Take advantage of export opportunities

Latest Lloyds TSB Commercial Business in Britain report shows that a large number (39 per cent) of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) expect that the level of the book increased in the second half of 2010 – 42 percent expect an increase in foreign sales as a result of the rebound in global demand and the decline in the pound sustainable.

According to a separate survey commissioned earlier this year by Lloyds TSB Commercial, some of the most common reasons for not exporting SMEs fear the lack of potential demand, worries about late payments from overseas customers, the possibility of bad debts and worries about currency fluctuations.

But technology, like the internet, now allows many companies to explore opportunities in other countries without investing large amounts of capital into setting up a business office or agent in other country.See:Free expert advice on export

Lloyds TSB Commercial offers a variety of international business and foreign exchange services to help companies deal with the challenges that exports can bring, as well as helping them to manage their cash flow.

All of our international business manager based locally throughout England and Wales and their expertise can help you export easy profits and potentially greater for business. They can introduce companies to organizations such as UK Trade and Industry (UKTI) to assist the expansion of exports and sustained success.

Home Improvement Loan: How to Pay for Your Project

Coming to finance home improvements, there are many ways to pay for each project. From changing tool for adding a room or two, you can cover the cost of the project through loans, major retailers and offer financing options to make the most of current low interest rates.

So, what is the first step towards a dream home improvement financing? Carefully consider the potential return on your investment and its impact on the resale value of your home. Over-customizable features, unusual color palette and the changes made to follow fleeting trends are not a great way to spend your money, no matter how you finance the project.Alt = Home Loan improvment

“A lot of times, people make home improvements people they do not do anything to begin with … Generally in excess of a project, or renovating the kitchen every few years, “says Pete D’Arruda, president of financial advisers in the Capital and Financial Advisory Group in Cary, NC, and author of personal finance books , Fiasco Fine Print. “Almost it a way to spend their own happiness, and that usually does not work.”

In a project plan that really add value and realistic budget in mind, here’s a home improvement financing options to consider, in order of complexity and cost of the project.

Store Card

How they work: Like many homeowners opt to improve their current home in jumping back into the housing market, the home improvement retailer responded by highlighting various offers innovative products and repairs easy. Store credit cards are an easy way to pay for small-ticket items such as equipment and materials to the project, and usually involves a delayed payment schedule (usually 6-12 months), and low or no interest balance for a specified period of time.
What you need to know: approval and credit limit for the card shop will of course depend on your credit history. To get the most out of every promote low-to-no-interest purchase offer, you’ll make sure to pay off the balance over time this deal – if not, you’ll be socked with interest as much as 20 -30 percent, often applied to the original amount charged.

Stores Finance Program

How they work: well pleasing to big box store customer finance programs that include project materials and retailer-making contracts more extensive improvements like new wood or kitchen update. Unsecured loans usually require a minimum initial purchase of $ 1,000, and the terms are often identify non-payment or interest on the loan during the first six months, after which the payment schedule set and accrued interest begins.
What you need to know: Saving finance programs can be a good choice for those who are in their homes long enough to build equity requirement for bank loans provided. Just do not be pressured into buying big “here today, gone tomorrow” sales pitch. The deal that is right for your project is still waiting for you the next day if you take a night to sleep on the idea before signing.

Home Equity Line of Credit

How it works: offered by most consumer banking institutions, home equity line of credit (HELOC) is a home improvement loans tend to provide homeowners with access to the money in installments, on as-needed basis. The total amount of money available is based on the total equity of the home owner (the difference between the fair market value of their home and the unpaid mortgage balance), and payment flexibility, with a variable rate of interest and the interest paid on up to 100 per cent tax deduction.
What you need to know: D’Arruda recommended developing HELOC when you turned bicycle, even if you are hoping it will be a while before you think you need for home improvement projects, if not, it can be difficult to get one if you find yourself between jobs. He also voltage limit the use HELOC to home repair costs (rather than, say, paying off credit card debt), because only one hope of your home secured loans to bail. In addition, prepared to pay back the HELOC every pull at the right time so that the maximum amount of available credit will be available for future needs.

