Social Media Marketing – a must in a competitive world

Internet marketing has become a staple for all businesses today become the most important target audience for your business brand. In today’s world, which is dominated by the Internet and social media, marketing and advertising success, is key to the success of a product or business.

Regardless of whether you are going to start a car dealership or online shopping site website informative site complex or simple, it is important to apply the right marketing strategies to ensure that your website is always up to the millions of other web sites to get more traffic, and so on , which ended with more benefits or more online presence. It is clear that most business owners do not have a thorough knowledge of online marketing strategies, social media integration, etc. If you are also one of them, do not worry because just by paying a nominal fee you can hire a company to provide web services to do the job for You.

It is always better if you do your research and choose a company that will be given or certified to do this work because a lot of experience and skills is important when it comes to marketing and its relationship with the ideas and techniques. Experts working for the company’s first web services to analyze and develop appropriate depending on the type and size of your website strategy. The most popular services relating to marketing along with social media marketing, social media optimization and online reputation management. This can help manage online reputation to protect their brand and strong competition with other competitors because business has a good reputation is something that everyone is looking for. Experts devise specific strategies to address the problems that could damage the reputation of a product or business.

In addition, the integration of social media optimization and social services to ensure that your business is seen by many people who use the Internet every day means. In addition, the content and structure of your site can be changed to attract more attention from the media. As you know, more than a fifth of people who are active on the internet every day the world’s population, and if you get the proper integration of social networking is not for your website, your business can go a long way.

Only a few companies that offer both, and integrated marketing services, discussed the promotion, advertising and management of offline media channels.

How to make social media work

Stephen Davies, director of Penderyn Welsh Whisky Distillery, evangelical about the power of social media: “This is a great way to raise the profile of the brand and interact with people who are interested in it directly. Social media also Glory to our event very carefully because it is a great way to promote things that are happening at the winery. ‘

Davies has seen sales surge by 30 percent since the company started using Facebook for events, writing blogs and posting updates to Twitter. “We spend a minimum amount on advertising, they are more about getting other people to talk to and passionate about the product,” he said. “We have no plans to invest in print advertising because there is a better way and more effectively reach people.”

Jo Westlake, director of online business Distribeauty cosmetics company, agreed and said Facebook works as an effective platform for capturing the target company from the 18 – to 35-year-olds.See also: Conduct Search engines work for you

‘Working to promote an open community is fast becoming ineffective due to the virus, “he said. ‘If someone joins the group or become a fan available for their friends to see, the level of communication peer-to-peer is priceless. In November we offer free shipping out today to customers and are connected to Facebook. Before we did that we got about 6500 views per day – then we get 17,000 ‘.

Be Honest

Westlake says the key to making this work is the media transparency. “You have to look forward to customer demand directly, instead of deleting negative comments. I think if you are going to the company’s Facebook page there are other ways to do it, if not, you can have a huge reaction. ‘

Matt Lea, manager of product Eleco software company, said that using social networking sites the company has reached a new demographic. “We have found another target through the use of Twitter, for example, as users tend to be younger. This has led to an increase of 10 to 20 percent in sales, which we can attribute directly to social media. ‘

But for Lea, traditional marketing tools are crucial to maintaining its core customer base. “We have many customers tend to be older, high-income bracket receiver, and they will come to us from the ‘pen and paper background’ is important to us still in that space. We do not want to get carried away and leave our core audience. ‘

Word of mouth marketing tool the most powerful

According to a study of more than 200 small and medium enterprises with, 36 percent of business owners said the level of mouth as the best work for their companies, on the other the specific marketing strategies.

Advertising (31 percent) were the next most popular choice, followed by social media (8 percent).

Sending direct mail (5 percent), cold calling (3 percent) and send email alerts (1 percent) are the most useful option, as well respondents.See:SMEs fail to foot-and- mouth aid

Chieu Cao, the founder deals website, said, “The successful small businesses to quickly learn about their customers and adapt their marketing activities accordingly. Many beginners have no choice but to rely on low-cost and creative way as the word of mouth and social media due to a limited budget. ‘

Matt Hutchinson, co-founder flat and house share website, find that word of mouth is an important way of marketing. “Word of mouth is crucial to the success of your website. Today we made the ten leading UK website assets (data from Hitwise) We on the radar of people and, hopefully, by providing consistently excellent service we will continue to get recommendations from happy users . There is much more effective than any. ‘

Scott Knox, managing director of Agencies marketing agency Marketing Association trade adds that the business requires a clear strategy to go marketing plans. “Whatever business you decide to use the channel, it is a creative idea and a smart strategic thinking will eventually get the best cut through. Of course, the marketing channels will always play a significant role in bringing that message to life, but it is quite important for entrepreneurs and business leaders to not lose the creativity, regardless of industry colleagues you. ‘

Blogging Amount of SME

Jane Robinson, founder of the Business Technologies introduces laser engraver to cut the corporate blog in February that the purpose of contacting the size cheerful for business.

