Reasons to choose Umbraco

Reasons to choose UmbracoEveryone has a lot of choices in the content management system. Most of them are based on a template that makes things easier and more consistent design. Including WordPress, which is one of the most basic options. It is suitable for beginners and those who have no experience and focus more on the content of a website screen. This option is preferred over quality, but very basic. Drupal offers a selection of Joule and more complex and is ideal for electronic commerce. Extensive experience in the design and use all your skills are needed. Of all the options, perhaps the most surprising Umbraco. It takes very little time to become one of the most popular choices. Only been used since 2004, but is considered one of the five most popular pages in the presence of Microsoft.

This option is very popular content management system used by a number of sites with high profile. Many of these sites are known throughout the online community as the best place to use the site to build an Umbraco software and focus on their computers. When you start thinking of options for the design of your website, ask yourself if you wanted to use something recommended by someone selling items online, or something used in the industry experts. The answer is very simple. Umbraco offers more flexibility and is suitable for different content. It also allows you to build a system from scratch, so you can really customize the site you want.

The system is written in C #, fast and customizable. In fact, it is one of the fastest option on the Microsoft platform. Umbraco is an open source product and sustainable development (continuous improvement). Continue to increase no matter what you start, you have a product that is available to access the latest information. Even with the ease of use, speed and customization are some of the most important features, there are a number of other factors Umbraco is very popular with people who offer to easily edit the content. It features a WYSIWYG editor, which means that you can work with HTML. So things are much easier and becomes more and more mainstream designers. Imaging tools also enawarkan and graphics production, so many good choices SNDA head. Providing a blog publishing and editing tools and a tune for a blog that is easy to understand. There is a quick update website content available via Live Writer and MS Word. Additional security features, multi-language websites measured CMS options and still growing, and efficient.

Umbraco is also the best in personalization. Client has a number of options, which aims to create something completely customizable and can grow with the business. For this reason, it is quickly becoming one of the most popular options at this time and continue to grow in popularity.

7 Umbraco Hosting Tips – How to Prepare for Umbraco Visual Studio 2013 July 4th Generation MVC?

The team has fully embraced for Umbraco Umbraco ASP.NET MVC 4.5 and 7, making it easier for us to develop a web site based on MVC. In this blog, we’ll focus on using Visual Studio 2013 and create a new Umbraco website in July to be developed to go further.

Visual Studio 2013 Setup project

Run Visual Studio 2013 and start a new ASP.NET Web application project to provide a name and save it in the desired location and click OK. This type of new projects introduced in Visual Studio 2013, which is the starting point for all Web applications.

Choose a blank template from the New Project dialog ASP.NET and click OK to create the project. This will give us a clean place to start our 7 Umbraco Umbraco project 7 project is now automatically configured to work with MVC so that we can start with a clean slate and let the Umbraco package to Nuggets configure everything for us.

Nuggets installation package

Start Package Manager Console if it is not running and the command fires PM> Install-Package UmbracoCms. Chunk Umbraco Umbraco CMS team published so that it becomes the easiest way to get the latest code base and started with Umbraco. The above command will take a long time to execute for each packet depending found and fitted for your project so we patiently wait for the process to complete.

After all the necessary files are downloaded and installed, the package manager will ask to get permission to overwrite the web.config file. Too many configuration settings specified in the web.config file Umbraco 7 so we need to be able to use their own web.config file so the command prompt type S and press Enter to continue the process. This process continues until all the necessary files have been downloaded and configured. After completing the installation process, you will be shown a readme file with information on how to get started.

With these simple steps you will be ready to start installing Umbraco our example. The manual steps required to configure Umbraco MVC project 6 mode is not required and everyone is automatically configured for you in Umbraco 7. You can build the project and begin the process of Umbraco 7 configuration.

Note: In our tests, we found that if we install equipment failure during the initial setup without the class definition found exception HttpResponseMessage installed. On further investigation, it was found that the kit to start creating files in the App_Code folder UmbContactController.cs class to manage the Contact Form. This class defines HttpResponseMessage class, which failed because even System.Net.Http assembly that contains the reference class in Visual Studio, the code in the App_Code aggregate net during runtime execution of ASP done . see the web.config file to specify the file System.Net.Http assembly. If you can not find any fail and throw an exception, can not start the installation kit. So if you want to install the kit during the initial setup and then open the project in Visual Studio web.config file.

You can build the project and press F5 to run it. Should contain installing Umbraco browser screen. Follow the instructions on the screen to get to configure your application.

Umbraco Installation and Configuration 7

The following steps are optional, but still good to know for those who started with Umbraco development. In the browser, click the Start! On the next screen, click the License Agreement and to move forward. Your screen will now display the configuration database. You can select the desired database, I use SQL CE 4 for testing and development of lightweight and easy to move, because you need to do is copy the folder and all settings can be transferred. SQL CE 4 is selected as the database. Click Install to install the selected database accordingly and move to the next step.

After installing the online database, you will receive a message appears, click Continue to go before.

Create User screen provides details for the admin user. The user will have access to the control panel and can be changed all the Umbraco admin user details at a later stage of Umbraco. I created a user using the credentials of time, be sure to use strong credentials. Click Create User to create a user and continue.

Name: admin


Username: root

Password: @ 123test

Once you have created the user is given the option to choose the starter kit. Umbraco Update 7 began providing the kit of two, with advanced features such as blogs, news is not present in the current kit. If you want to create your own website from scratch, then it is best not to use any of the starter kit. Select No, no, I do not want to install a Starter Kit for Umbraco configuration images without using a starter kit is available. A confirmation message appears asking you to confirm your selection, click OK to continue.

The above steps 7 Umbraco installation and configuration is complete and will be given confirmation screen. This completes the installation of Umbraco 7 empty configuration. But remember, because we choose not to use our site Start Kit is empty and needs to be defined before the content that you publish or distribute the site. Its beyond the scope of this blog to determine how to make your website, please read the documentation Umbraco for advice.