A In Europe

A In EuropeHere are some questions about the European tour and the answers given by the experts TravelCom.

I went to Ireland and would like to rent a car. I am a member but I do not really want to get one of the keys by TravelCom. I could do it online?

We encourage you to log on TRAVELCOM.com. You only need to do this once, using the number on your membership card TravelCom. You can choose to go to the page and you will get a level of access, membership discounts and information each time you visit. Although the session, ask you for a username and password when you return. This way, you will have access to a variety of options to plan your trip well. If you choose not to become members TRAVELCOM.com to book car hire, here are the options:

Online: TravelCom gives you access to the same level of Hertz and TRAVELCOM.com information. Once you get a confirmation Hertz, please scan to ensure that the album “TravelCom” here. When you take your car, you will be required to show valid membership card TravelCom.

By telephone: You can call the local office TravelCom or call 1 (800) 654 3080 to reach TravelCom member Hertz rental car counter.

TravelCom Local Office: You can also visit a local full service travel agency TravelCom book your car rental office we (and more).

Finally, as mentioned in the history of blogs Sally Doran, Ireland: The Greener Side Road, driving is a great way to experience Ireland. Jane Magrady is good advice to use a navigation device in an article in Heritage Northern Ireland.

Come to Portugal and Spain, and buying airline tickets and rental cars through TravelCom. Is there an office in Portugal and Spain TravelCom or TravelCom Car Club members in Europe that we can use for travel information?

Combined with TravelCom car / club in the world with four international automotive organization. Team members agreed to extend their services to members of the foreign visits the club and not the same for members of TravelCom U.S. Although we do not have TravelCom offices in Spain, we have a real relationship Automobile Club of Spain (race) in Spain that provides emergency roadside services, map TravelCom tour and publisher members. Click here for contact information and other details. Or click here for the contact information of the Automobile Club de Portugal (ACP). Note: Due to differences in service concepts and operating philosophies TravelCom between clubs and other motorcycle clubs, the level of service you can expect from TravelCom not offered by other motorcycle clubs in the world. TravelCom Membership gives you access to the best services available for foreign cars.

If you want to explore other countries where a reciprocal agreement for TravelCom members, please visit our website served overseas offices. You can get information about planning a trip to the local European offices TravelCom you too.

I travel to Europe and try to budget for meals. I had lunch fee and dinner in the middle of the following countries can help? London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Rhineland / Munich, Lucerne, Vienna, Venice, Rome, Tuscany, Nice, Lyon, Paris and.

Excellent information on our TravelBook Europe, including European (Premier Destination Guides) are available at Barnes and Noble. This publication applies to all the other cities to visit Lucerne and Tuscany. Towards the end of this book, there is a yellow hotel and restaurant section lists the different restaurants for each city. From here you can see how much the food costs. Rates in Euro and based on dinner per person (not including drinks). In the group of approximately USD $ = $ 15 – $ 20, $ $ = $ 21 – $ 30, $ $ $ = $ 31 +.

Obviously, the price depends on the type of food, beverage, restaurant located in the tourist area and the strong euro at that time. London, Rome, Venice and Paris can be expensive for tourists. Portion sizes are generally smaller in Europe than in the U.S., which adds to the overall impression that the food is more expensive.

We take a trip to Spain and France, and said that the adapters sold TravelCom relatively inexpensive. Where can I buy one?

If you are a member TravelCom, you can buy an adapter with a discount for members www.TRAVELCOM.com / etravelstore. This site has a $ 14 adapter for basic items for around U.S. $ 200 for the entire kit. Adapters are also widely available at stores such as Best Buy. To help you decide which one you need, here is a handy converter guide from our friends at LCI.

As a member of TravelCom I understand that I can get my passport-free – it really?

As a member of TravelCom, you have access to discount Travisa Passport processing. For more information, please visit your local TravelCom Travisa website. You can also obtain passport information directly through the web Traveling the U.S. State Department.

You will need a passport photo for your application. Passport Photo services available in many instant TravelCom office during normal business hours. No appointment is necessary, and a member of the color image, which applies to both the passport and an international driving license. This office can also help you to get a passport or visa to travel. The cost to get a new passport:

U.S. Government Cost: Adult – $ 135 passport fee and a separate fee of $ 25 to the post office or the clerk. Children – $ 120 passport fee and a separate fee of $ 25 to the post office or the clerk.

