High Quality in the Indian Outsourcing Industry

Outsourcing to India is now more about high quality rather than cost. Indian companies are fast scaling up to match or surpass international quality standards and ensure that they stay earlier by stable quality systems and continuous quality improvement.The Indian BPO industry, which used to rely on cost- effective in attracting customers, now in entirely different circumstances of dictatorship. Quality is the new keywords and dominate the business processes and services like never before. Ninety percent of ITES-BPO companies now have specific quality departments that are responsible for ensuring, accurate reliable service to their customers. Spotlight on India centers are now committed to ensuring that the standards of quality equal to, if not superior to their counterparts abroad.Defining QualityQuality department has an easy approach to identify areas that require quality control. The first step is to identify the parameters of the ‘critical to quality’. This parameter is almost always include the client’s needs and expectations. Other key factors such as accuracy, productivity and turnaround time also outlined.Most company now also follow a process approach. Process approach is the description of the interaction between all the activity that works to achieve the highest standard of quality defined by the ordinary differential quality and expectations.The Indian Indian AdvantageThe profit clients located primarily in educational and technical qualifications of the staff, who are often more qualified than people working parent site. A survey conducted in 2002 by NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Service Companies) showed that the Indian ITES-BPO center-based banking and financial services sector, are doing better than the UK or U.S. equipment based on factors such as the number of correct significant transactions / total number of transactions, the number of factors of satisfaction, number of transactions per hour and an average speed of answers.The ITES-BPO industry is most sensitive to incorporate internationally accepted standards of quality assurance. NASSCOM survey also found that 50 percent of Indian companies have implemented varying levels of the ISO (International Organization for Standardization, which conceives set of quality management standards) such as ISO 9002, ISO 9001, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 9001:2001. The survey also said that 45 percent of Indian service providers have certifications like Six Sigma (a, statistical quality control methods of discipline that measures the number of defects compared to the opportunity to make a disability) and CMMI (capabilty Maturity Model Integration – which is a process improvement method that provides a set of best practices that address productivity, performance, cost, and customer satisfaction.). In addition, many organizations are improving their standard of quality ISO 9000:2000 ISE 9000 to new, and from CMM to CMMI framework framework.Quality new deviations – People and superior performance levels IndustriesDespite and accreditation from international agencies, India still remain at a disadvantage when it comes to certifications for quality professionals. With little or no certification for qualified professionals in India, and those that are available are either in the U.S. or UK based. Although most companies make their employees to undergo certification process, a lack of perceived indigenous certification body, principally due to lack of training centers for quality assurance and control. Only two famous ITES industry certifications are “Certified Software Quality Analyst (CSQA) and Certified Software Test Engineer (CSTE). Both of these certifications offered by Quality Assurance Institute, which is again, an international body. But it is also largely inadequate considered by most authorities.Another agree about the industry as the customer contact center industry to rely on one-on-one verbal communication, is the use of false accent and grammar. Quality feel strong deviations due to misunderstandings or inability of customers to understand Indian accent. Efforts are being made to improve the standard of quality in these areas by deploying specialized agency evaluation of prospective employees with skills in English as accent, grammar, fluency and general skills communication. International standards in the operation of the contact center – COPC certification is now in great demand with the Indian contact center. While six of the 25 players who will have the COPC certification, 12 companies are in the process of being certified.Efforts towards improvement QualityThe frenetic pace, which Indian players moving towards the achievement of quality control standards are recognized Internationally, most came to the realization that BPO industry can not sustain itself in the advantage of lower costs and the ability to communicate in English only. The importance of consistency, low error rates and customer satisfaction never felt as strong today.

Sure, government agencies like NASSCOM hold no bars in an effort to improve the quality of regulation. At the end of 2004, they plan to introduce a common certification program in India for prospective candidates, in terms of the skills and knowledge required by industry.Another BPO transition is significant to ensure the quality of NASSCOM initiatives to control such issues as copyright infringement. He is planning to formulate a comprehensive draft proposal to ensure information security and data privacy. Proposal would also emphasize the need for an internal review and ongoing quality checks, either by internal senior management team as well as by clients team.NASSCOM also planning to construct a common benchmark for BPO organization. An attempt to create benchmarks Movies conducted by Carnegie Mellon University is committed to the development of E-SCM or E-Services Capability Model. This model is very useful for clients to choose an appropriate service providers, as it enables them to compare the ability of different service providers, and also compares the issues associated with the initiation and completion of the project.The benchmarking concept is also beginning to be used more regularly. Benchmarking is a continuous process of assessing and comparing the performance of organizations with recognized industry leaders. It is very useful to know where a particular company stands in relation to its competitors. It also makes it easier to identify areas that need more attention in terms of quality control.The Quality Assurance Institute conduct various training programs in Six Sigma, COPC Implementation and Support and non-certified skills such maintaining customer satisfaction, people management, and service level monitoring.For a corporate transaction, ignoring the quality now means certain extinction. Quality, therefore, is not an option, it is the only option.

