WordPress Templates – how to make better

WordPress Templates - how to make betterNowadays, many users use a blog or blog owner WordPress for their blogs and WordPress Templates. It could also be made more efficient free or premium wordpress templates, improve with some plug-ins, additional settings and code snippets.

Using the methods listed below can rise without any special knowledge of WordPress template code:

Optimize the blog post: WordPress Templates Web developers to use their images in the template, but sometimes it is not optimized. You can resize the image using Adobe Photoshop or other tools. Optimize your images as needed from your blog or website without losing quality.

Optimization of an image depends on the use of the image you want to put as the site of the CSS background, icons, logos, images, messages, etc. What you need to optimize the picture? It is essential to be able to improve the response time of the page readers.

WordPress templates reduce the size of the file: Some templates do not contain WP or minified CSS files and JavaScript templates that can be improved by reducing the size of the file. This procedure is called minification and get free extra characters such as spaces and tabs. JavaScript speaking, you are free to contract with a particular connection JavaScript Compressor. W3 Total Cache plug-in will help to reduce the front-end speed of HTML to make the blog better.

Use a custom favicon: You can see the little icon means a web site in the address bar of the browser tab. It should also represent your brand favicon and look professional. Favicon consists simply enter the following code in the header.php template directory:

Favicon file path where you can set the value of the href attribute.

Using custom styles to make odd title.

Legend WordPress is used to describe the image. Usually consists of WordPress default theme style information. And you can change the template class the.wp-styles.css text to ensure a unique style pale for all titles.

Ensure that the template code: Can be obtained by removing the generic WordPress code you see on the label of your template. This will prevent other users from our version of WordPress that can help your website harassment with some weak points of a particular version.

Many users do not even realize that they only be able to restore the function of the other major search service search is more accurate and faster as Google Custom Search or Yahoo Search bosses. Using a reliable third search option reduces the load on your server to find.