How acidic your PH Create Your Health Problems

How acidic your PH Create Your Health ProblemsIf you’re not familiar with how you make your health problems acidic pH, it is when you PH (Potential Hydrogen) is not balanced and you have so much excess stomach acid. On a scale of 0-14, the lower the pH the more acidic the solution. When no acid or alkaline solution has a pH of 7.2, which has an acidic pH lower neutral.

If leave you open yourself up to pain, your base, your body running at its optimal level , where the disease does not exist. I refer to the pH of body fluids and tissue debris. Waste acid causes muscle tissue and blood vessels react inappropriately, so pain.

How Test your pH balance? Go to the health food store and buy PH test paper. Make sure you can test the claim that both saliva and urine. When testing, if you are acid yellow paper. Directions to box.

How you being acid? Because you are eating acid forming foods, such as white flour, sugar and acid forming alcoholic beverages, such as coffee, tea and soft drinks. Using too many drugs, which produce acid and selections made using artificial chemical sweeteners such as Nutra Sweet, Equal or Aspartame, all causes of acid forming.

Damage ChoicesWhen Bad With Your Food is the body constraint acid to borrow minerals such as calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium from vital organs and bones. Cause a number of health problems such as:


Cardiovascular damage


Anti Aging

Arthritis and joint pain

Slowly digest system and Removal

But if the pH test paper green, you are alkaline, and goodAlkalizing Secret – A quality organic green supplements or eating fresh green vegetables help to neutralize acids in the blood and tissues of the body and infused easily absorbed vitamins, minerals, amino acids chlorophyll , enzymes and phytonutients.

You can also balance your diet by eating fresh raw vegetables 75 percent and 25 percent acid forming foods, and once you are accepted range.A excerpt from a book by Dr. Theodore A. Barody Alkalize or Die: “Think about what your body needs to do to maintain proper pH balance position and function at optimum levels.” Would you ever thought about how your system works hard to keep your good health.Here are some suggestions to get and keep your body in an alkaline state:

Drinking water, 50% of your body weight. (For example, your £ 150, alkaline water drinking 75ozs)

Test your drinking water, most bottled water is acidic.

Eat foods that are alkaline forming 80 percent.

Choose not to consume white flour, soda and diaries.

Listening to music can create a proper effect.Try alkaline diet plan to help you alkalize the body: Breakfast: 1/2 orange, wait 20 minutes, then have a fruit smoothie = 100% AlkalineAlkaline Snack: Apple and peel = 100% AlkalineLunch: Vegetable Salad, with sauce, whole wheat crackers = 100% Alkaline.Snack:Green Drinks = 100% AlkalineDinner: steamed carrots and broccoli, coleslaw, grilled fish marinated = 60/40 % AlkalineSnack: almonds, raisins and seeds = 100% AlkalineYou are having good health when you balance your PH (Potential Hydrogen). You now have the choice to stay or acid began to alkalize your body.

To make it easier to balance the body’s PH can go and get a FREE Alkaline Diet Recipes alkaline and Guide.Privacy Disclaimer: This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice. Always seek the advice of a qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

Fitness For Parents – Fitness The External Of Age

Fitness For Parents - Fitness The External Of AgeAge is not important for fitness. Fitness is really a matter of concern that people should pay attention to, even after they reach adulthood. These days, we can hear from the news or read articles online from people age 70 and older make it, but still did well in their fitness-related activities. It just shows that fitness for older people can be successfully pursued and shared concern for the health problems safely.

The parents connect their adulthood. Their bodies are also not stable as it used to when they were young. However, as young people should take precautions to make / fitness goals, parents just need to get information on how they can safely exercise to keep fit. Consultation With Doctor FirstBefore doing any exercise, it is better to consult a doctor if the parents can do it safely or not. In consultation with a health care provider, you probably know what physical activity does not have anything to do with how and vigorous activity can be.
Ideal Activities For Elders
Muscle-reinforcement training and aerobic Two perfect for people aged 65 and above should be conducted on a weekly basis to improve the health or life of people sitting healthy.

Moderately Exercises
If not have a condition that limits his / her mobility, every day-to-day performance of moderately intense aerobic activity can be easily walked or ran for two and a half hours per week. Water aerobics, dancing (ballroom and line), push lawn mower, volleyball and canoeing, and other activities at a reasonable task intensity.These let you work hard enough so that the heart rate can be increased so as to produce sweat. One way to determine whether an activity is moderate if you can still talk during this period, but you can actually sing the exact lyrics of a sit song.

Vigorously Exercises
Running or playing tennis can be considered as a strong and vigorous activity should be carried out only for 75 minutes per week. Swim fast, fast or cycling on the high ground, football, hill climbing, dancing and martial arts are also considered to be a healthy activity. Let them breathe fast and hard, making your heart beat faster. While doing vigorous activities, you have to stop and breathe before you sing the lyrics song.

Muscle Activities
These-strengthening exercises should be performed in the calculation of repetitions and sets. Repetition refers to the movement of all activities such as sit-ups or weight lifting. Set is a group with a lot of repetition. An individual adult requires a range of 8-12 reps per activity. Up to three sets can be useful beneficial.
Other Activities
Elders high risk of collapse due to weakened leg, medical conditions and poor balance. To make up for it, training or activities that can help improve coordination and balance needs to be done, such as tai chi dance, and yoga.