Get them to a shock

Sounds painful, but shockwave therapy may be an effective treatment for men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction (ED), according to a small study showcased at the European Society for Sexual Medicine.

Committed wave, generated by a special machine, an established procedure of dissolving kidney stones. In patients with heart disease, shockwave therapy becomes used to grow blood vessels.

“If therapy can work in small vessels of the heart, we felt that it could work on the penis because the majority of patients with Erectile Dysfunction with vascular (blood vessel) problems,” said Dr. Yoram VARDI, the Rambam Medical Center in Haifa, Israel.

VARDI and colleagues tested their low-intensity shockwave protocol in 20 men with mild or moderate ED caused by reduced blood flow to the penis.

How the study was conducted

All men have a three-week course of two weekly treatment sessions and a second round shaped shockwave therapy starting three weeks later. In each session of treatment, low energy shockwave therapy can be applied to different areas of the penis for a few minutes.

Erectile function, assessed at the time of enrollment and four weeks after the end of treatment, significantly increased in 15 of the men, the VARDI and colleagues found.

Have side effects related to treatment.

Although not shown in the meeting, during the six-month follow-up data showed that 12 of 15 patients improved significantly with treatment said they do not have to use Viagra or a similar agent to treat their Erectile Dysfunction .

While drugs like Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis are “highly effective in treating ED, they only provide functional improvement,” said VARDI. Shockwave therapy “could potentially be useful in most ED patients,” the researchers said. – (Reuters Health, November 2009)

Dell Dude (Slacker Steve) He thought Dell to Cure Disease

Last week, he announced that former Dell PC power manufacturers participated in negotiating the purchase, with the rumors of Microsoft threw a few bucks on the deal. Dell is not clear what it used to be. But figures from Dell in the past said to come back to where they used to be, they need to revive the old strategy.

Dude, you have a computer with speakers, monitor, keyboard, one year MSN internet access, and a Pentium 3 processor – for $ 849! Dude, you get a Dell!

Really, dude Dell said. Ben Curtis, also known as Steve slacker Dell commercial the early 2000s, with the assumption that all Dell needs to do to return to their former glory kick “dude, you Take Dell” ad blitz back in gear.

“I think they made a big mistake and just need to bring back the Dell dude!. That’s it. That’s all they need to do. When they brought me back, selling their stock will skyrocket and media presence. It is by far the smartest move they can do, “he told Bloomberg.

It’s hard to tell how serious he is. Since the release of the Dell in 2003 (after buying pot is broken, even though he was in the street before arrest) Curtis has acted in several off-Broadway shows, and do some two small networks Drama. He also worked as a waiter at Tortilla Flats for a while.

It is doubtful that even the power of Slacker Steve Stoner Dell can fix all the problems. But I’m not against some new duderiffic ads.

Seeing the remnants of the past, others see that driving a car with Steve?

Q & A: Italy "Pink Moon"

Question: Barb O’Connor asked: Last minute invite to tour Italy with a group of college graduates in May Based on the prediction of the temperature, what kind of clothes should I pack? Cities to visit include Venice, Verona, Rome, Vatican City and Florence. What advice can you give for sightseeing and lunch on a budget?

Answer: Betsy Sell, Managing Director, TRAVELCOM Travel Services and frequent European traveler, the answer: wonderful your trip sounds. May is considered the “pink moon” in Italy, during warm but not too hot for sightseeing. Temperatures range from lows in the 50s to highs in the 70 to pack accordingly.

I do not think you can get a bad meal anywhere in Italy! One of my favorites is a small restaurant, a few blocks from the Via Veneto in Rome, Abruzzo Picollo called Via Sardinia. I still hope there! This is an interesting little neighborhood restaurant where the owner went to the market every day and buy what the season and fresh to cook that night. So no long menu to choose from – the chef brings four or five course special she is ready for the night. I’ve eaten there several times and it is always a memorable meal. Small so you need reservations, the concierge at your hotel can help with booking. For other ideas check food – I saw the conversation about the Italian restaurant on site.

