Colonial Williamsburg – Living History

Colonial Williamsburg - Living HistoryA visit to Colonial Williamsburg is a great opportunity to get another century. Walk to merchants, nobles, officials and traders along the dusty road lined with carefully reconstructed buildings as close as I can get the experience of life in pre-Revolutionary War America. Close your eyes, deep and the United States in 1770 – there was no “United States” is.

Women wore long dresses and hats, lots of sporting men back of the knee, with powdered wigs and tricorn hats. If you stop and interact with them in conversation, they tend to respond in character. Because of the debate. They are in favor of the revolution, or whether they are the king? What do they do? Where do they live? Please note, tend to find much about the history of our country.

The next logical question is: “How can this machine is a good time to be there?” Well, after the state capital moved to Richmond in 1780, Williamsburg quiet college town. The College of William and Mary, the second oldest university in the country, was founded here in 1693. Nearly 150 years later, the streets and buildings where George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and other patriots false idea of ??a new country deteriorated, destroyed or less graceful in recent years, even when they were originally designed. Schools are built on the foundation of the house governor, power poles and wire airline Duke of Gloucester Street, which is paved with concrete, the four pillars now adorn the front of the Palace of Justice in 1770.

Pastor W.A.R. Goodwin, rector of Bruton Parish Episcopal Church Williamsburg, grew and became the parish church. The dreams and big plans, but actually restored colonial capital, to save him before it is completely lost in the 20th century. After refusing to Henry Ford, Rev. .. Goodwin came to John D. Rockefeller Jr., whom he met while giving a speech in New York, and thinks he has to save an important part of American history. In 1926, the parties agreed to fund the restoration of the colonial city.

In combination with architects, archaeologists and historians began a huge task. The generosity of the Rockefeller Foundation funded a comprehensive care and rehabilitation, and Goodwin dream come true. On a visit to Williamsburg in 1934, President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared Duke of Gloucester Street “the most historic.” State

The result is what you see now a wonderful step back in time to the early days of our country. Colonial Williamsburg is a gentleman, a working village, where the practice of 18th century trade every day, you can walk to shops, dressmakers Coopers, silver, wheelwrights, printers, blacksmiths and manufacturers of wigs and watch them make their products time there using tools. Fifes and drums marching in a parade on the main street of the city. Brunswick stew, country ham and pitchers of beer served at the rustic inn.

So, use your imagination, silently thanking Rev. Goodwin and Mr. Rockefeller and living in another century. You for the great revolutionary period. (Next – Eat like a patriot) Note: The Colonial Williamsburg tickets are available at discount prices TravelCom clubs and some local offices in 2,630 TravelCom McLaws Circle, phone (757) 564-7711, Williamsburg. Call for current selection and ticket prices.

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Smoky Mountains Fall

Smoky Mountains FallFrom the Q & A box:

We want to see the fall colors in the Smoky Mountains. What do you suggest?

Doing some quick planning, because it is a popular time in western North Carolina, eastern Tennessee and, of course, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which is celebrating its 75th anniversary.

When the peak of the fall color variations of time and altitude, but this page can give you some ideas – as early October to early November.

Plan TravelCom see free online resources:

Difficult journey TravelCom Smoky Mountains Guide Blue Ridge Parkway Great Smoky Mountain National Park Map

Asheville, North Carolina is a great place to start, since you can see the leaves are different due to changes in the surrounding heights and can take the Blue Ridge Parkway from there. Plan your route with online travel planner and see triptych TravelCom approved hotels and restaurants, attractions and events along the way.

Texas Burger Information

Texas Burger InformationWhen I found out I was doing a research trip sponsored by TravelCom year in Texas, I’m very happy for two main reasons: (1) I finally got to find out who shot JR, and (2) the love that I have meat red.

