Disney and AT & T U-verse announcement Agreement

The Walt Disney Company and AT & T today announced that it has ironed out a long-term distribution agreement. Disney, sports, news and entertainment content continues to share the U-verse service from AT & T. The deal includes programming from ESPN, ABC and Disney Channel.

Part of the new program agreement, including the “proven” (read: locked with digital rights management) channel-like product that can be accessed by U-Verse website or through mobile applications. Branded “Watch” ESPN, ABC, and ABC Family programming is available via the service.

“The renewal with AT & T U-verse – seven of our top ten distributor agreement more than two years – taking the value of the multichannel subscription model with the addition of new networks and services from the Walt Disney Company,” said David Preschlack, executive vice president of sales and affiliate marketing at Disney. “The audience will become live in a multi-screen, and a new agreement, they were guests of benefits such as direct access to the content through Disney Watch and services throughout WatchESPN platforms. ‘

In fact, the multichannel subscription model is alive and constantly changing circuit television. When trying to develop a new model of technology that includes TV and internet (and may provide programming la carte to consumers), both Apple and Intel discovered how monolithic current model cable.

St Charles, Missouri Findings

I am a history buff. A costume to wear, buy reference books, card carrying historians. So why was not happy when I want a friend to me and my wife in the historic district of St. Charles, Missouri? Let’s be honest here most historic district is quite boring. Every small town has a hope of passing tourist drags a bit, and they rarely amount to much. Thanks to the historic district of my pride, I will pass the time St Charles in countless trips back and forth to St. Louis. When will I learn?

The historic district in St. Charles was built 200 years in French-organized the Missouri River and has seen more than its share of events. Visits of Lewis & Clark and Daniel Boone, his status as the first capital of Missouri, and the location on the main route west residential justify the “historical” status. As if this was not enough for the historic district, it is also full of shops, restaurants, bed and breakfasts, and even a brewery or two, all packed with an impressive stretch of 13 blocks alongside the Missouri River. We spent only one day in the area, but I could very easily see making this weekend of one of the small bed and breakfasts in the area. There is more than enough to do to keep me busy for two days.

First, put on your walking shoes. Parking is limited due to the narrow brick streets, but there are plenty available if you walk just a little bit. The sidewalks are uneven as well, very high heels and see-flops can be tricky. Also pick up a little cash along with you is a good idea. Many small, locally owned stores have a minimum for credit card purchases. The other small problem can ruin a good walk to the historic district, do not worry there are a few, well-lit bathroom clean building outside of Main Street.

The original reason for heading to the city center after breakfast go to the chocolate shop. (No … just after breakfast NOT too early for chocolate) J. Noto has a wide selection of candy and cookies. I took an assortment of chocolates, while our friends directly for anise cookies. I really do not like the taste of licorice, but others swear that cookies are really interesting. Chocolate is pretty good and a decent price. Next to the chocolate shop is one of my weaknesses, yarn store! Knit and caboodle has a bit of everything, starting with the low prices of commercial yarn up to $ 50 yarn art. They carried silks, a baby llama, banana fiber, good old cotton, and everything in between. I’m pretty sure I took every roll of yarn store.

A little further, we see the Olde Town Spice Shop. They have an amazing selection of spices, mixes, dip mixes, marinades, and sauces. Not to mention all the samples. Friends of ours bought a shopping cart full of spice for a little under $ 20. Everything is very reasonably priced. From there, we hit Main Street Books, Thistle & Clover (Irish and Scottish import), Shop English (English import), store hours I can not remember the name and a bunch of other good same store.

Finally we completed the loop back to the car, when my wife saw Lewis and Clark Boat House and Nature Center. Located at the southern end of the historic district and located right on the Missouri River, this small museum on the upper level and boat replica Lewis and Clark used on the lower level. It took an hour to drag my wife away from the replica boat, but because he was patient while I squeezed every spool of thread, I think it’s his turn.