Dying to be thin

This month saw a lot of news articles competing for the spotlight – most, of course, all related to the football World Cup. However, in the midst of the euphoria of football is an article that brings a wild celebration pause: very disturbing news sites anorexia internet boom.

Anorexia has been around for a long time that most of us have become desensitised to it, and think it as anything out there – much of our day-to-day life. Internet, on the other hand, has become an important part of our world – an important communication tool without which most of us will not be able to survive even for a day.

It is only a matter of time until an eating disorder such as anorexia destroy the company will find support base ‘on the internet continues to grow – complete with tips on how to keep the disease from person to person love you and how to starve yourself with more “success” – but when the day after, we still caught off-guard. What we choose to ignore, the internet has brought to our homes and work spaces, and this time we can not turn away.

According to a recent study, published in the American Journal of Public Health, the U.S. team last 180 pro-eating disorder websites. Approximately 91% of these sites are open to the public, 85% so-called “thinspiration” (images and videos of very thin models and actresses) and approximately 43% of the specific instructions provided food storing illness. Very few of the sites talk about recovery.

The Internet has become a tool for people who want to use anorexia as their identity and want to connect with others like them, one of the researchers said. If you can find a community of people who think well, reinforces what you are doing is OK – there is safety in numbers!

So, what should we do? Although search engines Yahoo and MSN agreed to shut down the human pro-eating disorder websites in 2001, it did not make much difference. Fill online for people with eating disorders recently become more sophisticated over time – web now flooded with video, voice-overs, blogs and Facebook groups.

The best thing we can do, is to launch an awareness campaign in our own homes and our community as soon as possible. Do you know what your children are doing on the internet? Did you know that they are chatting on Facebook? Do you teach your children healthy eating habits and they know the dangers of eating disorders such as anorexia? You setting a good example? How do you feel about your body? How do your children feel about their bodies? You have close friends who have become socially isolated and obsessed with unhealthy weight? Do you know the symptoms of anorexia?

We can not ignore the loss of appetite. We are pro-active and start a new trend these days.

The deaf to read body language faster

Deaf people who use sign language are quicker at recognizing and interpreting body language than hearing non-signer, according to new research from investigators at UC Davis and UC Irvine.

The work suggests that deaf people may be specifically skilled in calling a mild visual characteristics of the actions of others, an ability that can be useful for some sensitive jobs, such as airport checks.

“There are a lot of anecdotes about deaf people are better able to choose the language of the body, but this is the first evidence of that,” said David Corina, professor in the UC Davis Department of Linguistics and Center for the mind and the brain.

Corina and graduate student Michael Grosvald, tagapagpananaliksik now a postdoctoral at UC Irvine, measured the response times of both deaf people and hearing people to a series of video clips showing people making American Sign Language signs or “non-language” movement body, such as stroking the chin. Their work is published online in the journal Cognition.

“We hope that deaf people know sign language faster than hearing people, as the deaf people know and use sign language daily, but the real surprise was that deaf people also were about 100 milliseconds faster to identify non- linguistic cues than hearing people, “Corina said.

Changing communication

This work is important because it suggests that the human ability for communication has changed and is not limited to speech, Corina said. Deaf people show us that language can be expressed by hand and seen by the visual system. When this happens, deaf signer get the added benefit of being able to recognize non-language actions better than hearing people who do not know sign language, Corina said.

This study supports the idea that sign language is based on a modification of the system that all humans use to recognize movement and body language, rather than working through a completely different system, Corina said.

This study was supported by grants from the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation.

UC Davis is a leader in the science of the brain, with the three main centers – centers the mind and brain, Neuroscience Center and the MIND Institute – which brings together experts from across the university to work together on topics ranging from autism and memory in meditation and the effects of music on the brain.