“It’s very image led and somewhat tense,” he said. “On Shrove Tuesday we laser etch some pancakes to see what happens, and put the pictures on the blog. Sometimes the difference themselves from the competition is about showing a bit of personality, and blogs can provide. ‘

Robinson said he was not convinced of the value of social media such as Facebook business-to-business company like him, but blogs can offer even more. “As sales of teachers will tell you, people buy from people and gives you something like this human side.” See also: Coaching for SME directors

Brewing company Brewdog use this blog as more of a news feed. CEO James Watt said: ‘also good to nakakalibang talk about our plans and opinions about the beer industry. Blog is not just a place for us to post details about the company and our news, but also a hub for people to comment and discuss the articles we write. Freedom of speech and healthy discussion and create a strong community of beer enthusiasts. ‘

Guest blogger

Nick Green, the founder of the solutions to the printing company the regular guest blogger on his site to write content that is useful to the customer. Subject entries ranged from social media for stories about the customer experience. The company will launch an internship and study of the scheme is to write about what they learn in their first job effectively.

Green said, “Blogs are not fully convey yourself. If you’re going to start something you have time to follow through. You do not want to start something with three articles a week and then do nothing for a month, you have to give readers fresh content and a reason to come back. ‘

Sometimes arise because of the benefits of writing a blog that shows elsewhere. Green accounts for about twice a month for the magazine industry printed (PrintWeek). He said, ‘Print can end sometimes slightly negative, with all the talk about online advertising move. I think print media industry is large and magazines are a great place to share some of the sights and spread some positive energy in our sector. ‘

5 ways to market your small business

The development of technology and the popularity of social media is to buy lots of opportunities for small businesses, especially in terms of marketing.

Here are five tips on how to market your small business effectively.

Business Card

Business cards are a wonderful way of marketing your business. They are given to people you meet, including your order of products, or maybe even leave other local businesses (with permission) for their customers to pick up. If you have a printer at home is possible to make your own business cards. But if you want to create a high quality, professional-looking card, it is best to order them from an online company that offers services in printing. These companies offer a large range of the printing of business cards cost effective, and can usually be delivered directly to your door in just a few days. You can choose from a selection of works of art, or upload your own design, to create a card that reflects your corporate colors and branding. Make sure you include information such as the name of your business services or products you offer, contact details and website address.

Social Media

As mentioned earlier, social media sites are very popular, and provides a great marketing platform for businesses. Create a separate account for your business and use it to inform your customers about your latest products, including external links to your website. You can also use this site to expand your customer base, and interact with existing customers. Websites such as Facebook and Twitter is a great way to show just how great your customer service, by responding to customer requests quickly and efficiently. One way to expand your social reach and maintain customer loyalty and to reward competition where followers should participate in your marketing campaign by posting tweets and share links.


Are you skilled with the written word, or rather making videos, blogging and vlogging, both great ways to market your small business. Use your blog posts to inform your readers about your latest products and may include key words, which are great for improving your business SEO. Blogging encourages audience participation in the form of comments. Video Blogging, Vlogging is also known as a wonderful way to show your product in action. It can often be difficult to tell what the product looks like, or what it does, from a single product pictures, so is the accompanying video will surely benefit. Blogging is a great way to enhance your brand and drive traffic to your website almost no cost.

See also: Ten ways to finance your businessOnline Directory

Many online directories offer free listings, where you can advertise your business to potential customers. Make sure you include information such as the URL of your website and contact details. If you have a customer, you can visit the forum and make sure to include your hours of opening. Often online directories also double as a review of the website, where customers can leave feedback about the product or service. You should encourage your customers to leave a comment, because it may affect other customers to buy from you in the future.


Technological development means that it is not necessary to print the newsletter and post them through letterboxes society ‘. E-newsletter will be emailed directly to the inbox of your customers, let them know about your latest product and keep it-to-date on what your business is doing. It is a cheap way of marketing your business, and it is a great way to get customers to visit your website, using hyperlinks. Create a mailing list by entering a small registration form on your website, or by asking customers to visit your store if they want to register. Giving your customers the option to opt-in email, indicating they are more likely to read email, create a more valuable marketing tool.