After maintaining his blog, contact with your readers

After maintaining his blog, contact with your readersThe best way to keep the audience interact with them on a blog or social media accounts. However, many blog owners do not know the best way to interact with their fans. Here are some tips to help.

Reply to comment directly

Most readers to interact with one another. However, there are some comments that measure directly addressed to you, the blog owner. Make sure you always respond to messages. Of course, you also need to participate in the discussion, too.

Make it easy to comment

Most people comment if it is easy for them to do. Unfortunately, some blogging platforms make it difficult for visitors to leave comments. Make sure your comments platform are open to all visitors. Also, if possible, give them the option to sign in with your Facebook account. This allows more personal comments, connect names and faces.

Most blogging platforms such as WordPress, which offers the option to change the settings of your comment. The use of the features that make it easier for your readers’ comments.


You do not always need to limit your comments only blog. You also need to interact with their fans in other tissues, such as social media and article. If you use article marketing, you need not doubt the hosting sites readers. In addition, you should have a Facebook page and Twitter account dedicated to your blog. Your readers are more likely to follow your social media accounts and comment on them, so we are. Always be sure to respond to comments like you.

Spam Control

Most visitors do not comment if you see the comments field too many spam comments. Ensure control spam on your site. WordPress usually fine for blocking spam comments not approved manually. However, there are times when some of the comments spam filter escape. The best way to keep the spam will continue to monitor field your comment. Remove all comments column comments as spam.


By using these simple tips, you can effectively interact with your readers and become more of his personality. When you feel connected to your site with your readers want, read back messages.

Find Graph Facebook Is Going to Make More Questions Funny, weird, and creepy

Find Graph Facebook Is Going to Make More Questions Funny, weird, and creepyNew Tumblr Alert! New Tumblr Alert!

As Tumblr blog that allows people to post strange Siri when he first debuted on iOS, or Tumblr blog shows unique Google autocomplete suggestions, the new Tumblr blog centered on the new Facebook Be sure to give us some giggling over the next few months.

It may not always giggling – perhaps some cringes discarded there.

It is called “actual Facebook Graph Search,” and consists of … Actual Graph Search Facebook – real-life search can be done using the new Facebook Graph Search feature.

When Facebook officially announced the new search tool last week, we knew that enhance privacy concerns. Find Graph allows users to find other users based on the likes and interests, and such other information indicating the location, profession, political status, and more.

Facebook has recently removed the ability of users to opt out of that found in a search on the site, just in time to start the Chart Search. You can view our large aggregation of Search Graph, Facebook privacy, and what you can do about it here.

Point is, because Facebook allows more people to beta, the more people find interesting Search Charts, Graphs Finding creepy, and just plain weird Graph Search.

Actual Facebook Search Graph’ve highlighted some of them. Looking for easy date? How bout looking Yes “Single women who live nearby and attractive men and bang Get Drunk (page)!”! Charming!

How about “Muslims are attracted to people who lived in Tehran, Iran.” It’s kind of a strange one.

“Wife of married people like Ashley Madison (circumvention of dating sites).” Well, that’s hard.

“Currently employers’ people like racism.” “Uh oh, Target.

Point is, Find Graph Facebook has developed hundreds and hundreds of searches are unique. As someone who is not overly alarmist when it comes to Facebook and privacy, I can just sit back and visitors freak show. It will be fun.

Facebook Graph Search and Policy

Mark ZuckerbergGraph Search Facebook unveiled today. Many may wonder what this means for privacy. Facebook is to put a video that addresses that very problem.

“In Graph Search, you can find anything you share on Facebook, and others can find the things that you share with them, including the contents of the column in Public,” Facebook said. “That means that different people see different results.”

“I speak Spanish, and I can only share that information with my friends,” Julia said of the team’s Facebook search, video. “That means that if the results of anyone who is not my friend look for ‘people who speak Spanish’ I will not show up in the search to see.”