All in all it was a really good day. The weather was perfect, the company was good, and I learned my lesson about ignoring destination without due reason. As I mentioned earlier, Midwest Traveler came the next day with an article about the holiday season in historic St. Charles, and the directories listed merchant I took some interesting festival, so I’m pretty sure having a return trip in my future. It is 45 minutes from downtown St. Louis, less than a mile from I-70, and close to many other great attractions of the St.. Louis. If you find yourself in the area, do yourself a favor and stop.

Find more information on the St. Charles with Travel Guide TRAVELCOM.com ‘s and find lodging, restaurants and attractions in St. Charles may have travel map Tik Travel Planner.

Top tax deductions that you take to the IRS Problem

Top tax deductions that you take to the IRS ProblemFrom guard dogs to Las Vegas-style showgirl costume, there is no limit to what people will try to write at tax time for their business interests. But where do you draw the line? A write-off write off try to go too far? We formed a team of three leading tax lawyers to get their advice on how far is too far in the realm of tax write-off. Our team of experts Cliff Ennico, Connecticut-based business lawyers expert advice to small businesses and entrepreneurs, Donna LeValley, a tax lawyer and contributing editor to JK Lasser annual tax guides, and Alvin S. Brown, a tax lawyer who formerly worked in the office of the chief adviser of the IRS for over 25 years.

Tax Write-Off: Travel expenses

Here’s a write-off sometimes difficult to decide just where to draw the line. You can deduct the cost of going to see the Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas if you treat your clients? The answer is yes, as long as you can justify it as a business expense. And what if your spouse goes along for the ride? During their partner or employee of your business and attend the convention or meeting the trips you took together, her trips and 50 percent of food also deductible.Expert Opinion: “You can reduce costs travel, and 50 percent of food and entertainment-related, whether the trip is completely relevant to your business, “said Cliff Ennico.How to Do it Right: Here’s a tip from Donna LeValley is not useful benefits on your next business trip: Take an envelope from the drawer idle a hotel room and put your acceptance of all trips in it. Label the envelope with the name and date to help you remember that trip. The more accurate your records, the more likely they are received and verified by the IRS if you are involved in an Audit of situation.Tax Write-Off: Cell Phone Bill

If you use the phone as part of your business, it could be a big loss for you. So do not make the mistake of mixing business with pleasure by sneaking too many personal calls on your cell phone bill.Expert Opinion: “Because of the way the phone can be used, it has come under scrutiny , so people need to keep good records and their actual phone bill so they can show that the majority of calls business calls, “said LeValley.How to Do it Right: Look at your cell phone bill to ensure that you receive a detailed report. Since mobile phones are considered listed property, you must keep detailed records of their use. In the case of a land line, it is a good idea to have a separate phone number for your business because the IRS will not let you assign the cost of a single phone in your home in your home office.Tax Write -Off: Home Office

Home office off a huge red flag for an audit back in the 1990s. These days, you only need to use a reduction in carefully. The basic rule of thumb to follow? “Anything that is unusual and disproportionate to the level of income is something that the IRS will examine,” Alvin Brown says.So how do you determine your actual home office space? These are the areas in your home that is fully committed to run your business. Once you figure out the percentage of your home office as opposed to the whole house, then you can return your heating bills, electricity bills and all other bills are going to support your home, and find the amount you can deduct business.Expert run for your opinion: “. Do not measure your home office space alone When you do that, almost always your own fault, “said Ennico.How to Do it Right: It’s a good idea to have a professional contractor gap measure. They can give you a letter stating the exact square footage of your home office space, should you need to prove it by IRS.Tax Write-Off: Home Office Computer

As experts we have stated before, it is not a good idea to get it in the world of business with your personal life. So do not suggest use of a computer in your home office for personal affairs if you can help it.Expert Opinion: “If this is the only computer in your house, you have to calculate the percentage of the total time you use it for business purposes, “suggest Ennico.How Do it Right: Ideally, the best option is to buy a laptop and save them to be your personal computer. In this way you can avoid the chaotic situation came Audit time.Tax Write-off: Rent

