Fitness For Parents – Fitness The External Of Age

Fitness For Parents - Fitness The External Of AgeAge is not important for fitness. Fitness is really a matter of concern that people should pay attention to, even after they reach adulthood. These days, we can hear from the news or read articles online from people age 70 and older make it, but still did well in their fitness-related activities. It just shows that fitness for older people can be successfully pursued and shared concern for the health problems safely.

The parents connect their adulthood. Their bodies are also not stable as it used to when they were young. However, as young people should take precautions to make / fitness goals, parents just need to get information on how they can safely exercise to keep fit. Consultation With Doctor FirstBefore doing any exercise, it is better to consult a doctor if the parents can do it safely or not. In consultation with a health care provider, you probably know what physical activity does not have anything to do with how and vigorous activity can be.
Ideal Activities For Elders
Muscle-reinforcement training and aerobic Two perfect for people aged 65 and above should be conducted on a weekly basis to improve the health or life of people sitting healthy.

Moderately Exercises
If not have a condition that limits his / her mobility, every day-to-day performance of moderately intense aerobic activity can be easily walked or ran for two and a half hours per week. Water aerobics, dancing (ballroom and line), push lawn mower, volleyball and canoeing, and other activities at a reasonable task intensity.These let you work hard enough so that the heart rate can be increased so as to produce sweat. One way to determine whether an activity is moderate if you can still talk during this period, but you can actually sing the exact lyrics of a sit song.

Vigorously Exercises
Running or playing tennis can be considered as a strong and vigorous activity should be carried out only for 75 minutes per week. Swim fast, fast or cycling on the high ground, football, hill climbing, dancing and martial arts are also considered to be a healthy activity. Let them breathe fast and hard, making your heart beat faster. While doing vigorous activities, you have to stop and breathe before you sing the lyrics song.

Muscle Activities
These-strengthening exercises should be performed in the calculation of repetitions and sets. Repetition refers to the movement of all activities such as sit-ups or weight lifting. Set is a group with a lot of repetition. An individual adult requires a range of 8-12 reps per activity. Up to three sets can be useful beneficial.
Other Activities
Elders high risk of collapse due to weakened leg, medical conditions and poor balance. To make up for it, training or activities that can help improve coordination and balance needs to be done, such as tai chi dance, and yoga.

Arterial blood gas

How do I prepare?

As with any medical procedure, it is important that you tell your health care provider about any health concerns you may have and all medications you use. For example, aspirin interfere with blood clotting, which causes the site where blood is taken from requiring a longer time than compression. Try to relax and breathe normally, such as hyperventilation can affect the outcome.

How is the procedure performed?

This procedure is usually performed by a physician or registered nurse. Blood samples were taken from an artery, contrast to the usual blood tests require venous blood. This test is less invasive and therefore should be a compelling reason why it should be done.

The most common sites used to collect samples of the artery is the radial artery at the wrist – where you feel your pulse rate to calculate your heart rate. A short “butterfly” needle, connected to a thin plastic tube, is inserted into the artery. Blood was collected in syringes washing, because heparin to prevent blood from clotting. Blood tubes should be placed on ice and immediately taken to the laboratory for analysis. It is important for you not to make a fist while the blood is collected, but to relax your hands.

An arterial blood collection more painful than a routine blood test, such as the arterial network and positioned on the first attempt may not succeed. There is a vein that runs the place, so if the needle hits the veins and venous blood is sucked into the tube procedure must be repeated. Sometimes a topical anesthetic is used to prevent the disease.

Once you have removed the needle area should be compressed for at least 10 minutes. You can get a small bruise at the sight of a puncture. It is important not to use or carry heavy objects for about 24 hours then.


The problem occurs very rarely. In people with clotting problems or taking medications such as aspirin, may continue bleeding. Keep an eye on the outlook for some days puncture and immediately tell your doctor if you have something to remember.

What are the limitations of the procedure?

If venous blood is collected, it must be repeated trials. If blood is not brought to the laboratory immediately after collection, the results are not reliable.