How to make social media work

Stephen Davies, director of Penderyn Welsh Whisky Distillery, evangelical about the power of social media: “This is a great way to raise the profile of the brand and interact with people who are interested in it directly. Social media also Glory to our event very carefully because it is a great way to promote things that are happening at the winery. ‘

Davies has seen sales surge by 30 percent since the company started using Facebook for events, writing blogs and posting updates to Twitter. “We spend a minimum amount on advertising, they are more about getting other people to talk to and passionate about the product,” he said. “We have no plans to invest in print advertising because there is a better way and more effectively reach people.”

Jo Westlake, director of online business Distribeauty cosmetics company, agreed and said Facebook works as an effective platform for capturing the target company from the 18 – to 35-year-olds.See also: Conduct Search engines work for you

‘Working to promote an open community is fast becoming ineffective due to the virus, “he said. ‘If someone joins the group or become a fan available for their friends to see, the level of communication peer-to-peer is priceless. In November we offer free shipping out today to customers and are connected to Facebook. Before we did that we got about 6500 views per day – then we get 17,000 ‘.

Be Honest

Westlake says the key to making this work is the media transparency. “You have to look forward to customer demand directly, instead of deleting negative comments. I think if you are going to the company’s Facebook page there are other ways to do it, if not, you can have a huge reaction. ‘

Matt Lea, manager of product Eleco software company, said that using social networking sites the company has reached a new demographic. “We have found another target through the use of Twitter, for example, as users tend to be younger. This has led to an increase of 10 to 20 percent in sales, which we can attribute directly to social media. ‘

But for Lea, traditional marketing tools are crucial to maintaining its core customer base. “We have many customers tend to be older, high-income bracket receiver, and they will come to us from the ‘pen and paper background’ is important to us still in that space. We do not want to get carried away and leave our core audience. ‘

Rock Climbing Is Focus of January, Facebook AOS Story

Each month, Facebook released a story Inspirational stories based on a new theme. For January, the theme, Äúgoals., AU

Facebook first their new and improved Stories behind the initiative in August 2012. Facebook said AOS way to show the extraordinary ways that people who use their products every day. This, AOS also a promotional tool for Facebook, of course. But still, every month, Facebook has become the story AOS interesting viewing.

And this month, AOS no different.

, ÄúTommy Caldwell, AOS father introduced him to rock climbing at the age of 3 and 16, Tommy is a world champion. Over the past 5 years, Tommy was trying to climb a rock face 3,000 feet sliding many consider the hardest free climb ever attempted. How do you stay motivated in such a ruling? See how Tommy is to take encouragement from friends, family and fans along for the ride,, AU said Facebook.