Home Equity Loan

How it works: If you prefer a fixed rate and fixed monthly payments to finance home improvements, home equity loans are the way to go. The amount of loan you qualify for will depend on the equity you have in your home, and you will receive a lump sum for repayed over the past few years, starting with the cost of the loan and closing costs.
What you need to know: As a long-term format and adequate funding levels, this home improvement finance option is best suited for large projects that impact the length of the flight, such as replacing the roof.

Home Improvement Loan or Personal:

How they work: Home improvement and personal loans can be a strong choice for large projects with funding but not enough home equity to qualify for a HELOC or home equity loan. Lending products offer a fixed interest rate and fixed monthly payments to be made within a few years.
What you need to know: As home equity loans, home improvement and reserve the use of personal loans for large projects are long-term needs.

Before you jump into the fray financing home improvements, take time to consider your options and ensure that the most appropriate for your project and the overall financial picture. Trick is, of course, to ensure that the money does not exceed the cost of the project. Free financial calculators online to help you get started in projection, and if you work in financial planner, consult with them as well.

“A good financial planner – trainer – gives you the good, bad and ugly, and make sure you understand the good, the bad and the ugly and there are no surprises arise in the future,” says D ‘Arruda. “There’s nothing wrong with using a car finance improvements to homes for people to do it within reason, and the reason for me means that you’re thinking about it and talk you those who trust you. “

The more you know about home improvement loans, the better off you will make decisions about how to finance your home improvement project.


Aerophagia, excessive gas, bloating or “fart”.


Gas (flatulence) of air or gas released in the colon through the rectum. The core consists of carbon dioxide gas is odorless gas. Small amount of other gases, such as methane and hydrogen sulfide. Unpleasant odor of intestinal gas is the result of hydrogen sulfide or other compound. Other compounds most of the U.S., created when proteins are broken down in the colon. The U.S. may be very offensive.


Once the bacteria begin to break down undigested food in the large intestine or colon, gas is formed. This causes the colon to expand (swell), which can cause cramping pain. If the intestinal wall is inflamed, it can be more sensitive than usual to the normal amount of flatus.

Although it can cause discomfort, excessive gas is usually not serious symptoms.

There are many causes of gastritis and may vary depending on age, gender, and related complaints. Some of the more common reasons include:

Eating non-digestible foods like fiber.

Eating foods that your body can not tolerate (lactose intolerance occurs when you lack the enzyme to digest lactose or milk sugar).

Eating nuts. With carbohydrates in beans that can not be digested by our enzymes to transform it from bacteria in the large intestine. The result is a colonic gas.

Chronic pancreatitis.

Irritable bowel syndrome.

The malabsorption (that happens when you do not understand nutrition intestine) are often accompanied by diarrhea.

The use of antibiotics.

Who is it?

Anyone can get gas. Fiber is a major cause of gastritis and fiber needed for a healthy diet, flatulence is seen as a sign of good health! Expected to average young men healthy through excessive gas thirteen times a day.


If gas is one of several symptoms, your doctor may need to consider the possibility of diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease. In this case, your doctor may ask about your medical history, such as what kind of eating habits and if you have other symptoms, such as diarrhea, abdominal pain or bloating.

Among the diagnostic tests that can be performed to rule out serious problems:

Barium swallow X-ray

Barium enema X-ray

Blood tests

Cholecystogram or gallbladder X-ray

Sigmoidoscopy or Proctoscopy


Intestinal gas may increase temporarily after starting a high fiber diet. This condition usually goes away by itself when your body has adjusted to the new diet. Also try the following:

Do not eat dairy products for a week as you are lactose intolerant. Avoid rich foods, soft drinks and beer.

To reduce the presence of smelling amines in the gut, you can reduce the amount of protein, especially meat, in your diet. However, it is advisable to see a nutritionist before doing so.

Avoid foods such as navy beans, cabbage, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, radishes, cucumbers, radishes, onions, and melons.

