Recording, Forward Block and easy call for a trouble-free life?

Recording, Forward Block and easy call for a trouble-free lifeMobile increased impact on the current state of technology. Finally, it will also lead to increased levels of communication. People prefer to interact with each other with the help of the iPhone. Therefore, the level of interaction with other people sometimes it helps and sometimes it gets a little harder to get success. So, with that in mind, there are a number of solutions have also found that people can easily meet your favorite and do not want to call.


Method 1: Adding contacts to block list

You can use this method to blocking specific individuals. Many iPhone applications are designed for people who are receiving unwanted or disturbed by some calls. There are several steps that can be followed is very easy to block contact.

Step 1: Download the application settings directly from the home screen of your iOS device

Step 2: Place the cursor on the icon and press down on the message, phone or FaceTime.

Step 3: Scroll down to get the option to block. When pressed, people would hang.

Step 4: Click the Add New button to add a new contact.

Step 5: Search for new contacts to block your contact list by clicking on it.

Procedure 2: Restrictions iOS 7

Finally, you can block a contact on your iOS device’s operating system launches the built-in locking. This function includes the latest versions of other operating systems. Therefore, you can directly block users call, Facetime requests and messages. It is the integration of the settings menu and very friendly and convenient access from the iPhone.

Record a call:

Method 1: Call Recorder IntCall

One of the main applications developed for iOS devices and holds a position in the top 10 of all apps in the world. A desire to build an app like this every leading iPhone App Development Company. It is designed to record incoming calls as well as out. By downloading this application, you will be credited the points that will help you to make free calls. The best effect of this application is that you can turn on and turn off notifications during a call.

Method 2: Call Log Pro

This is another remarkable application designed for iPhone app developers for iOS device users. This application is for those users who do not want a complex application. Downloading this app will give you 2 free minutes will allow you to test its features. This application works as a magical beauty to all users in the United States as the U.S. numbers are quite compatible with this application.

Call Forwarding:

Method 1: Application BABYFON

Many times you can get involved with so many things. Sometimes you have to do a little frustrating. This application will send all calls to another number. You only need to make changes to the configuration of the application. Log on Settings> Phone> Call Forwarding. In this menu, you can also set the On and Off the asset.

Technique 2: GSM Code

This solution is more practical than others. You can easily pass all calls on a regular basis. These shortcuts can also be done with a database of contacts that can help you easily visit your frequently used contacts.

The end result:

Listed are some of the platform where you can manage your calls. You can block unwanted calls, forward calls, and even essential to record the conversation if necessary. Applications designed for the iOS platform can be downloaded and used easily at anytime and anywhere in the tackle and did not want to call.

15 Tips to Streamline Software Testing?

15 Tips to Streamline Software TestingSoftware testing is a key element for efficient software. Just a word of software testing is not going to make your software without errors, you should approach the whole process seems to be free of all errors, excellent work. Review Process software should not only be optimized, but it is true. Here are some tips that should be applied in the evaluation process so that mistakes can be avoided and the result is what you want.

Proof Plan

Most importantly in terms of the evaluation plan to have a very good test. To ensure that you have to make sure that the tester is experienced quality control manager or lead to write the plan. When writing, you must have an organized approach. Plan should include all things related to product testing, budget constraints, the scope of review, deadlines, test objectives, identifying risks, implementing test plans, etc.

Two. Complex products

Must thoroughly understand the products or application in this regard to the auditor to understand the requirements that will result in a detailed and comprehensive test coverage. Even if you are not involved in the development cycle, it would be a good idea to participate in meetings and decision making processes. I held discussions with the developer so you can learn more about the application.

Three. Intelligent Storage

No spread their documents via a server or even save it as an email. You will reap the greatest benefits when all items stored in one place so that every time you have to go back and think about some of the records that you’ll know where to find it. Avoid keeping error reports are stored in the email.

April. Test early and often

Testing should be performed prior to and as often as possible. Problems identified early when it is easier to correct than the later identified, it is difficult and expensive to repair.

May. Write test cases early,

During the design phase of the needs assessment related to the development life cycle should start writing test cases to be tried to help you understand all of the requirements or not.

6. Tests with a positive mindset

Even if you have to start the process of a positive attitude, I do not think there will be mistakes or errors in the code. If their goal is to find an error, then you are bound to find them.