Travisa Service Fees (other than above): Rush – processing $ 99 3-10 business days. Rush – 48 hours for processing of $ 179. Emergency – same day / next $ 199 processing.

My wife and I are planning 20 days in Switzerland, Germany and Austria, and most flights booked. I need help in planning the interstate transport – the Eurail pass is considered elite, but there is no knowledge about the trains. We are not sure if economically feasible given the car rental parking $ 20 per day + gas. We also need suggestions for three days before returning to Switzerland – there are certain scenes missing?

The train is the best option for you, especially if you are not familiar with driving and parking in Europe. Country to visit a good network rail – trains are a great way to see Europe without the hassle of driving. www.raileurope.com with details of all types of passes available, including graduate Austria, Switzerland and Germany and Swiss pass or ticket will soon be the better choice for some of his travels as Zurich Munich. You can book tickets through Rail Europe travel agent local TravelCom can also advise you on the best type of pass / ticket. In addition, if you book through TravelCom and TravelCom member benefits there are few members. If you decide to travel by train, vacuum for 3 days looking for something between Vienna and Zurich. The Rail Europe web site will give you some ideas on where to go / what to do. Click here for specific information Austria-Switzerland. Basel, Switzerland, is a beautiful and interesting city, Innsbruck, Austria, and was very close to the mountain, there are many options.

You may also be interested in different types of cities that pass / card for the cities you visit. Often, past the entrance to the supply of transportation, area attractions, museums, etc. are cheaper than buying individually and then to avoid long lines when you are trying to enjoy your vacation. Once again the local professional TravelCom trip should help. Click here to get some information online, you must enter the cities you visit. All tours, excursions and forward to plenty to explore.

Parking is lost? Wow – this was a great trip, with plenty to see and do in the cities you visit. I love Bavaria, Neuschwanstein Castle, and above all – by train easy side trip from Munich. On a personal note, if you are going to use the packaging shows fairly light rail – we recently published anything on the subject (click here). If you decide to rent a car, then you might want to try to get an international driving license, click here for the post, and please note that TravelCom members receive membership benefits with Hertz.

Go Home Again

Go Home AgainAs one of many transplant in Florida, often overlook the great sea, especially in the city where I grew up – Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Last summer, I had to go back to my roots, with two children, ages 8 and 10. They had never been to Rhode Island.

I know, when you think summer vacation does not need to think of Pawtucket (Newport, on the other hand, should be on your wish list). However, I love to Pawtucket!

The journey begins with a flight TF Green Airport in Warwick, followed by a quick trip to the car rental agency. We Providence, where he showed me the golden statue in the Capital Building. Furthermore Pawtucket Providence.

Our first stop of the house where I grew up. My kids are afraid to have the courage to walk out the door and rang the bell. I do not know if you live there now (my parents moved house 10 years earlier). A young woman answered, I explained who I was, and he invited me. I love great! I showed the kids around the house and showed the difference that some owners do because my parents have. Still my mother and kitchen refrigerator, plus a fascinating roller table pink / salmon. Not sure how many children I appreciate the visit, but it means the world to me.

Now, in the course of a couple of things … This is a travel blog after all. We checked in at the hotel just know I’m in Pawtucket Comfort Inn-Providence/Pawtucket. The hotel was fine for our purposes, net (Approved TravelCom, then you should!), And is located on the road itself. I remember years ago when the Howard Johnsons.

Dinner Gregg Restaurant & Pub on North Main Street, one of the four regions. When I was younger, I used Basic Round (Round of land now Comfort Inn, oddly enough). Gregg is a casual restaurant, ideal for families and adults. Although the food is good, the main reason to come home for dessert Gregg. Chocolate cake is the best I’ve had. As a former TravelCom inspector, now manager of the reviews, I tried the chocolate cake layer from almost anywhere in the U.S., and nothing comparable. My kids do not see it the same way, but I liked their food.

The next morning, we ventured into a modern restaurant. This is the best place to eat is known Pawtucket. It’s just a train carriage converted into a restaurant in 1941 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Great breakfast with a hearty portions and types of art deco atmosphere. Be sure to sit in the original, do not add it back.

