Recording, Forward Block and easy call for a trouble-free life?

Recording, Forward Block and easy call for a trouble-free lifeMobile increased impact on the current state of technology. Finally, it will also lead to increased levels of communication. People prefer to interact with each other with the help of the iPhone. Therefore, the level of interaction with other people sometimes it helps and sometimes it gets a little harder to get success. So, with that in mind, there are a number of solutions have also found that people can easily meet your favorite and do not want to call.


Method 1: Adding contacts to block list

You can use this method to blocking specific individuals. Many iPhone applications are designed for people who are receiving unwanted or disturbed by some calls. There are several steps that can be followed is very easy to block contact.

Step 1: Download the application settings directly from the home screen of your iOS device

Step 2: Place the cursor on the icon and press down on the message, phone or FaceTime.

Step 3: Scroll down to get the option to block. When pressed, people would hang.

Step 4: Click the Add New button to add a new contact.

Step 5: Search for new contacts to block your contact list by clicking on it.

Procedure 2: Restrictions iOS 7

Finally, you can block a contact on your iOS device’s operating system launches the built-in locking. This function includes the latest versions of other operating systems. Therefore, you can directly block users call, Facetime requests and messages. It is the integration of the settings menu and very friendly and convenient access from the iPhone.

Record a call:

Method 1: Call Recorder IntCall

One of the main applications developed for iOS devices and holds a position in the top 10 of all apps in the world. A desire to build an app like this every leading iPhone App Development Company. It is designed to record incoming calls as well as out. By downloading this application, you will be credited the points that will help you to make free calls. The best effect of this application is that you can turn on and turn off notifications during a call.

Method 2: Call Log Pro

This is another remarkable application designed for iPhone app developers for iOS device users. This application is for those users who do not want a complex application. Downloading this app will give you 2 free minutes will allow you to test its features. This application works as a magical beauty to all users in the United States as the U.S. numbers are quite compatible with this application.

Call Forwarding:

Method 1: Application BABYFON

Many times you can get involved with so many things. Sometimes you have to do a little frustrating. This application will send all calls to another number. You only need to make changes to the configuration of the application. Log on Settings> Phone> Call Forwarding. In this menu, you can also set the On and Off the asset.

Technique 2: GSM Code

This solution is more practical than others. You can easily pass all calls on a regular basis. These shortcuts can also be done with a database of contacts that can help you easily visit your frequently used contacts.

The end result:

Listed are some of the platform where you can manage your calls. You can block unwanted calls, forward calls, and even essential to record the conversation if necessary. Applications designed for the iOS platform can be downloaded and used easily at anytime and anywhere in the tackle and did not want to call.