Web designing


Web designers use many different techniques to develop and maintain a website. There are many areas of web designing such as web graphic design, interface design, coding and designing of software, etc. For designing the web many people work in teams and each individual work towards a different part of the development process. Sometimes an expert covers all the aspects alone.Web designers use a variety of tools and techniques depending on the type of the part of production process. In the IT field, the tools and techniques keep changing but the basic principles remains the same.

There are many types of designing that can be done on a website, for example a marketing and communication design means, the website is being designed for marketing and promotion, and hence it is designed for working on the target customers. Also before designing a website, it has to be understood that whether the website is targeted for B2B or B2C clientele.

Web designing in Perth is a complex process in which many things have to taken into consideration like page layouts, motion graphics, typography etc. In a website creation, there are two main types of task- web designing and web development. Web designing involves working on the visual part like colouring and writing also. The designers also have knowledge in computer languages such as HTML, etc. The web designing alone has given opportunities to many people and has created designation like graphic designers, internet marketing specialists, SEO writers, User experience designers. The larger firms or organisations have one individual who are dedicated to designing the website alone.The smaller firms on the other hand have a single person who looks after the designing and development part of the website .The developing part involves coding and content development of the website. Any corporate website needs high level of management discipline.

Top 5 SEO Mistakes You Must Avoid

If you are new to the world of SEO, chances are good that you don’t know a lot about the industry and the best ways to optimise a website. Finding information on search engine optimisation is not difficult. But not all opinions posted on the Internet are valid. In such a situation, mistakes can occur and you may end up spending time and money on strategies that bear no fruit. But SEO is tricky. With the onslaught of updates released by Google over the past few years, the rules of search engine optimisation have become even more complex. So, what you may consider as a minor error may end up costing you a great deal. So, what are these mistakes? Take a look below.

Low quality content:

In the past, keywords were at the centre of SEO. Experts would just fill up a website with relevant keywords and their job will be half done. However, search engines have evolved significantly over the last decade. After several important updates of Google’s algorithm, it was made clear that the search engine giant emphasises user experience above all. Thus, keywords lost the pivotal role they once used to play. Now SEO professionals have to put focus on the depth, quality and length of content they post on the website.

Overstuffing contents with keywords:

As it is mentioned before, content is the most important factor that SEO professionals need to keep in mind when optimising a website for the search engine. Keywords are still important, but they are not important enough to be put in every other sentence! Some SEO professionals still make the mistake of flooding their contents with keywords in hopes of gaining high ranking. What they don’t realise is that their efforts will only earn them a bad reputation in the eye of Google.

Poor link strategy:

Links still play a crucial role in SEO and they will continue to uphold their position in the near future as well. Search engines use links as indicators of relevance and quality. Therefore, websites that have the highest quality relevant links will earn thumbs up from Google. What many old school experts fail to recognize is that the relevance and quality of links are more important than the number of links. Poor linking strategy not only reflects badly on your website, it can even bring down its ranking on the search results.

Not optimising for mobile:

Growing dependency on mobile devices has forced Google revise its policies. The search engine is now aiming to create a seamless world. A staggering 30% of today’s consumers search the Internet through their mobiles. That is why Google prefers websites that are optimised for mobile viewing. Failing to optimising the website for mobile will not only earn a frown from the search engine, it will also affect ranking.

Inefficient social media strategy:

Social media has changed the way we consume and share information. It plays an important role when it comes to increasing visibility of a website. Therefore, it is only wise for marketers to invest time, money and effort into social media marketing. Through social media, you can increase the number of backlinks to your website and build brand awareness. Failing to recognize the importance of a potent social media strategy is surely a mistake!

These are the worst yet most common mistakes one can make when planning the SEO of their website.