I’m kidding, of course, on the first point (ie Kristin!), But if you read my blog Brooklyn Diner honest should know about the second. And, in addition to those living under a rock, you know many Texans share my enthusiasm for beef. More than 135,000 livestock farmers to do business in the state of Texas, with 97 percent of the families run run for generations.

Because I have a long way to go in my adventures in Texas, I immediately knew that there was no time for any steak dinner four or five diamond rated. However, says journalist Charles Kuralt entertain me. “You can find your way across this country using burger joints the way a navigator uses stars” As I travel from Dallas to Austin, I was doing (although the Hertz NeverLost ® GPS system is very useful to use, well).

Do not stop. 1

Burger Street. Among the seven burger pretty random enchanted tried during the trip, the chain was founded in Dallas, Texas Burbs “tops the list. Yes, fast food restaurant, but tasty ingredients, beef, cooked to juicy perfection while you wait, and fresh toppings like fresh romaine lettuce, red onions, pickles and tomatoes, which of the items hawked by others. It’s a simple formula, and a long list of clients from patients telling street permanently obstruct street burger makes every moment. The employees are friendly burger street waiting for your order in Tulsa and throughout the metropolitan area Dallas-Fort.

Do not stop. 2

Twisted Root Burger Co.. They are proud of: “! 3 + 1 + Bachelor cooking wine 23 years experience Cooking = One helluva good burger “Undoubtedly, inventive menu with everything from buffalo ostrich meat deer meat, ornaments such as guacamole and goat cheese, and sides like sweet potato chips and fried green beans. As I tasted the burger did not really live up to the high hook statement roots, I really liked the place. Decorating Industry crew-chic relaxed and comfortable (not to mention the “adults only” milk shake) you want to relax and socialize many Dallas-area natives to support local businesses. Twisted Root Burger Co. a. Locations in Dallas, on the campus east of Southern Methodist University in 5609 SMU Blvd

Do not stop. 3

Love Shack. Maybe I would have liked it better if my burger Love Shack owner Tim Love, a celebrity chef who runs the Lonesome Dove Western Bistro critically acclaimed ready. Unfortunately, he did not. However, it is easy to understand why the Fort Worth Stockyards location in “Cowtown” is popular with tourists and natives alike. Music fills the air with outdoor dining room many nights and weekend evenings, also the upper deck, which overlooks the historic Exchange Avenue, where cows and cowboys still roam. However, in my book, a good environment can not be made at Caterpillar excited. The Love Shack to visit at 110 E. Exchange Ave Fort Worth, second in 817 Matisse.

Do not stop. 4

Kincaid is. Long tradition of Fort Worth, a shop converted in 1940 into common enemy grilled and occasional winner of the title “Best Burger”. Herd unpretentious local restaurant for a portion of the good old days of 8 oz and hormone Kincaid, hand formed, meat free of antibiotics and preservatives bread. Close using colored concrete walls aqua and ornaments scattered around the old market, which, in addition dispenser bottles squeezable plastic ketchup and napkins, apparently has not changed much in recent decades. Kincaid is the original 4901 Camp Bowie Boulevard. Forth Worth.

Do not stop. 5

Burger Hut. Just put one foot in Austin landmark, the old drive-in carhop service functions, do not expect to bring a smile to your face. Every inch of wall space is covered with autographed photos of celebrities, plates, college pennants and metal signs, you will feel like you are walking in the flow of vehicles in a variety of films of Quentin Tarantino. (Next to Frank & Angie’s Pizzeria, which is owned by the owners Hut, said the director’s favorite local restaurants.) But, as I said before, the atmosphere is not everything. Fortunately Hut gives you need, you’re the healthy goodness. In addition, there are 20 types of burgers to choose from, including The Wolfman Jack (sour cream, diced green chilies, Monterey Jack and meat), and The Alley-Oop (swiss cheese, grilled onions and thousand island dressing). Burger Hut 807 W. 6th St. in Austin.