Eat slowly and chew your food thoroughly.

Increase your intake of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is found in green leafy vegetables, such as spinach.

When to call the doctor

See your doctor if you have excessive flatulence or if it is accompanied by pain.

How to Master the video marketing

Business began to realize that the best way to source new products and services through digital media, because the source of instantly research. Although the figures show that more than 90 percent of us use the Internet to research products or services before we commit to buy – this is the percentage of growth of mobile technology.

Spent on online marketing tip the scales and affordable printed. Experts expect something to happen but not early enough, the advent of online tools to make of marketing your company quickly and easily, and more importantly, cost. With the increase in online advertising to bring competition to the company’s dream of new ways and creative ways to encourage audience.

The EnginesSee Search also: Getting the most out of video-conferencing

With the sharp rise in Google and Microsoft adCenter advertising on search engines, advertising costs will continue to rise as well, that the most popular keywords that cost way over £ 5 ‘per click ‘on your site. It may not seem much, but if you are developing clicks and without question, it is customary for time wasting and expensive. So what else is available by digital media? Well, Apple has just launched its service in the United States called ‘iAd’, which allows advertisers to promote their products and services directly to mobile technology, the iPhone or iPad, with the new HTML5 code. This code allows the browser to accept advertising in some interesting formats, from video to animation. However, it is not available here yet and if we see some similar competition, the price to advertise be very high.

The Black Hole of YouTube

Video is often seen as an expensive, long and hard to get right. Most people associate it with TV budgets, which fictitiously completed six figure! But this is not the case. Video for the Web is growing at an incredible speed. Take YouTube for example. Statistics show that between 150,000 and 200,000 videos uploaded to YouTube every day. Britain has become the highest-2 to 6.9 percent of the global upload behind the U.S. in 34.5 percent. It will take over 400 years to see all the content on YouTube, but proves the point, the video is the new kid in town. But (and there’s a big ‘but’) this is not the case for business. Just because you upload a video to YouTube, it does not mean it can be seen, and more importantly the right audience.

Just think about the number uploaded every day and not take a genius to work out that their video will be able to eat other people another 150,000 or more to upload the day. Even the most successful video-related tags such as ‘sexy’, ‘funny’ and ‘music’. So YouTube is good for business, yes, but you have to have great creative ideas to capture the audience.

Get Viral

Viral videos have become a loosely used term in video online. Very hard to “make” something happen as A virus. If someone has forwarded your content from one person to another by way of digital devices, or talk about your content through the web, your content is a virus. But to make a successful viral campaign is dependent on a number of factors, most hover ‘hard work’ or ‘big budget’. Most of you probably have a Facebook or LinkedIn account. You have a ‘friend’ or ‘contact’, and like most people on Facebook, it looks like a popularity contest to see who has the most ‘friends’.

How many of you received an invitation from someone you know to go back to school, but you do not talk to them, so why should you now after 20 years? But here’s my point, the friends you have 300 ‘friends’, all of them have 300 ‘friends’ and so on. As soon as you get some pretty big numbers. Now, let’s say you get a video made and ask your 300 ‘friends’ to pass it on to their 300 ‘friends’ and you start to get something viral. In addition, all of these costs for you is a production. It’s better if you sell the most, but the ‘business to business how. Well, this is getting a little difficult.

Video and Online

Video is also used in online advertising. How many times have you visited the website to see a video MPU (Multi Positioning Unit) running in the yard. It attracts your attention immediately, and this is where we begin to see how it works for B2B. Most businesses use the Web to research information about their industry. Most are likely to advertise in the printed version of it, with a little knowledge of how many people saw their ads, we sure ABC and PPA audits, but publishers know if John Smith will read the free publication circulated? No, but they do vertical sites and suitable for video content. What’s better than running MPU video on a site of particular industries, where the browser comes from the particular industry and the mindset of work while browsing.

Lee Walker Director for Blue chew, video and digital marketing specialist. www.bluechew.co.uk