Find Graph Facebook Is Going to Make More Questions Funny, weird, and creepy

Find Graph Facebook Is Going to Make More Questions Funny, weird, and creepyNew Tumblr Alert! New Tumblr Alert!

As Tumblr blog that allows people to post strange Siri when he first debuted on iOS, or Tumblr blog shows unique Google autocomplete suggestions, the new Tumblr blog centered on the new Facebook Be sure to give us some giggling over the next few months.

It may not always giggling – perhaps some cringes discarded there.

It is called “actual Facebook Graph Search,” and consists of … Actual Graph Search Facebook – real-life search can be done using the new Facebook Graph Search feature.

When Facebook officially announced the new search tool last week, we knew that enhance privacy concerns. Find Graph allows users to find other users based on the likes and interests, and such other information indicating the location, profession, political status, and more.

Facebook has recently removed the ability of users to opt out of that found in a search on the site, just in time to start the Chart Search. You can view our large aggregation of Search Graph, Facebook privacy, and what you can do about it here.

Point is, because Facebook allows more people to beta, the more people find interesting Search Charts, Graphs Finding creepy, and just plain weird Graph Search.

Actual Facebook Search Graph’ve highlighted some of them. Looking for easy date? How bout looking Yes “Single women who live nearby and attractive men and bang Get Drunk (page)!”! Charming!

How about “Muslims are attracted to people who lived in Tehran, Iran.” It’s kind of a strange one.

“Wife of married people like Ashley Madison (circumvention of dating sites).” Well, that’s hard.

“Currently employers’ people like racism.” “Uh oh, Target.

Point is, Find Graph Facebook has developed hundreds and hundreds of searches are unique. As someone who is not overly alarmist when it comes to Facebook and privacy, I can just sit back and visitors freak show. It will be fun.