Secure Data Server for Business

What is the most important thing in running a business? Well, there are actually a lot of things those will be very important and not meant to be ignored. Protecting data and information about a business is one of the very crucial things. Companies always work on projects with their clients and the employees will need to keep everything in the safe place. The security of data of a company becomes even more important for specific confidential data. It goes without saying how important the security of data for a company as no company wishes to share their super important data to their competitors and that is a very understandable thing.

What about the data that cannot be stored at the company’s server? The option is to get the data server service but choosing the best won’t be a simple thing. It’s important to do a little bit of checking and researching properly for the best possible option. Fortunately, researching will not be something difficult to be done thanks to the existence of internet. Plenty of companies are reaching their potential customers with the help of websites. Take the atlantic.net as an example of a company trying to reach for potential customers by establishing an official website that can be visited by everyone.

Aside of that website mentioned earlier, there are still more options of data server services those will be worthy to be checked as well. Keep in mind to always do a proper research in order to avoid problems such as avoiding the regret of choosing a service. Security is the most important point to be known. If a service is not secure enough, don’t gamble by choosing it. Instead, find other options and see whether they will be good or not. This process will take time but definitely worthy.


Migrating IBM to Windows or Linux

Software migration and modernization are considered two efficient procedures to port legacy software from old platform to a new and more modern one. Ever since the first time computer is invented, businesses have started to use computer software to streamline their activities. The platform on which the software is written and compiled continuously evolves. Old platforms become obsolete and new platforms with better performance and efficiency are introduced. Businesses that rely on old operating system, software and hardware often fall far behind today’s industry standards, allowing their software and hardware infrastructure to age to a point where it is no longer supported. Rewriting, recompiling or even reengineering a software program to make it more suitable for and adaptable to new platforms is a common activity among programmers; however, of all activities to port legacy software from old platform to new platform, migration and modernization are considered the most efficient and cost-effective ones.

IBM System i with its AS/400 hardware platform and OS/400 software platform is an old system that is the most commonly used among business establishments. When Windows and Linux dominate today’s computer environment, migrating from the old platform to the new platform becomes necessary. Many corporations can perform it using in-house resources, including programmers, system architects and analysts, database administrators, and business intelligence developers that they employ. Other companies, however, prefer to outsource this task and to rely on another company that offers specialized computer solution services.

Infinite computer solutions IBM is a company that is specialized in handling the migration and modernization of software infrastructure with main goal to port it from old AS/400 platform to the new Windows or Linux platform. Clients who wish to hire this service can provide their software’s source code that will then be migrated and modernized to adapt to the new platform. This way, clients can continue not only using the software, but also developing it.

3 Important and Interesting Facts about EMV Cards

EMV stands for EuroPay MasterCard and Visa and it is the latest smart card generation that will make payment more secure. It is the microchip that provides better security for this card. By the end of 2015, there are more than 500 million people hold possessions of new EMV card. And soon, it will be the standard tool for moneyless payment method, replacing the old magnetic strip technology. Here are some more interesting facts about EMV card.

Better Security

Chip is much safer compared to magnetic strip. Magnetic strip keeps sending the same information for every transaction. In result, it is relatively easy for hackers to counterfeit the card and get the card holder’s personal data. Microchip is different. It sends different information for each transaction. And since the transaction code can only be used once, the transaction itself becomes much more secure.

Cost Liability

In case of counterfeiting, it is the customer that will be liable for the cost. This by default liability cannot happen again if you use EMV card. If a fraudulent purchase is occurred, the liability will go to the party with the least EMV compliant. This regulation is used to persuade every merchant to upgrade their POS. Since this is still a very early stage and not every merchant has EMV compliant machine, the cards will be equipped with both magnetic stripe and EMV chip.

Contactless Transaction

EMV microchip also makes payment and much easier because it supports contactless transaction. If you have a supporting device and application, you can store your credit card data in your smart phone and use it to pay for your purchase. This method is much more secure because you don’t have to use the card directly. You only have to tap the device that contains your card information to a scanner and your payment will be confirmed immediately.