Basically, people do not see anything in the graph find they do not have access too, so it should not be much concern. That said, it’s been a while since you took a look at your privacy settings, it is probably a bad idea to revisit just to make sure you do not share anything you do not want to be anyone you do not want to share it with.

You can also go to the “about” your timeline, and edit them to see different aspects of your profile. You can go to the event log to manage your overall activity on social networks, including what you have shared, such as an image, or tags. You can view all the photos you are tagged, for example, and see hidden or visible in your timeline.

Facebook, GM discusses Payments Ad. Again. Anyway. Types.

Facebook, GM discusses Payments Ad. Again. Anyway. Types.Facebook Ads are the most cited transmit jumper of 2012 may be considered a change of heart.

Facebook and General Motors are still “actively talking” about returning to paid advertising on the site, according to a report from Reuters. Here is an excerpt from GM’s head of marketing Alan Batey interim:

“We are actively talking to them and see the opportunities that come our way … I can not tell you with a Mexican standoff here. We just do not see the value of [advertising]. ‘

Alan Batey deep to replace Joel Ewanick, GM’s former marketing chief who resigned in July, nearly two months after pulling ads Facebook. Forbes reported that she is completely removed for “failing to properly vet the financial details of the deal sponsor European football.”

In the time since General Motors publicly withdraw all their paid advertising on Facebook, many companies decided to spend huge amounts of money for Facebook ads. Many companies also made the decision to hold back their advertising budgets on Facebook.

But we kept talking about General Motors and Facebook. Why? Since their breakup just so juicy. You remember, right? Just a few days before the Facebook IPO, GM announced that they would take all their ads on Facebook. They said they were not sure about their effectiveness and how they fit into future marketing strategies. Of course, the average reader who just sounds like a bunch of jargon for “Facebook ads are not worth your time or money.”

Sure, a few days later, GM said that they made a great decision in advertising across the board. No hard feelings, Facebook. Only part of a larger strategy, and the chance that three days before the IPO. But it may actually be more dangerous than previously thought move will not do much to neutralize the sting all. And as a major gateway stock prices up, people began to discuss the issue with monetization, and of course that led to a conversation about advertising strategy, which of course led to GM as a good example of a company that got the plug.

A few weeks after it all down, reports emerged COO Sheryl Sandberg Facebook questioned GM CEO Daniel Akerson car company on Facebook rekindle. Also, global sales head Carolyn Everson Facebook said to prepare for “better data about how they could be advertising dollars.”

So it seems that Facebook and GM, and maybe in the discussion for some time. And it will continue. GM reportedly has only really has spent $ 10M on the actual cost of an ad network, but for Facebook, get GM back on board to demonstrate to other companies that they are safe to open the Facebook advertising budget – if only slightly.

Facebook for Android Updated Photos Faster, Better Sharing, and Voice Messaging

Facebook for Android Updated Photos Faster, Better Sharing, and Voice MessagingFacebook just updated their Android app with some new features – quickly view images, improved sharing, and voice mail.

Up first is faster. Facebook says that it applies when you open an image from the application, they only appear faster. Second, users now have the ability to share their stories Friend ‘in the Timeline, pages, and groups. Does the sharing function, which previously only allowed users to share the stories of their friends’ on their own timelines.

Finally, Facebook for Android got voicemail – the main application. Several weeks ago, Facebook gives users the standalone Facebook Messenger app them the ability to send voice messages. This applies to both Android and iOS. Earlier this week, Facebook expanded their VoIP calls to the U.S., but only for iOS.

About a month ago, Facebook for Android has received a major upgrade. Version 2.0 was launched as “twice as fast” in a number of areas, including pictures, open the Timeline, and launch the app. Update rate for Android updates to follow the same pace for Facebook to iOS. Users of the same application are complaining about speed for some time, and Facebook application rebuild from the ground up in the mind.

Facebook also recently released a Facebook Page Manager for Android in the U.S. and UK