The battle of the brands of Apple or Android Tablet – What should you choose?

The battle of the brands of Apple or Android Tablet - What should you chooseMarketing is a powerful tool when it comes to selling all types of products and that is the main reason why people resort to certain brands and not others. Industry when it comes to gadgets, there is a great battle between Apple and Android Tablet. It is really good and why?

First, you need to understand the marketing behind the iPad is great because the vast resources the company has. Is the iPad better than any other android tablet? The first response came from different developers to discuss the main differences between the two products, which is the operating system. Android Tablet works in a system that is open source, which means that any developer, contractor or developer can create a wide range of applications for certain products. When it comes to iOS, you should know that this is a closed operating system that restricts access of some users that Apple is irrelevant. Another important difference is the fact that more and more companies develop android tablet as described above aspects. The iPad has built a single company.

Both debates will take place when it comes to cheap phones and open up a new iPhone on the market. Is the iPhone better than another product or just the market? The fact is that the iPhone mobile phone is very good, fast and reliable and has a good design, but restrict users to specific applications, allowing them to transfer data through the program and others. Be cheap when it comes to mobile, things are a little different. You can match the components and features of the iPhone and the addition, which allow the user to put any information on their mobile phones and the transfer process is very simple: just insert the cable and all done naturally.

One thing that must be mentioned when it comes to cheap unlocked cell phone is the fact that they are not as expensive as the iPhone. There are some situations where you can actually buy two phones at a price of Apple products. You can find out if it’s so expensive, should be really good and cheap unlocked cell phone is a simple toy. It is a very wrong assumption, because if you look at the specs of the two phones you can see a very strong resemblance, especially with new releases today. This suggestion is not to choose one brand over another, the advice here is to choose a phone or tablet that best suits your needs and be able to perform their daily tasks easier.

Phil Schiller said the iPhone Rumored Cheap Is not happening

Earlier this week, rumors said that Apple plans to introduce a cheaper iPhone in emerging markets. How cheap? Speculate other rumors as cheap as $ 99. Phone obviously is aimed at emerging markets where low-cost smartphones are more popular, but Apple would completely at odds with years of creating expensive luxury device? Apple’s Phil Schiller gave a resounding no.

In an interview with a Chinese newspaper Shanghai Evening News, Schiller said that Apple does not have a plan in case of a cheap iPhone. He recognized that “cheap smartphone is more popular” in China than once popular “non-smartphone”, but said that he went on to say that the company’s position in China is relatively comfortable “is not a future Apple products. “Because they have 75 percent of revenues despite having only 20 percent of the smartphone market.

So, what’s with all the cheap iPhone rumor? Digitimes reported not only the device, but Bloomberg and Wall Street Journal they received reports from those close to Apple devices were confirmed as real. Could they all be wrong? Of course they can, but the kind of rumors is a way of at least partially true.

Regardless, Apple needs to focus on emerging markets. They may have 75 percent of its revenue in China, but I bet they are just selling hardware. Software sales count in the long run, and Apple needs to get more market share to tap into a lucrative source of income. No need to be $ 99, but how Apple hoping to penetrate emerging markets, such as Brazil, when the very product specific cost the equivalent of $ 1.145.