health: Key Improvements

Everyone wants a home a safer, healthier. With winter on the way, we’ll all spend time indoors more, so the timing could not be better to make home improvements that help people breathe easier.

Houses are more tightly sealed than ever, and while it may mean better insulation and energy efficiency, it also has certain components: airborne contaminants coming into your home end up staying there, make indoor air more polluted than outdoor air.

For air safer, healthier indoor this winter, consider some home improvement that you will cherish throughout the year by:

Part of HVAC Services: Dust, mold and other allergens can accumulate in the heating and cooling equipment, so invest in a service system by a certified professional as the season begins.

Adding air purification equipment: supplement the existing HVAC equipment with a whole house air cleaners are great as Trane CleanEffects Clean Air System, which effectively prevents air pollution and allergic reactions to filter even virus-sized particles. Portable air filtration devices can also help manage the air quality living room. If you choose a model, electronic or mechanical hybrid, remember that the best and most effective room air filter seal carries both UL and FDA Class II medical device approval.

Upgrade filtration: Changing the air filters in your home is not enough. Healthy indoor air quality also depends on the filter itself, and you can improve your home by buying a filtration filter with a high MERV rating (Minimum Value Reporting Excellence).

“The efficiency of filtration should at least MERV 8 filters, but the filter characteristics that most people use Merv three,” says Jeff May, indoor air quality consultant and author Jeff May Healthy Home . “Getting a good filter costs only a few dollars.”

Dehumidify the basement: A dry basement can mean the environment, safe home, healthy. In winter, captivating cut heating costs by letting the basement so it went cold, but will not give up in May reminds us that low ambient temperatures cause moisture and, eventually, mold problems, so it is wise to keep your basement warm with a rate no higher than 50 percent moisture. Adding dehumidification equipment (whether integrated or portable), and getting the hang of using a hydrometer to check the moisture level of the basement.

Clean the refrigerator: reminder not only helps to clean the refrigerator when you are preparing for a holiday party. Before the clock starts with an extended kitchen, clean inside, under and around your refrigerator. Drain problems can affect air quality in the kitchen, such as mold that can thrive in the drip tray under the old model refrigerator. Clean them and other moisture to keep the parts of refrigerators, and vacuum away dust accumulation can block the vents.

Keep a carbon monoxide detector: Heating sources such as fireplaces and woodstoves can produced the harmful carbon monoxide, such as kitchen appliances.

“We are actually working with families where one member gets really sick every Christmas. Apparently oven at home mom put a lot of carbon monoxide, “says May. “So it is a good idea, if you are going to do a lot of cooking, you have a carbon monoxide detector to maintain and run the kitchen exhaust fan to pull the exhaust fumes, even if you have an electric stove. ‘

To prevent carbon monoxide from being unwelcome guests in your home, install a carbon monoxide detector if you have them, and the detector monthly checks to ensure that they will warn you about the dangers of indoor air.

Invest in a HEPA vacuum: a vacuum equipped with a HEPA Select (high efficiency particulate air) filter to keep your home clean entire family of winter hibernation. In this servant at the ready, you can quickly remove the seasonal allergens tracked by visitors and keep pet dander from aging.

Find new flooring: If you’re due to replace the carpet in the living room or in full, consider switching to wood, laminate tile, or linoleum. Carpets tend to trap and hold the allergens of all types, including those pesky dust mites. Remove the floorcovering fibrous, and you’ll waste 90 percent of dust mites in the home.

Making the bed is better: Make sure the sound, allergy-free sleep by replacing the mattress with non-allergic model, and shop for the casings of dust-mites-proof for the mattress, blankets and pillows . Complement your living room with non-allergic same item, and be sure to do the weekly cleaning of all household bed.

Reduce dust-catching decor: When you live restyle a room for the season, carefully consider your upholstered furniture, fabric-based display accents and accessories advantage that can attract and hold the dust. You can still have a den, a cozy winter luxury if you choose washable throws, slipcovers and pillow shams and clutter decorating.

By taking some simple home improvement projects, you can make your home safer and healthier for the whole family.


Toxicology in the case of South Africa is due to drugs, drugs, pesticides, plants, solvents and metals. Unfortunately, the case is not well documented and poison information center is not present in most cases.

Factors such as the natural disease, chronic pain and mental health issues contribute to an overdose of prescription drugs. It is for this reason that prescription drugs remain the most common compounds found in cases of toxicology.


Pharmaceutical most frequently seen include theophylline – used to treat the symptoms of asthma, amitriptyline – antidepressant drug, carbamazepine – anti-epileptic drugs, antihistamines – cyclizine is used to treat fever and orphenadrine, used in combination with Aspirin as a muscle relaxant. There has been an increasing number of cases where antidepressants have seen, not surprising since the pressure of living rise.

Pesticides, paraffin and lead

Organophosphate and carbamate pesticides, especially also aldicarb, which is widely used as rodenticides, often seen.

However, the most common cause of poisoning in South Africa is the consumption of paraffin and every year, about 20,000 children suffer from the effects. Children under five years are at highest risk. The introduction of child-resistant safety cap on a bottle of paraffin, (the instigation of the Paraffin Safety Association of Southern Africa) has led to a reduction in the number of reported cases.

A large number of South African children said to be exposed to lead from non-fuel sources, including paints, and from industrial use. Is partially solve this problem by removing lead from paint used to paint toys.

Drug abuse

There was also a significant increase in the number of toxicology poisoning which saw the drugs. This increase appears to be similar to those reported worldwide. The abuse of drugs most often seen methaqualone, cocaine and cocaine, amphetamines, and heroin. Usually the use of multiple controlled substances and / or alcohol at the same time. Methaqualone and alcohol is usually seen together with one or more drugs of abuse. The methaqualone is commonly known as Mandrax South African society and local produce. Amphetamines include crystal meth and ecstasy.

Berries and herbal medicines

Children often hospitalized after swallowing poisonous plants (mostly berries, which looked edible). There are also cases of people who claim to obedience herbal poisoning. Although only a few herbal remedies prescribed by herbalists in fact toxic, the problem lies in that it does not contain blank prescription dose, and the scope is not listed. Another problem that there may be interactions between herbal medicines and some pharmaceutical substances. These herbal medicines are considered natural by most people. However, for incurable diseases (such as HIV / Help) people will take desperate strange drugs.


Poisoning due to snake bites, spider bites or scorpion stings are very rare. However, one must realize that the spiders find the black button around the country, often at home, have neurotoxic venom. Scorpions with thin and thick tail clamp more virulent than the thin tail and a big prop. Scorpions have neurotoxic venom.