Wondering if you can still take the home office cuts if you are a tenant? The answer is yes. But you need to learn the right way to go about it.Expert Opinion: “If you are the owner of an individual or unincorporated businesses, such as partnerships or LLC,” said Ennico, “you may need to submit IRS Form 1099 with your landlord in January of each year showing how much your rent deducted from your “How to Do It Right:. To ensure that management’s cut, it’s a good idea to check with your accountant to details.Tax Write-Off: Personal expenses

This is a category of business owners can easily get into trouble if they are not careful. Point is, you can reduce the purely personal services that are not related to your business. For example, you can reduce homecare services such as gardening, landscaping and tree removal just because you make a house office.Expert Opinion: “People began to get in when they try to make the personal cost of business costs, “said LeValley. How to Do It Right: When in doubt, whether a deductible expense for your business, LeValley recommend getting a second opinion. “I think that even if you are very capable and even if you already have some experience,” LeValley said, “It’s always good to get what I call ‘audit’ every once in a as. “Tax Write-Off: Guard Dog

Order for the dog to qualify as a guard dog of your company, helps, Ennico said, if you’re a little afraid of the animal itself (picture Rottweiler, Pit Bull or German Shepherd). Believe it or not, this is a legit write-off if taken correctly.Expert Opinion: Ennico shows how to use them: “You just to reduce that part of his total time devoted to ‘guard-dog. ‘Duty’ How Does It Right: While it may seem a bit obvious, at least your dog will also keep your inventory. Another interesting tidbit: Although you can reduce the costs associated with dogs, you can not take the dog itself. But you can be depreciated over its expected life as determined by the local farmers. Who would think a Tax Write-Off:? Work-related Uniforms or Costumes

Dos and don’ts of tax repeal is fairly simple: If the costume or uniform is something you can wear outside of work, you do not have to write off. However, if it is clear that you can only wear them for a specific job tasks, it qualifies as a revocation. So the new setting will not be eligible because you can wear it other places outside of your work environment. What a clown suit, you say? It is a different matter.Expert Opinion: LeValley urged taxpayers to go to the repeal if the charge is legit. “If the costs are real, take it,” he said. “Is it may seem strange, perhaps better, but whatever it is, if it is true, be prepared to strengthen, but is not afraid to do it.” How to Do It Right: A perfect example of some rather unusual clothing that you can write-off involves a Las Vegas showgirl who tried to write-off, tight sequined costume he bought for his performance. LeValley said showgirl said he could not take off their clothes and costumes since she wear them anywhere else. To prove that theory wrong, he appeared in his audit in a costume and said, “Where in the world do you think I can wear it? ! I can not even sit “Needless to say, he won his case.Audit trigger: The Biggest Red Flag Watch Out For

Here are some things you want to be careful when it comes to take a tax deduction on your business: All in the family. When taking relative spouse, child or close, be careful not to give it extra special care. Ensure that their job descriptions responsibilities commensurate with age and experience. Pay them the same salary would have to pay someone else to do the same currency job.In. Income is too high compared to previous years can be up and trigger an audit. And high-income taxpayers are more likely to be audited because they are more likely to participate in complex transactions and has a partnership, trust or businesses.Consistency key. IRS will see your federal return is proportional to the return of your country, so be careful to ensure that they consistent.Stay on the up and up. The people who file frivolous lawsuits in the past probably ever audited. Considering not file your taxes at all? Here’s one thing that can cause re-consider your decision: those who do not file their federal taxes collected for fraud, press a crime and doing time in prison. You do not even have the funds to pay off all your debts, Brown strongly suggest filing anyway – better to ask and did not pay all that you owe rather than wait until you have all the funds and the risk starts hit with sanctions or worse. Knowing your preparer. More and more, the IRS uses a software program to check the tax return preparers. If they see a high rate of error, they just do not audit the return-preparer, but they also audit clients too. So do your homework before choosing a preparer. And in case you have doubts about whether they will guide you in the right direction, looking for opinions out before proceeding.Protect own. If you choose to audit, Brown recommends standing with the IRS to get representation. As a former insider of the IRS, Brown said that now, the IRS is “a little out of control -. They do not enforce the tax laws professionalism “