7. Case-effective to write a review

Test cases should be written in clear steps as it will be useful later for the re-creation of test cases to testers and developers.

8. Understanding the scope of test-

When tested, the application should be split into smaller functional modules, it will help to understand the scope of the test. The module must be re-divided into logical sections, but smaller, write test cases in a single module.

9. Good use of scale,

Selecting the right metrics are very important because they help in achieving productivity including efficiency. Metrics chosen to be easy to do and effective nature is concerned.

10. It should be clear, descriptive and well-Bug reports

This will ensure that the software testing is done more efficiently. Given the challenging and creative work must correctly handle the situation. Good bug reports help to save the resources of the company.

11. Apart from the requirements of the test,

A good industry standard is to go beyond the requirements of the application should try something that is not designed to do.

12. Should have tried all of the equipment

When writing test cases should remain a central location accessible to all computers. Analyzes test cases will help in building a better quality of application developers.

13. Improve communication with developers,

During the meeting, you should always discuss all the points on the developers and even asked for more information on aspects that are not clear, in order to avoid any misunderstanding. This will help you to resolve the problem quickly and easily.

14. Identification of regression test cases

You must define and assign the group as a regression test cases that can effectively test return manually.

15. Test equipment should have a test environment,

Test and production environments must be exact replicas of each other. As we move forward, the developers added a configuration script, but you can add a configuration file or put the document will result in failure of the application at the time of production despite working in an environment with less. So it is owned by the environmental test equipment test for this kind of thing can be controlled.

To promote good software in the world, should be a good tester to share experiences and best practices in both test tester. You can hire a professional company of software testing through test automation to help India achieve the test schedule and budget allocated.

CakePHP Development benefits for heavy

The spirit of PHP is almost unknown. With no end to the isolation feature, PHP has been the force behind many of the Web applications is driving a strong run through the competition and create their own space in the web world. PHP is supported by various framework, each better than the other in some way or another.

Although PHP Framework is composed of several types, no one can say it’s just a lot, because any PHP Framework have unrivaled special features. However, when it comes to choosing one of the Framework, most developers are leaning toward CakePHP. Framework for multi-aspect gives them a sufficient reason and motivation to use, even if your purpose is known as a leader in the development of ground-level programming.

CakePHP Guests can play an important role in solving the PHP programming framework pack up. We’ve helped a variety of housing developers programming skills in a better developer and place bets on the market. The quality bar with an application developed using the CakePHP further raised by many scripts and library supplement that provides a broad community of developers and thick.

This is a secure platform that provides natural protection against the threats posed by other hackers think constantly engaged in some holes in the Internet applications, thus making piracy and write code that can be used easily to use Application Suites sensitivity of his madness and evil.

Above all, there is a large community of developers who are always available to help you out whenever you come across a roadblock. The CakePHP development company in particular, the need for the public when they are home developers are involved in some doubt and confusion about an application. In such a situation, seek the help of some experts from the community of PHP platform seems to be a practical option. Since communities contain a good mix of new and experienced developers, you can also weigh your options if you look at it from the point of capture.

Taking all these factors contribute to the decision for CakePHP web application development project work will be promoted by the highest level of technology experts. But as I said before, you need to hire a programmer CakePHP can go a long way in providing quality and accuracy of the web application. Besides looking for the developer community, you can go fishing on the platform of social media is also a lot of developers who are looking for work. Or if you’re a person who prefers things to be the way of the old school, job offers in newspapers and online job portal is a reliable option either. Whether it is to walk in the interview, or even after scanning resumes before selecting any, conventional methods can also help a lot.

Life Cycle life performance test

Life Cycle life performance testPhases of software development, functional testing is an important task. Performance in terms of the initial planning application, including the overall performance of the application and analysis of the production of encouraging the development of better software and release iteration. All iterations of the software development process, application programmers, testers and stakeholders must especially in achieving the performance of each iteration. Here you can get a better understanding of how they can be integrated to test the performance of the compact.

