Fast and Accurate Melanoma Detection

We are living in a world that is exposed with many different types of pollutants and yes, we are living in the greater risks of health diseases and illness. That is why we need to review our lifestyle and improve it to a better one. It is also important to know our own body better. There are many underlying symptoms that seem like minor thing but actually signs of very serious problem. It is like when you find dark or weird spots on the surface of your skin. It may be a minor thing, most cases are like that, but don’t forget that it can be a sign of skin cancer.

skin cancer symptomsLiving in the polluted world and exposed with UV rays from the sun, we have bigger risk of skin cancer today. There are various types of skin cancer symptoms and unfortunately, most of them are also related with various other skin problems. Early detection is very crucial in cancer treatment as earlier stage of cancer can be much easier treated with better prognosis. Melanoma is among the most aggressive types of skin cancer and it can be started with just a tiny mole on the skin. Once it is spread and penetrated under the skin layer, it can spread to other tissues and organs and lead to fatality.

Melanoma detection can be really sophisticated since it is related with various tests and we need to wait days or even weeks before diagnose confirms whether it is cancerous or not. MoleMap is offering better solution for more accurate and faster detection of melanoma. It is designed with advanced technology to deliver the best detection and surveillance tools and combined with the skills of dermatologists it leads to much accurate diagnoses.

melanoma symptomsMoleMap is based on known melanoma symptoms including comprehensive knowledge of different symptoms on men and women as well as demographic factors and other. It combines three techniques for accurate detection. First is dermoscopy that uses high magnification and high light intensity to see beneath the first skin layer to diagnose the mole. It is combined with sequential monitoring and total body photography, which are the second and third techniques, to indentify melanoma as well as changing lesion indicating cancerous melanoma. Ask your dermatologist about MoleMap or find dermatology clinic offering MoleMap. Don’t forget that getting a tiny mole check with MoleMap might be preventing you from a cruel cancer that can ruin your whole life.

Strange Mole Leads to Skin Cancer

cancerous molesThere is no doubt that in your life you will find many kinds of thing which makes you surprised. Among many things that will surprise you, it is obvious that you do not want to be surprised by uninteresting things or something that will make you sad. For example, you surely do not want to get surprised by the doctor who tells you that you have serious disease. That is why, in order to avoid this kind of thing, you need to know your body. Right now, it will be much better if you know the symptoms of melanoma, or also known as skin cancer, so you can recognize the symptom on your body.

For some people, mole is a common thing which shows up on their skin. You might also find it like that. However, you cannot down your guard even though the moles are very usual to you. From this little black dot on your skin, there is possibility that you will get skin cancer. Yes, the most common symptom of melanoma is moles which appear on your skin. That is why when you find strange new mole on your skin, it is a must for you to check it carefully to see if it is just common mole or melanoma symptoms.

When it comes to melanoma, the symptoms can be identified. Even though the mole looks the same, there is difference on it. It shows different symptoms. The mole appears in sudden. Besides, it can change its color, shapes, or dimensions. Sometimes, it feels itchy as well. If you scratch it, it can bleed and you do not feel comfortable because of it. If the signs that you feel is the same as those, there is no doubt that it is cancerous moles. Mole is not the only symptom of melanoma. Lesions can also be the sign of this skin cancer.

If you think that mole which is symptom of skin cancer can only appear on the back, then you are wrong. The symptom of melanoma can also show up in all area of your body from the head to toe. It appears without warning or sign. You will find it in sudden and you cannot predict when it disappears. Therefore, it is important for you to take a closer look to all of the moles on your skin so it can be examined earlier if there is something wrong about it.