The Hummingbird Effect Web Ranking

The Hummingbird Effect Web RankingAll websites that are present in the world today with the classification and the classification is usually provided by Google, and Google uses algorithms to do this. Classification algorithms is the process used to select the Google web page displayed on the results page. Although the ranking algorithm Google offers many changes over the past few months earlier, the new update is the new science of classification algorithm that replaces the old. When the new Google algorithm was published a few days ago and then told me they were going to use it for about a month. So you will not see the huge variation in results.

Penguin and Panda is an update of the old classification algorithm. Now Google has launched a new algorithm hummingbird replaced all old algorithm. It is very likely that the Penguin and Panda approach in combination with the latest algorithm.

Like the previous times, the PageRank is one of more than 200 aspects that reflect Google ranking algorithm. Link quality refers to a web site is important. We also consider the advantages of a web page, the words appear on the page and many other aspects. The Top 10 SEO Optimizer Profiler will help you have a better idea of ​​the problem.

According to Google, should improve the new Hummingbird algorithm to search conversation. For example, search for “Where is the closest place to buy iPhone 5s near where” not tried to remove the word “iPhone 5S” and “purchase” are two main keywords. Instead, a new algorithm to try to capture the sense of the search. New Google algorithm since last month. There have been many complaints about the change in Google’s search results, at least no more than usual repairs.

Declined If your website is not ranking in the last month in the ranking in Google, then you probably will not have to worry about the changes.

Direction signs in new innovative and improved methods hummingbird Google algorithm. The key to high rankings in Google higher than ever:

Must have good backlinks from relevant websites to your website.

Must be able to analyze your site search engine.

You need a good website with good content.

The content of your web pages should be related to the theme of your site.

Use profiler tools SEO ensures that your web pages high in the new Google ranking algorithm. SEO analysis assessment tool profiles the web page of your web page to ensure that all pages can be properly indexed.

The Top 10 SEO Optimizer profiler to show the basics of web pages that you can improve on your web page. SEO Profiler helps you get the job of your website can not rank websites undesirable or impractical, it is better for them to put a decent website for all the help.