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Martinique: the beauty and history of Fire

the beauty and history of FireMartinique is a Caribbean island, one of the very, seemed to be ignored by the American ship and, therefore, the American cruiser. It’s a shame, because it’s an island with a lot to offer – and French cuisine. Holland America to visit more often. Other cruise lines that come here, but often allowed the Southern Caribbean. As some Dutch Antilles islands, it has the feel of that money is flowing relatively freely in France, the country in Europe, and there is no need for local make other Caribbean destinations. Well, at least not full.

Capital ships dock in Martinique, Fort-de-France, in front of the port and no need to bid. Less than 5,000 people call Fort-de-France home, and spot, Gallo-tropical flavor perfectly compact and large cathedral, Cathedral of Saint-Louis de Fort-de-France, built in the 17th century and the history, requiring repairs repeated fires, volcanoes, earthquakes, and the most devastated, do not understand. It looks good now, though. (Another church, may be more attractive to the streets on the way to a beautiful botanical garden Balata imitating the Sacre-Coeur in Paris, Sacré-Coeur de Balata is smaller than the original, but with the same size. )

All is quiet now, even though the island has a distorted perception of geological history, dominated by Mount Pelee Island. The big pile of rocks in the record books as the third worst volcanic eruption in history. When it erupted in 1902 (which blew its top two times a year), which killed more than 29,000 people, the tragedy is eclipsed only by two 19th century eruptions in Indonesia, including the legendary Krakatoa.

I got on the island of St-Pierre, a town at the bottom of this, in 1902, has been approved by a wave of explosions and pyroclastic tour guides tell visitors happy people just to survive being in a prison cell He protects drinking poisoned rum. Therefore, his argument, RAM to save his life … Just buy a bottle of duty free. The truth, as usual with anecdotes ready Desk, a little more expensive. It is true that people are lucky, Louis-Auguste cyparis, which later became the main attraction in PT Barnum Circus, survived, but he was in prison for stabbing a friend with a short sword, the story is more romantic However, two of the survivors, too.

In 1903 his book, Mont Pelee and the Tragedy of Martinique: A Study of the Great Plague, Angelo Heilprin, visit May and August fuck wrote that “the barren landscape as if it were carved into the desert, and the scar irregular Camper created by floods and boiling mud, and most of the remaining remnants of forest green, but shortly before the glory of the earth. Great folds and gray clouds hung over the crown of the volcano, and under the wing has provided a real storm curling steam and mud. Located near the foot of the south, and the sun drenched tropical fire, all that remained of the once picturesque town of Saint-Pierre kilometers of debris that reaches even to the silence of the desert rock and sand, do not show the gray or burning, but the cast part of the country. “

Pretty good is a better word, the true meaning of the strength of the idea around 1902 eruption of ashes, crushed and sank the boat, the Roraima, a few miles out to sea, to the point that no one survived that , too. One of them describes the scene in Martinique, where the flag is very nice, by the way, four snakes turning all staff on a blue background with a white cross, saying “there has never been such darkness. Consider the case of a dark night, thinking it was a thousand times more obvious than it was, and then you can get an idea of ??what the air about fifty miles around. “

Forest is back, green and healthy, but San Pedro, there are still memories of that fateful day. Charred walls empty amphitheater, headless statues and remains inoperative, bent barrel seafront provided the threat is much lower than the ground behind him. The first thing that I realized that life is a train carrying tourists along the front. Wavelet includes the beach and a short-sleeved white shirt standing in local schools and make invisible orchestra. Everything looks normal, but scientists studying Mount Pelee, literally translated as Bald Mountain means that it remains one of the most active volcanoes on the planet, but does not blow its top for more than a century.

Raise the side of the volcano, everything looks green and beautiful. Here, the landscape is a name like Le Morne Rouge, Le Morne Gros Morne Vert and nickname that speaks of beauty, strength and natural colors of the earth. A small village on the south coast of St. Pierre Le Carbet, precisely in 1502, the exact date four volcanic century, Christopher Columbus landed on his fourth trip to what is to think is Japanese, while Closer Mount Imposing Pelee Pitons du Carbet nails grow over 30 feet tall. All is well here.

