Saving your design? Ma Disaster

Talking about your business site. Is your design investment? When designers provide design, you have to invest extra time and converting visitors to your. Using science and technology, you need to update your design, if you aim to optimize conversion.

There are several questions you should ask:

It is design to provide goals for your business?

It is designed to convert visitors into customers?

Is your website design needs?

Do you really understand your design business?

When a designer for a large amount of money, it is a “cost” to you? If so, you really need to begin to see things differently. A good design is appreciated and helps to grow your business.

Saving your design can not always pay? Ways that are difficult to see another redesign for not getting the desired ROI (Rate of Interest) in the first place. Trust me, it is four times more effort. It spent more money in the design is that it saves money in the long run.

Design is not about the visual front end or, but the associated costs, as well as engineering. With the new application each time, you must include the developer, which can be difficult if you can not fit the design. In addition, many design companies in India have started adopting the portfolio has a good web designer.

The rate of conversion of good design is better. A designer should consider the availability and conversion of applications, in addition to designing, website or landing page. Pay a hefty amount of designers is not a problem except that the “design” as well. In search of a designer, make sure that you have your list with you.

What to look for in a designer?


Love Designer critical review of other designers. Dripping, will help you get a clear picture of your designer purses. If you scored 100 designers heart, means that designers work with the values ​​of others. If your score is low, it means that either a new designer or do not do well. Remember, not all designers use the drops.

Logical capabilities:

A designer should be done in this regard. You have to understand the vision of the designer of your business, prospective customers and design according to your comments.

Analytical consciousness:

A designer should be able to read Google Analytics or a series of surveys. The determination that a person should be based on a reading of the evaluation report.

Optimizing Conversion Rates:

You can either design, but does not change, is not feasible. Understand that the designer to optimize conversion. Remember, the goal is to convert visitors into customers.

Check availability Design

Go through your wallet designer and availability of their designs. Your design should make sense and help increase ROI (Rate of Interest).

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