How to Prevent Computer Viruses

6228-000620Computer viruses affect the system in different ways. Some to remove or destroy data on the system while others steal sensitive user information. While many people take out insurance policies to protect their homes and property, many others will rarely do the same thing to protect their digital information. The first step in protecting data can take a long time, but the results are worth the effort. To secure your computer from viruses involves numerous strategies.


Those without antivirus application, can download or buy one on the internet. Make sure the program is compatible with the operating system. Antivirus application must be updated regularly so it is protected against the latest virus definitions. Select to update the antivirus software and automatic scanning. Do not install applications from untrusted sites. Run a full system scan at least once or twice a week. Heavy Internet users should make often.


Enabling firewall. It is usually the underlying operating system. Users only need to activate it. Firewall refers to software that monitors what is happening inside and outside the machine. Acting as gatekeeper.


Enabling security updates to keep systems up to date. Make sure the third-party application like a web browser is also updated. Most programs have a feature that notifies users when a new version of the program is released. Make sure that you update all the programs are active. Keeping your operating system updated. Many manufacturers make security patches, which they sent if needed. Set automatic updating allows the operating system to download and install security patches removes the security risks including viruses.

Back up

Back up data. It provides an additional layer of protection against data loss. There are so many factors that can compromise the security of data including undiscovered bugs, downloading infected files, hardware failure, and clicking on the wrong link. This is why backup is an important component to encrypt a smart computer usage.


Encrypt data using software encryption. Many operating systems have the ability to encrypt. Users can encrypt entire hard drive to protect data from virus attacks. Some programs can create a virtual encrypted hard drive to secure all files and prevent corruption by viruses. Select the encryption program that allows synchronization of data protection services data store offsite.

One most common way to get a virus infection through e-mail containing a virus link. Do not open e-mail attachments and links from strangers. If necessary, visit the site directly.

There many techniques used to protect computer systems from virus infection. However, the most basic protection against viruses involves using the right antivirus application and update computer systems on a regular basis.

2013 Presidential Inauguration Complete Official App Live Streaming

On this day Monday, January 21 President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden was sworn in and begin his second term in office. 2013 57th presidential inauguration in history.

If you are interested in participating in the event on the day, nothing beats actually being there. But if life circumstances prevent you from making a trip to the capital of our country, a smartphone application with Livestream is better than none at all.

Inaugural Committee has released the first official application in 2013, the first application that is fully dedicated to the inauguration of president. You can download it now for iOS and Android both.

For those who want to track the day’s events as they unfold away, showing applications Livestream oath.

This application also features event schedules and socially relevant message flows for various social networks. There is also a tool to “learn how to continue the family tradition with the first volunteer service in their communities”, in honor of the National Day of Service is scheduled for Saturday.

If you start, maybe some decent apps for you as well. In a word: map.

“Use the map to find your way in the event such oath ceremony President Obama on the National Mall and inaugural parade,” said AppMaker.

To upload an application, interested individuals can subscribe to SMS updates Committee on receipt.

Need Help in Designing an Android App? Consider this

So, you just download the Android SDK and you’re ready to make your fist application. You have a great idea, but you just do not know what application design will look. We have some guidelines and recommendations, and will now share with you.

The Android developers YouTube channel recently hosted an episode of anther Android Design in Action. The topic is “. Iterative Improvement “Here’s the summary:

In this week’s episode, we see a simple web application and how the reader will create an iterative visual design, it changes from zero to hero.

Whether you’re a battle-hardened Android developer walkthrough may have some tips for you as well. The 33 minute video is definitely worth checking out:

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