The main task is the rapid process

Best practices related to the test results on important issues. In the last two decades, the application of business has undergone significant evolution from monolithic mainframe systems to distributed systems and compounds. Development life cycle processes measured in weeks or even days, rather than years. Changes in methodology or technology development increases the pressure on test engineers to solve or plan for performance testing. In addition to the evaluation of a new system or a problem with legacy applications, has an impact on the implementation of the test engineer.

Issues Related to Testing of traditional life

At the core of the test environment is not the art of learning to respond to the request and then simulate the actual work or behavior. Using a new test system, test engineers are forced to make a speculation about the intended use based on the needs and behavior of use cases. With the new system, test engineers are forced to make a calculated guess of user behavior based on use cases and requirements.

Important matters relating to the reliable performance data of non-production environments is limited to some estimates the capacity of the system implementation is rather harsh environment. Test engineers generally do everything possible to treat or extrapolation to the presentation of identification systems, but often with limited success for environmental assessment.

Environmental Focus

With the growing business needs and technological advances, the company continues to work to produce software that is highly developed in less time. To achieve this goal, a number of organizations began using colorful methodological analysis. This technique helps accelerate time to market, improve software quality, increase productivity and alignment between business goals and technology innovation.

Life got a big relief method because it has increased in recent years. Development of software to break through the barriers of conventional waterfall model for the fastest way to create a better value to increase the return on investment (ROI) is actively developing. Vibrant environment puts some teams to operate and develop further, repeating certain products, as well. This technique promotes a proper diagnosis, close collaboration, self-organization and more iterations. This technique also facilitates the rapid delivery of high-quality software and therefore allow the practice in the industry in line with the objectives of the enterprise software development with customer needs.

Vigorous performance testing

Full functional analysis at the end of the waterfall model life cycle early in the process to move quickly, including design and education. Application performance is directly proportional to the design. Therefore, in the early stages of the development life cycle to meet. Vigorously during processing, test results are considered from the planning stage onwards released.

With the development of the business situation, the existing system, and the emergence of new product demand, move quickly to develop a strategy to take on the general approach to grammar. With the application of new technologies or the last, more and more software is developed improved. Product performance is highly dependent on the specification and design of products may change at any point in time. So, we should always be updated and properly monitored the latest software to enhance the functionality and the appropriate level of user satisfaction.

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Developing Custom Software Solutions: SDLC – Applied Best Practices

SDLC - Applied Best PracticesI have developed a series of articles for you to break down the steps involved in developing Custom Software Solutions. Let me show you what it looks like in the process of developing this solution and let me answer any questions you may have on the process, expectations, or outcomes. Limited benefits. It is important to be aware of what steps, to assess how an organization can help a business consultant, and launched a successful software application is right for your custom organization.

Does your organization have the necessary skills to design, develop, and support of software solutions soft? Are you sure? You and / or your organization have a great idea for a new custom application software, but you think that you may not have the internal resources to get ideas off the ground? Does your organization have an internal IT staff so, or do you think they believe they can develop custom application software? Your organization may have several custom software applications exist (s) in the market, but you can not (insert your current problem / was here)? Then you need the help of a business consulting organization that specializes in software development best practices and creating the right culture in your organization to successfully launch and support of custom software applications.

If it was easy, then everybody would be successful in this … Or what if you realize that you do not have the internal resources to build them, or continue to do it yourself. You may want to consider having some software specifically designed to help solve some of the problems or issues that may be problematic. May be wondering what the benefits for your business. Well, the answer is infinite. To see the development of custom software solutions for your company may have a number of benefits depending on what you want to develop.

Are you wondering what the process would look like if you decide to meet with counselors software development business Software Development Life Cycle Here (SDLC) steps involved in creating almost any custom software applications / solutions:? For this process we assume you see the market and determined that there is a need for your application or you have an idea for the organization.

You’ve researched your competitors and have a discussion with your customers about their needs / wants of new ideas. You will undertake a SWOT analysis (Pros, Cons, Opportunities and Threats) to strategic business initiatives and managed is considered a viable action for your organization. Right? If you stop here and be sure to explore things first.Still read? … OK let’s dive right in.

1. Requirements / Pre Engagement

2. Prototyping

3. Wireframes

4. Early Designs

5. Development6 ahead. Review and FeedbackStay tuned for the rest of the articles in this series where I will discuss, in depth, each step in the task of creating software SDLC / your custom applications.