Travelers can choose quiet time thing without worry, and go south coast, Anse des Salines, in particular by providing a distant view of the rock of 574 meters diamond shaped island off the coast of Martinique, called, appropriately, Le Diamant. In 1804, most eccentric, a British naval vessels some sailors here, with instructions to fly the Union Jack, stone sign on behalf of King George III (who, one would think, as crazy as it is a chronicle of the history of fruit bats) and perform the naming ceremony, where the islands are not considered further ground at all, but the ship, then called, Boat Majesty, The Diamond Rock.

France does not like it one bit, so he spent the next two years to attack him, without success. Last Ditch work plan. Plan to float a few hundred bottles of rum, which is free to use, so much so that the island was taken over by the French in the morning the next day, without a single shot rifle bullets. Or you can become the story and the RAM seems a major role in ana-around here is a story peppered with the only survivors of Mount Pelee?

But I like the fact that my country is still considered a rock like a ship of war, and a visit to Admiralty House in London is likely to reveal a nice certificate to prove it, and if the Royal Navy will the “rock” ,, the team should stand upright and respectful. That is fine, and the reasons of its own, both in the beautiful island.

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The Dangerous Silence: Indoor Air Pollution

Indoor Air PollutionIt can be found at home, at work or where there is a door. Indoor air pollution can appear in any large or small structure. Some pollutants are not detectable by smell, sight, or sound, but also have a direct view when entering a room. Although adequate ventilation can eliminate some types of pollution sources that release gases or other emissions, some require stronger remedies.

Pollution can cause health problems with potential for respiratory diseases and some cancers. There are many sources that generate contaminants, some of which are built into the room with products containing lead, asbestos and hazardous chemicals.

Radon is a radioactive gas produced from radium is found in rocks and building materials. When the building was built on the site using the radon source, the lower floor can accumulate dangerous amounts of radon gas that is responsible for diseases such as lung cancer.
Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas produced from poorly ventilated heating and cooking systems, vehicle exhaust Runs, and tobacco smoke. Inhaling large amounts of gas will result in the buildup of moisture death.
Mould way under the building or wall due to leaking pipes, condensation and excess moisture. It is a major contributor to asthma attacks. Animal dander and pollen allergens from plants put air.
Asbestos fiber found in older structures, and when disturbed, microscopic spread of air that can be inhaled material. Creating long-term effects of lung cancer and mesothelioma.

Household products and pesticide problems when carelessly easy. Emissions from these products often cause short-term pain, but it also can be deadly abuse. Organic solvents found in paints, waxes, cleaning liquids, and gases. Their emissions have been found to cause nausea, headaches, and respiratory disease problems.A gather much media attention for 20 years or Legionellosis Legionnaire’s Disease. It is a waterborne bacterium called Legionella found growing in warm water. Evaporation cooling system faults in commercial buildings are a major source of the spread of the disease when first discovered. Legionella is a protozoan parasite, and favorable conditions for both development will result in sometimes fatal disease. It has a natural resistance to most chemical treatments but can be removed with very hot water.

Air pollution found in the room can not be completely eliminated, but the intensity and the ability to do damage will be reduced, if the internal air was systematically changed out. Heating and air conditioning and ventilation technique is effective enough to turn into a closed area. Pollutants trapped air filter system, do not allow them to re-let to develop products to help reduce pollutants area.

Better implanted into space. Rug and carpet to be weekly if not daily, cleaning trapped dust and dirt, mites, allergens, and bacteria. It was a great already carpeted areas with heavy traffic should be professionally cleaned, especially when children and parents come into contact. Their immune system making them susceptible to disease and health problems associated with open space pollution.
Cleaning and hygienic surfaces to keep dust under control, it will also help to stop the pollution of air quality .