Facebook Graph Search and Policy

Mark ZuckerbergGraph Search Facebook unveiled today. Many may wonder what this means for privacy. Facebook is to put a video that addresses that very problem.

“In Graph Search, you can find anything you share on Facebook, and others can find the things that you share with them, including the contents of the column in Public,” Facebook said. “That means that different people see different results.”

“I speak Spanish, and I can only share that information with my friends,” Julia said of the team’s Facebook search, video. “That means that if the results of anyone who is not my friend look for ‘people who speak Spanish’ I will not show up in the search to see.”

Basically, people do not see anything in the graph find they do not have access too, so it should not be much concern. That said, it’s been a while since you took a look at your privacy settings, it is probably a bad idea to revisit just to make sure you do not share anything you do not want to be anyone you do not want to share it with.

You can also go to the “about” your timeline, and edit them to see different aspects of your profile. You can go to the event log to manage your overall activity on social networks, including what you have shared, such as an image, or tags. You can view all the photos you are tagged, for example, and see hidden or visible in your timeline.