After maintaining his blog, contact with your readers

After maintaining his blog, contact with your readersThe best way to keep the audience interact with them on a blog or social media accounts. However, many blog owners do not know the best way to interact with their fans. Here are some tips to help.

Reply to comment directly

Most readers to interact with one another. However, there are some comments that measure directly addressed to you, the blog owner. Make sure you always respond to messages. Of course, you also need to participate in the discussion, too.

Make it easy to comment

Most people comment if it is easy for them to do. Unfortunately, some blogging platforms make it difficult for visitors to leave comments. Make sure your comments platform are open to all visitors. Also, if possible, give them the option to sign in with your Facebook account. This allows more personal comments, connect names and faces.

Most blogging platforms such as WordPress, which offers the option to change the settings of your comment. The use of the features that make it easier for your readers’ comments.


You do not always need to limit your comments only blog. You also need to interact with their fans in other tissues, such as social media and article. If you use article marketing, you need not doubt the hosting sites readers. In addition, you should have a Facebook page and Twitter account dedicated to your blog. Your readers are more likely to follow your social media accounts and comment on them, so we are. Always be sure to respond to comments like you.

Spam Control

Most visitors do not comment if you see the comments field too many spam comments. Ensure control spam on your site. WordPress usually fine for blocking spam comments not approved manually. However, there are times when some of the comments spam filter escape. The best way to keep the spam will continue to monitor field your comment. Remove all comments column comments as spam.


By using these simple tips, you can effectively interact with your readers and become more of his personality. When you feel connected to your site with your readers want, read back messages.