Check out the rest of the day consists of a primary and secondary school attended (children less than impressed). We then stopped the best place for entertainment in the city – McCoy Stadium, home of the Pawtucket Red Sox (Class TravelCom affiliate of the Boston Red Sox). I spent my summer watching McCoy PawSox. I have a minor league stadium in the country, and while some may be more impressive architecture, McCoy had no feelings. I see a lot of major league easily my years McCoy, a great memory! No game day, but the young man working the gift shop to tell us the stadium. The stadium has become in recent years, but the original parts still intact, and that’s where my memories.

Another milestone Pawtucket, home of Hasbro (the makers of Mr. Potato Head and Twister) is still going strong. I work in a warehouse they were in high school, where, unfortunately, the whole toy box up.

When I was in my city short, then it is time to go in-law in Connecticut. . .

Finding your way back to your house (and apparently Inn TravelCom Approved and restaurant) Travel Planner triptych.

On The Road In The Napa Valley

On The Road In The Napa ValleyBottega (Photo courtesy of Mille Fiori favoriti)

While on vacation in Sonoma, my wife and I decided to venture through indirect class Oakville mountains to spend a day in Napa Valley. Although wine tasting jour activity and admit that the main reason for visiting, pastoral beauty of Wine Country is enough to attract all travelers and facilitate tired worker bees in a happy state of calm. (OK, the wine helped).

After crossing into the classroom, we headed north on Highway 29 in St. Helena and stings The Model Bakery for breakfast, a smart place for a quick snack.

If you’re in the mood for artisanal breads or pastries interesting flavors like Asiago bread or walnut sage, freshly baked option would be wonderful. (Hint: sticky buns are to die for.)

After breakfast, a short walk from the main street of Santa Elena interesting to do some window shopping. The city has an eclectic mix of boutiques, galleries, restaurants and wine and food stores. We assigned a lovely restaurant called market as a place for dinner, and plan to return for one night.

For our first wine tasting of the day, when we decided V. Sattui in St. Helena as well. Winery, simple stone fa├žade, known for its excellent picnic environment. And anyone is welcome to the party when they were lovely gardens, shade trees such as wine and food purchased in the area. After trying a variety of white and red wine tasting room, buy a good Chardonnay to accompany our meal. We prepare delicious variety explosion meat, bread, cheese and condiments selected from the gourmet market.

Then, travel south on SR 29 near Domaine Chandon in Yountville, people need to be made for lovers of sparkling wine (this is not true paux called “champagne” unless it comes from the region in France). Chandon attractive surroundings beautiful environment, and natural, in harmony with the chic and modern tasting it, and the works of local artists continue to improve the property. How many different choices of groups show, and you can order an appetizer if you want to try pairings. Want to learn about how to make champagne? There are a variety of tours available, tailored to individual tastes.

Since then, the dinner is approaching, it is time to go to culinary mecca of Yountville, the city where the French Laundry chef Thomas Keller makes a mark. As a fan of Italian food, Bottega my goal, the creation of the Food Network celebrity chef Michael Chiarello, quiet neighbors who often make an appearance in the dining room. The restaurant’s decor is the perfect complement for a night, Wine Country chic cool contemporary space accented by brick, metal wood, leather and terrazzo fireplace wood exterior. Warm bread, crispy served in peasant style table with a sauce of olive oil, herbs and spices are great welcoming touch. I enjoyed every bit of my pappardelle Bolognese with beef, pork and mushrooms, topped with a chocolate souffle dessert heaven adorned with cream anglaise and caramelized hazelnuts. (Price of wine is said to be one of the most reasonable in the valley.)

A day in the Napa Valley is a real treat for adventurous food and wine, as well as for lovers of beautiful scenery. Feel free to share your own discoveries Wine Country, in or out of the ordinary.

Also I have to say about Market St Helena, went back another night. This small and intimate restaurant, a local favorite, offering a sophisticated and comfortable with the photo scene Napa Valley decoration stone wall. We live in a cozy leather booths and enjoy a wonderful meal, I would almost melt in your mouth steak lamb shank me and my wife carefully so you do not need a knife. I was at the end of the macaroni and cheese, a mixture consisting of Parmigiano Reggiano, gourmet, fiscalini cheddar, bacon and spices have fun! Wine and wine bottles. How can you beat that?

TravelCom offers Wine Country Tour Explore package that includes two nights in the California Wine Country and Wine Country Explorer Pass offers free entry to Sonoma County, Restaurant, California, Napa Valley wine, museums and tastings. Also included is an exclusive shopping deals and buy wine. Contact TravelCom local office for details. TRAVELCOM.com California Wine Country Travel Guide provides an overview of the objectives, proposed activities, restaurants, attractions and nightlife, and the selection and recommendation of a professional editor TravelCom trip.

