Sitecore Content Management System Trends in 2013

Sitecore Content Management System Trends in 20132013 promises some exciting improvements and additions that will appeal to business and technical users. It all started with the North American Sitecore Symposium 2012 in Las Vegas, which recently demonstrated a plan to offer stable employment. The last quarter of 2012 launched the 6.6 version of Sitecore, has brought good news for mobile developers as Sitecore Mobile SDK provides highly sophisticated simulations for different systems of mobile content. Sitecore DMS system update to add intelligence interaction has a great value for users and marketing business. There accelerator update their solutions, including continuous casting – Social Connect tool and multi-site solutions.

The first quarter of 2013, should be made with much expected release of Sitecore 7. There has been much speculation over the past five years, so it can save the next version. Sitecore is and give a tantalizing glimpse of the future implications and improvements. There is a time when you finally put all speculation to rest, a Content Management System Latest – 7 Sitecor emissions. Enter your Email Campaign Manager 2.0 is released. Although Sitecore 7 is called “developer release” by many people, so that updates to change the way we build the website and therefore, we influence that stores the contents of the site editor. For business users with new and innovative addition to the DMS. Analysis tool that allows marketers to the information about the prospects of visual activity during various stages of the buying cycle, especially if they see different content.

Solutions’ve grow with many technical improvements and infrastructure in the second quarter 2013 as a support service to update the CRM DMS layer new platform, talk the user interface based on Sitecore Intranet Portal 6.6 can now be integrated into the system Sitecor Sitecore Sitecore CMS Content Manager e-commerce solution, now available in the DMS palform Azure cloud, Sitecore Adaptive Print Studio has the ability to interact with files created with Adobe InDesign.

The second half of this year promises to continue the trend with more and more updates to the core CMS functionality, workflow, content re-use and other usability improvements.

Another important mention it has Sitecore solutions and trends in 2013 is that Gartner will continue to be recognized as a leader and visionary in the field of CMS

According to the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management, the head of Oracle, Adobe, SDL, Sitecore, OpenText, HP (Autonomy) and Ektron making good progress.