Q & A: Italy Sightseeing Recommendations

Amalfi Coast in Italy

Question: B.N. asked: I am planning a trip to Italy this summer and I’m looking for interesting cities / sites. We were thinking about seeing Florence, Rome, and the west coast near Naples. What are your recommendations?

Answer: Betsy selling, TRAVELCOM Travel Services Managing Director and a frequent traveler to Europe, the answer: The west coast is one of my favorite places in Italy. Naples (the original home of the “Neapolitan” pizza) is a large, spacious harbor town with little to offer in the way the interesting sights and things to do.

It is, however, the departure point for ferries to the island of Capri where you can see the scenery, green mountains and scenery land. I would also suggest taking a trip the famous Amalfi coast, the Mediterranean landscape and fantastic with lots of interesting little shops and a lovely outdoor restaurant in the town of Sorrento.

Amalfi Drive narrow and winding so thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful scenery that you might consider taking a full day coach tour of Rome. BTW, if you decide to do in Naples and Sorrento, be sure to also visit the remains at Pompeii. The full day coach tour visits Rome to the brim and the Amalfi Coast and stop in Sorrento. Between Rome and Florence, do not miss the town of Assisi.

The city is linked with St Francis and has dramatic views of the place of burial. Although you may not miss the Basilica di San Francesco. For recommendations on what to do while in Rome and Florence, see my answer to a similar question posted yesterday. Good information about what to see and do in Italy located in the TRAVELCOM Spiral Guides Italy barnesandnoble.com.

TRAVELCOM also condensed guide top 10 things to do in Italy, TRAVELCOM Essential Italy, which is also available at barnesandnoble.com.

TRAVELCOM members can get a discount on both users TRAVELCOM.com / barnesandnoble (you will need your TRAVELCOM membership number to access Barnes & Noble section of TRAVELCOM.com). TRAVELCOM has some great deals on Italy tour packages are available through your local travel agency TRAVELCOM. I would encourage you to give them a call. Have a wonderful trip and come back to the blog to tell us about it by posting this comment Q & A answers.

Suppositories? Rather give me death!

I cycled more calm manner by the sea last weekend, not much thought other than the beauty of the scene, when things start to feel … I do not know, like I need to stand up, stretch my back, drink water.

So the next point with my friend and I got to do just that. The only problem is, it seems like a bike locked position, Bent as adults. It’s pretty funny, actually. At least at first.Suppositories Rather give me death!

I did not do anything to hurt myself, and I had a problem again (even though I told Health24 back pain is second only to the head in terms of how common it is). I’m sure it passes.

I got a ride home, the long reading in warm water, sit in a newspaper Sunday, waiting for bacon and eggs and coffee. Pretty much you can do when you are locked position to quote, and have friendly people to sort out. Only thing is, at some point my back started to go into spasm, and it is not funny.

I feel like my muscles stretch like Sigourney Weaver Alien stomach. I was put to bed like a butterfly in a collection. A doctor friend called: He has his or her own her cape and fly over, through pharmacies. At the drug store, she called to ask how I felt about Voltaren suppositories. “But give me death!”

I cried (well, what would you do?), And shaking the bed so that when he got there, I was in a position suppository-friendly seating. (I got a Voltaren injection instead: this is my favorite new drug). To cut a boring story, I am now, on Day 4, no partying, but careful walking upright.

I had my first session with the chiropractor and explore our own ChiroDoc forum for stories of others (as you know, misery loves company). I saw the sacroiliac joints, and it was a lot of fun and almost as expensive as your car CV joints.

But I also discovered that my colleague Kyle Boshoff is a good man long cappuccino.