Motsoaledi take us crap?


That venerable British journal, The Lancet, has conducted a review of state-of-the-nation South Africa, and the picture it paints is not pretty. Apparently our murder rate is five times the world average – except when you look at the South African women, as we rode homicide rate six times the world average. Half of the women were killed by their partners.

We let down the children as well. For all our good intentions, the rate of infant mortality has actually risen and – according to the Lancet numbers – more than 200 children die every day, many in their first four weeks of life, many do not needs.

Each of these deaths brought the load of grief. If the state has an aura, you need to be a gray, dirty nasty bottom of this tragedy alone.

Also inherited our new Minister of Health, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, a grim HIV statistics (0.7% of the world population, but 17% of cases of HIV / AIDS), TB sad statistics (incidence has doubled since 2001), and .. . but I have to go. Click here to read the full story.

The National Health Insurance debate to solve the problem? Looks like a big task for me. But we want this attitude Motsoaledi: this week sees the start of a week-long blitz of door-to-door immunization and provide immune-strengthening vitamins for children. At the national level, the only way to solve the problem: one step at a time.

While Motsoaledi is chipping away at the mountain needs, what, on a personal level, we should all? Actively, consciously committed to our health, that is. Victory lies in true health rarely or never need to access the medical and hospital funding more routine screen. Status of the state more in the dirt of health, the higher the reasons to improve your own health and fitness. Health24 mission as summer begins: Join us for a ride!

Fall Home Improvement Projects easily

The weather will be cold, the kids at school and leaves can easily change the color … sign that autumn here sure.

Here are five easy fall home improvement projects you can tackle in a weekend or less:

Closing. Doors, windows, and electrical outlets are common criminals. With rising energy prices, measures of energy and money saved can be a big help. Air leakage accounts for between 25 and 40 percent of the energy used for heating and cooling a typical home. Before the weather is too cold, check around doors, windows and joints in the development of materials for air leaks.

Alt = ImprovementThere house are many products available for sealing the air in your home including caulks, sealants and foam insulation. Common place to come back outlet. Buying inexpensive outlet gasket and put it back into the outlet covers to seal them. MAKE A place you want to go in your attic. A well-ventilated attic is key to the house warm.

Clean Air. In cold weather we all spend a lot of time inside – often 25 times more polluted than outdoor air quality. Solution whole house air purifier. Not as seen-on-TV air space cleaners, whole house air purifier built-in heating and cooling systems in your home. As a result, it can clean the whole house. High efficiency unit will not only remove dust, but eliminate the bacteria that cause colds and flu. You can also take advantage of professional house cleaners mounted air intact prolong heating and cooling equipment, and the collapse of a major home improvement project.

Add a programmable thermostat. Did you know that a programmable thermostat can help you save money and energy throughout the year? They allow you to control the climate of your home in the winter, and summer hours – without any additional effort. In fact, setting the thermostat to control the operation of your central air conditioning also manage excess moisture in the home and reduce the overall cooling bill.

Alt = Home ImprovementTo maximize energy savings, install the thermostat away from natural cool or hot. In the summer months, set the thermostat a few degrees higher when you go. During the winter months of the program, the thermostat a few degrees cooler when you lose. Most programmable thermostats have multiple settings, allowing you to customize the fit and save a little extra money while you’re on vacation. An example of the program that day during winter low temperatures at night, warming up before everyone up for the day, after all drop out of the house and warm up again before coming home all. Programmable thermostats are available for as little as $ 50 and install it is a simple home improvement project falling for professional services.

Preparation for lightning. It became sleet, snow or something in between, a winter storm could wreak havoc almost anywhere. In fact, every year 75% of all Americans are experiencing a power outage. A backup generator is a good idea, especially if your home has young children, elderly people or people with special needs. Well sort of backup power generators to consider that automatically shut down to run electrical appliances if power is suddenly lost. Runs on natural gas or propane for your home, there’s no messy fuel to handle or extension cables to connect. Provides worry-free safety and security in size from 7,000 150 000 watts.

Tweak and creaky. Before winter sets in corrosive, homeowners would be wise to give their house once ended up with a can of WD-40. With the windows and doors to lubricate, screeching benefit mute and many others, the house should be without the WD-40.

Autumn is the time to dig up and doing home improvement projects simple fall will need to get your home ready for winter.