There are so many things to do and see in the city to visit. When in Rome make sure you visit the Basilica di San Pietro and Vatican II (one of the largest churches in the world and the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church) and the Colosseum (ancient auditorium where you will get a history lesson the fighter). When in Venice do not miss the Grande Canal (water lane highway lined with beautiful buildings) and the Piazza San Marco (the town square with a great cafe at home). When in Florence, Galleria degli Uffizi tour to see the amazing collection of art. If time permits, try to get to Pisa (near Florence) – The Leaning Tower of Pisa is something you should not miss. Very good information about tourist attractions, including the TRAVELCOM Essential Italian book on TRAVELCOM members can get a discount on books at / barnesandnoble (you will need the number of your TRAVELCOM membership to access the Barnes & Noble section of Have a wonderful time and commented on my answer when you return from your trip to give our readers more recommendations!

Planning International Travel

U.S. Passport (Wikimedia Commons)

We get many questions on this site about planning for international travel – documentation, driving directions, insurance and other issues large and small. To help, TRAVELCOM has created a collection of informative videos available for viewing on

Learn more about:

The documents you need to bring with you.

The basic knowledge of how to get a passport, which is required for almost all international travel.

How to get an international driver’s license if you plan to drive while abroad.

The importance of travel insurance and when you need it.

Differences available options when taking international holidays such as escorted and independent travel.

-The pros and cons of different types of money available for use in foreign countries such as traveler’s checks, credit cards and local currency

Handy tip that you can use on how to save money for your dream vacation abroad

-How to plan for an emergency while traveling abroad as a medical treatment

-What to do if your documents are lost or stolen.

Tips on how to pack efficiently for your next trip.

Advantages and disadvantages of off-season travel.

-How can you stay in touch with family and friends as an international holiday.

We will highlight some of the information presented in this video series and you can see it in

Complete travel planning and booking of international aid, including independent and escorted travel, cruises, passport photos and International Driving permits are available at your local TRAVELCOM.

Radiant Heating for Your Home

Radiant heaters are popular heating system to warm your floor and provide additional heat to the cold room. Radiant heating is a smart system that generates targeted heat from the bottom up, and offers energy efficiency, either alone or in combination with existing home comfort system.

Like many ideas the best home design, radiant heating is a strategy with a long history. The Romans first used radiant heating warm the enclosed space in their home to about 60 AD, and the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright famous helping others achieve radiant heating plateau vogue designs of the 20th Century. Increased heating technology materials now make it more reliable and achievable than ever, and should be considered for both new builds and remodels.

How radiant heat works. Radiant heaters are both electric and hydronic, the latter being the most common. With hydronic radiant heating systems, heated water flows through a pipe network of crosslinked polyethylene (PEX) installed on concrete or on top of the subfloor. As water moves along, move heat in the slab, it will be effective in a large surface area of ​​the radiator then moves heat through the floor and the living space. Despite the relatively low water temperature (usually between 90 and 100 degrees), the components of hydronic radiant heating system most of them for sustainable prosperity, though.

A hydronic radiant heating system powered by a hot water heater and controlled by a thermostat. Offering flexibility and zonability design, this is a great solution for hard-to-heat areas such as basements, bathrooms and attached garage, and worked for the heating of materials including wood flooring, tile, carpet, natural stone and linoleum.

Possible application. So many smart, affordable radiant heating solutions now exist to easily implement their efficiency in almost every home. New build is the best opportunity for the installation of a specially designed system, whole house, but you can also add radiant heat to existing home with aftermarket strategies such Uponor Quik Trak radiant heating system. In the Quik Trak, a special half-inch high floors panels mounted on the existing concrete or plywood subfloor, and the groove in the center of each panel Holding PEX water-bearing pipe. The floor of your choice and then mount the panel, and Quik Trak is ready to go to work, circulate the heat in the living room.

Other applications, including radiant heating installation in walls and ceilings for climate control even added, and the system is designed to keep sidewalks and driveways clear of ice and snow on the climate where the winters particular cruel.

Efficiency, economy and healthy heating. Take the radiant heating in your life, and you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it. By creating and keeping warm air close to you instead of spurring a natural tendency to rise in vain in the ceiling, the room temperature is maintained, making it possible to both go solo or with a radiant heating costs a few dollars operates the existing heating system. No blowers involved in the radiant heating system, so it will not send allergens and other harmful particulates in the air your family breathes.

Radiant heating is also quiet, and open space floor surface without any ventilation and large parts. With the passage of radiant heating technology that worth watching as well, the green-minded designers and engineers working to develop solutions such as solar hot water heater that only add to the efficiency and appeal of radiant heating.