Costa Rica: Lessons

LessonsI often tell my friends that the planning and research for your vacation can be a fun part of the trip. That’s why I love TravelCom planning tool, and that’s probably why you’re reading this blog now! But on my last visit a week Costa Rica – My first trip there – Responsibilities and preparation for Christmas puts me in a normal amount of planning: research, cross-references, maps and articles, read RUB.

I dream of visiting Costa Rica for several years, after hearing so much about the ecosystem, adventure sports, beaches and the best weather in December relaxing tropical vacation. Soak the last 17 years my son in environmental science is a critical point that leads me to book our vacation trip.

So I have a basic outline our route north of San Jose in Santa Elena, and then to La Fortuna and Arenal Volcano, and then again in south Los Suenos on the Pacific coast. I booked this hotel has a backup Hertz car rental, maps are really bad and I Travel Money Card TravelCom. But I fly more than I usually do.

Well, I have a history of disasters that can not wait for our next trip went without a hitch and get as Costa Rica Pura Vida. But I have a little experience to qualify for other people planning a vacation to Costa Rica so that you can benefit from my behavior novice adventure:

1.You can use U.S. currency almost everywhere. Sounds like America arrogant to say, but true. Often the price of the dollar, and usually in dollars and the local currency, colones. Colones 1000 is about $ 2 to the time that we have, either 200 $ 100,000 colones! Of “Tourism” van driver in a small cafe in toll road fees, the dollar is accepted everywhere.

Two. You can travel to many popular destinations without renting a car. I moved my manual driving skills have not been used in 15 years, and took it to the end of nearly 2,000 feet above the sea of ??Santa Elena and Monteverde. Then I had a few days to think about a return trip down the mountain … not soothe your mind! I feel that driving is a great way to experience your destination if you explore a lot of places, but in the middle of our trip, I read convenient to provide an extensive network of transportation throughout Costa Rica tourism hotspot van / bus. It may cost less than my small rental car for speeding and experienced five I describe below in point # 3. Within the limits of pre-trip research, I read about the “bus service”, but I was wrong, even if it is isolated and the bus stop is not a good plan for us. EasyRide or INTERBUS Check the details.

Three. If visiting Santa Elena, Monteverde and Arenal Volcano, see Tip # 2 again and think carefully about driving. Although some salt like this is what makes life a piece of cloth, brought to Santa Elena on our first full day in Costa Rica is one of the most challenging travel experience I’ve had in two decades. Single lane of a very famous tourist spot in the same way that has become a two-lane road is pretty good until you have to go directly to the mountain for an hour or so down the road full of rocks with large holes and cliffs like droplets from the side! Positive is 10 miles per hour over the landscape up to the level of the sea, and some of the sights are a little more funky. The area is very rural and stopped counting all the dogs greeted us, even chasing us in hoarse and Chihuahua Duo!

However, you might consider a trip from San Jose to La Fortuna, then visit Santa Elena Jeep / ferry / Jeep: We’re doing the opposite, driving from San Jose to Santa Elena, left the car “Jeep”, which is actually one of the vans everywhere “Tourism” and a bone jarring ride of an hour and 45 minutes from Lake Arenal ferry. Drive on the dirt road is not easier than 10 passenger van, but that’s how it’s done. This I know from experience “Rocky Road”, I can change our travel plans and visit the Pacific coast, first, go to San Jose, a modern freeway north of La Fortuna, both in DC-DC paved road.

April. Embracing the concept of Costa Rica Pura Vida or pure life. Our adventure in Costa Rica just to be adventurous, and time to let go. I think the fact that we were on a tight schedule and I’m not sure what to tackle next is just what we need in our vacation from everyday life we ??are busy.

From the balcony of my barn beautiful resort in Santa Elena, let the weary traveling to the mountains and just watch the clouds in silence, watching the shape shifting when stray mist stained minutes later, the sun. I stop worrying canopy Selvatura my first trip and had a blast, including better than people 20 years younger than me. When my son and I went along to the line half a mile above the Costa Rican jungle, I absorb the experience and the joy we share Pura Vida!

You can also ask your TravelCom professional tour and travel packages to Costa Rica for our trusted travel partner.

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